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Monday, August 8, 2011

Mocha, Meetup, Mysterious Man

After doing a lot more blogging than usual lately, real life has finally caught up to me with a vengeance and now I'm back to having to squeeze it in when I can. We had a house showing this morning and have another on Wednesday, a Jeep (my main mode of transport and dog-hauler) that needs to go to the mechanic before its engine falls out since "possible missing and/or busted motor mounts" does not sound promising, a long-overdue chiropractic appointment, an equally long overdue haircut appointment, and the paperwork for another price reduction on our house (and its probable consequences ~ more showings!) later this week.

At least I have this week's photo memes already in the hopper, but I wanted to share a few news and entertainment tidbits before it all spins out of control completely.

We spent Saturday morning moving Mocha to a new home. Though it started out with great promise, the original facility was really having issues and dropping the ball, and his care, feeding and living arrangements had become unsatisfactory. So we found him a new home on a big ranch on BW's route where we think he'll be much happier with more and better feed, more consistent care and supervision, much nicer pastures, and new buddies who are all older geldings like him (several of whom have been boarded there 15-20 years, and all of whom look great!) And since BW is out there at least twice a week, he'll get to check on him regularly.

Here's Mocha in his new temporary paddock, where he's spending a few days getting acquainted with his surroundings and new friends before being turned out into a pasture among the trees with a year-round creek. Mocha is on the far left (wearing his fly mask), exploring his new digs after filling up on hay. The other three geldings will be his new pasture buddies...

His new place sure has some great views!

And speaking of friends, feedings and new digs, Sheridan had what I'm fairly certain was its first Vegan Meet-up last Wednesday, when Andrea, Ken and Buffy stopped on their way from Madison, WI to Seattle ~ where they're moving into their new house ~ and Robyn and I joined them to grab some yummy vegan breakfast burritos and enjoy a picnic in the park. It was a beautiful morning and we really enjoyed our fun get-together!

Buffy, Andrea, Ken and Robyn

Andrea strikes a glamorous, hair-tossing pose!
The fresh mountain air just makes a girl feel frisky.
(Thanks for permission to post this, you wild child!)

Andrea finally convinced sweet Buffy,
who at 19 is still a beauty,
to show the camera her best side!

That's it for the real news, now for the fluff bit. :-)

When Netflix announced its price-doubling shenanigans last month we checked out Hulu, and that's where I found and immediately became addicted to the captivating series...

The acting is great (Xander Berkeley is especially compelling as the Mysterious Man in the booth) and the story lines are gripping, especially if you (like me) enjoy psychological thrillers. I had BW watch the first episode when he got home from work that night and later told AdventureJo about it, and now they're both hooked. Jo shared it with her daughter who became equally devoted to it, and who in turn got a friend addicted to it - we're all a big bunch of Booth Junkies now. :-) It's a really fun show to discuss, analyze and make predictions about. There are currently five episodes of The Booth at the End available to view for free. Here's the trailer, so we can see if you get sucked in too. Mmmwwwaahahaha...


  1. Love Mocha and his new home sound/looks amazing. Also really like the pictures of the vegan meet. However I should tell you that you have it wrong. Vegetarians/vegans are sad, pale, gaunt creatures who never, ever have any fun. (or so I have been told).

  2. I'm glad to hear Mocha is in better, comfier surroundings with plenty of gnosh and buddies. It certainly looks like a gorgeous place to live!

    Sheridan's first vegan meet up sounds like a fun success! Love the cute poses...and I see Ken's sporting some Wisconsin solidarity garb: Go Wisconsin!! Vote those baggers out!! I'll be following those results tomorrow for sure.

    And, I have to say, Andrea has one pretty cool lead with all the hearts floating around the adorable Buffy. Or maybe that just happens because she's so cute...."why do hearts suddenly appear...every time, you are near??"

    Thanks for the heads up on the new show...I'll definitely check it out!

    Good luck with your showings!!

  3. I've never read your blog, but I'd had advance warning about the Sheridan meetup. How exciting to have a visit from Andrea! Love your blog!


  4. Sorry, back again to say what I should have said the first time round. Good luck with your showings, and hope the jeep gets fixed without you having to mortgage tooo much. Mechanics here charge several arms and legs.

  5. I liked your story about Mocha. You and your husband are such great pet owners. He looked at home in your nice photo.-- barbara

  6. Mocha looks at home already, bless him. And yet another house showing! Good luck with it. That get-together sounded great, I'm jealous! And I just watched the trailer for The Booth and am even more jealous because I've never heard of it and I want to watch it now. By the way, another author I meant to ask you about is Phil Rickman, he's written a series about Merrily Watkins, a Church of England Vicar and diocesan deliverance person (exorcist!). The characters and setting are great (it's set in Herefordshire on the border between England and Wales), and you're never quite sure if the supernatural has played a part in things or not. The series starts with Wine of Angels, but one I particularly like is Midwinter of the Spirit. Enjoy!

  7. Howdy! Left out a bit on my email, so I'll add a bit here ;-). Hope your Jeep is salvageable. I cringe over car repairs....very costly, usually. Nice pics of the "meet-up"....very cool indeed. Too bad Mocha's previous arrangements weren't working out, but he looks pretty happy now. I have a good feeling about your upcoming showings ;-). Later, TW.

  8. Ellie C ~ Mocha is very lovable, and he deserved a lot better than he was getting. I think his new place will be a great fit for him! He settled in right away. LOL, oh yes! I've heard of those creatures ~ the unicorn, the mermaid, and the sad, pale, gaunt, joyless veggie people of myth and legend. ;-) I've yet to come across one myself, and find it far easier to believe in dragons! :-)

    Thank you for your good luck wishes on our showings, it's hard work waiting for the person who will fall in love with the place AND have the money to buy it! As for the Jeep, we took it in today for a diagnosis (it is indeed busted engine mounts), but he won't be able to fix it till sometime next week, and only then will we know the price tag. I'm sure it won't be cheap, but the poor thing has 201,000 miles on it and has needed little other than routine maintenance, so if this is the worst of it then we'll count ourselves lucky. We just need to keep the ol' boy going till we've sold our house!

    Rose ~ Mocha's surroundings are gorgeous indeed, and he deserves a home as gorgeous as he is! :-)

    Sheridan's first vegan meet up was a great success, and yay for Wisconsin solidarity garb! I hope the recalls prevail. I know they won't be able to undo the damage done by Walker & his Teabag Co, but they can prevent more from being inflicted and it would be a hopeful sign of things to come. I'll be following the results closely too!

    LOL - clever little cover of that song (The Carpenters, wasn't it?), but that's it exactly! Hearts suddenly appear every time Buffy is near, 'cause she's so lovable! (And it does look like those hearts are sprouting from her lead, doesn't it?! I hadn't noticed that!)

    I hope you enjoy The Booth at the End! (It took me forever to remember its name. I kept calling it "The Last Booth on the Left" and "The Man in the Booth," and "Which Freaking Booth is that Man in?" LOL) I'm bummed that I'm done watching all five episodes now, but it appears there may be a season two, since it ends with a cliffhanger. Stay tuned! And I'll keep you posted if we get any interesting results from our showings. We're bound to get a live one sooner or later!

  9. wingraclaire ~ Thank you for stopping by and for your compliment! It was great meeting Andrea, she's a lot of fun! (Ditto Ken and Buffy!) :-) I heard through the grapevine (of Andrea's latest posts comments) that you missed the Mad City Meetup because you were in Tibet?! GET OUT! I hope you blogged about that, I intend to visit your blog as soon as I've got the time to see what I've been missing for sure! :-)

    Barbara (KY) ~ Mocha's been part of our family since before he was born (he'll be 24 in April), when his (unbeknownst to us) pregnant mother Sasha joined our happy little clan. He's always been such a love, so gentle and playful and full of personality. All he wants to do is make friends, but some of the horses in the last place bullied him. I think he'll get along much better with this small group of old boys. He's just not one to compete for food or stick up for himself. He's like me, I guess - we don't do crowds well! Thank you very much for your compliment. BW and I adore our "critter kids," and think of and refer to ourselves (and people like us) as their "parents" or "guardians," not as owners. We take our responsibilities to them seriously, and don't understand anyone with animals in their lives who won't!

    I agree that Mocha looked at home in my photo - even Perk (the lady who owns and runs the place) said, "Oh, he fits right in!" She was thrilled to have him join the gang! :-)

  10. Barbara (UK) ~ He really did look at home. That place felt much more "homey." And I know he was thrilled with the hay! It was the end of last year's second cutting grass hay - the lowest quality hay they feed - and it was so soft and green and fragrant that if we'd had a bottle of vegan ranch dressing with us, we'd have joined him for dinner! :-) He'll be getting fed alfalfa (nom nom nom) soon, and should get back the weight he lost over the past two months well before winter.

    Our meet-up was small, but of the highest quality. :-) I wish you could have joined us! Andrea and Ken will pass through Sheridan again from time to time (they still own their home in Wisconsin), so hopefully this was our first meetup of many! Andrea's only the second blogger I've gotten to meet in person after knowing online. Have you met any?

    Sorry to have teased you with The Booth trailer! I had my doubts, but was kind of hoping you'd be able to see the episodes on Hulu. Don't despair, according to the show's producer, Vuguru, it should be available in the UK (The Guardian already gave it glowing reviews)... see if you can watch it here. The episodes are numbered funkily on that site, since they're labeling each little vignette an "episode." Let me know if that works! I think you're really going to enjoy it!

    Thanks for another book recommendation, the Phil Rickman books sound great! I will see if our little library has (or can get) them, but it will be a while before I'll have time to read them. The library and the liquor store are where I went when I had to vacate for yesterday's showing (I have my priorities straight! lol), and I picked up "The Eyre Affair" but I've only read about 2 pages of it so far! I'll take it with me when I vacate tomorrow. I'd love to hide in a good book or three, but it's just too loopy right now. :-( I should have no problem remembering Phil Rickman's name, since Alan Rickman is one of my favorite actors. Especially when he plays menacing bad guys. :-)

    Spud ~ Thanks for picking up our conversational thread here! :-) I do wish I had some idea of what the Jeep will cost to fix, but Jack (our mechanic - good name for an auto mechanic, eh? lol) said he won't know till he gets in there and starts trying to pry the old bolts off if it'll be a one or two day project. He's one of the more affordable mechanics, but he works alone and stays busy, so he won't be able to work on it till at least next week. Which means another couple of weeks of very delicate driving for me (it's so out of character for me!) :-)

    I'm glad you've got a good feeling about our showings! BW has been having good feelings lately too, about the future in general. My feelings have mostly been of the tired variety! I'm really eager to get this show on the road. (Or on the high seas, whichever!) :-)

    I'll tell Mocha howdy for you next time I see him (I'm hoping we can go out there this weekend). xoxo

  11. Thanks for the news. I only had time to read but I REALLY appreciate the update and am keeping those finger's crossed on the Monday showing! Also wish Mocha the best. I'm so glad to see a picture of him in his new home!
    I'm behind an episode of the Booth - maybe tomorrow night!

  12. Jo ~ I think Monday's showing went well, but that today's was a bust, since we found out afterwards that the people want to rent the house they like best and maybe eventually buy it. We're not interested, and wouldn't have agreed to the showing had we known that before it! Grrr...

    You and BW, I don't know how you can stand to delay watching the finale of The Man in the Booth! I'd have to call in sick or something. ;-)

  13. It looks like it was a fun meet-up including two of my favorite bloggers! :)

  14. Cadry ~ Aww, thank you!! Likewise, I'm sure! :-) It was a very fun meetup indeed, and I'll be glad when Andrea is all settled in and can return to blogging, and when I'm all settled down and can return to being better about visiting blogs regularly!


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