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Friday, March 8, 2013

SkyWatch Friday: The Many Moods of March

Temperamental March arrived in rare form in our corner of the world, making for a weekend of wild and wacky weather. She made her gentle, lamb-like entrance on the 1st with this beautiful sunrise, which heralded a lovely day...

Friday's sunrise (3/1)

And she outdid herself on Saturday with this beautiful sunrise, the promising start to an even lovelier day that reached a calm and sunny 56ºF, which in these parts allowed for a long hike with our dogs and a very welcome sunbath in shorts and tank tops on our patio...

Saturday's Sunrise (3/2)

But by Sunday, Madame March had grown moody. Though she started out warm enough for another long, pleasant walk with the dogs (this time with my camera gear), the skies were unmistakable evidence of her mercurial disposition...

Sunday's turbulent skies (3/3)

And here's a telephoto shot (because I don't want to have lugged that lens along in vain!)...

By late Sunday afternoon, March unleashed her inner lioness with swift and sudden ferocity. I took this photo from our front porch of the leading edge of Winter Storm "Saturn" blowing in from Montana (a few miles north of us), where it originated before moving on to wreak its version of March madness across a big chunk of the US...

"Saturn" enters stage right on Sunday afternoon (3/3)
I only had a minute to get this shot before the fast-moving front completely engulfed us.

The storm rapidly dropped our temperatures from 52º to 27º, with heavy snow and 60mph wind gusts that lasted all night and most of Monday, creating wind chills in the single digits and blowing lots of the redwood mulch in our southern side yard past our upstairs windows (a bit like the tornado scene outside Dorothy's window in "The Wizard of Oz," only with Missing Mulch instead of Miss Gulch!) and into our back yard and beyond...

"Saturn" in full-throated roar on Monday (3/4)

And coming full circle, this was our view Monday morning from the same patio from which I'd photographed those two beautiful sunrises and enjoyed basking in the warm spring sunshine as the weekend began...

Blizzard in the backyard (3/4)
Fortunately, Saturn was too fast-moving or too dry at this point to deliver more than an inch or two of snow, unlike the massive heavy wet stuff it dumped on states to our east.

March, darlin', you need to meditate or drink camomile tea or get therapy or something. You are way too deranged! :-)


  1. Wonderful series capturing March's many moods. That shot of the impending storm is terrific. It looks like Mother Nature is about to unleash her fury.

  2. What a wonderful series of photos!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  3. Wow - amazing shots. Especially that one of Saturn on its way.

  4. As a fellow Wizard of Oz lover, I highly approve of this very cleverly written sentence: "A bit like the tornado scene outside of Dorothy's window in 'The Wizard of Oz,' only with Missing Mulch instead of Miss Gulch!"

    It looks like March is being recklessly beautiful - like those whose lives are always in chaos but in the most watchable of ways. Good luck holding on! :)

  5. It does looks a bit moody but the colors of the sunrise are very beautiful.

  6. I liked your comments left on my blog; thanks for stopping by. :)

    This is a very lovely blog. Amazing photographs and beautiful colors, and some good recipes. Food looked yummy. :) Found the reason for blog name quite interesting and sort of a mystery. :)

    I clicked the links and found the other blog on the cottage intersting, also. Very nice blog you have here. Have nice w/end.

  7. Wonderful photos, I like those varied skies, warm and cold.

  8. SRQ ~ Thank you! And that was exactly what Mother Nature was about to do. And was she ever pissed! (Can't say I blame her...)

    Lea ~ Thanks, glad you enjoyed them and happy Friday to you!

    ladyfi ~ Thank you. BW and I stood at our front window and watched agape and goggle-eyed as that storm front literally blasted its way into our neighborhood and past our house with incredible speed. The suddenness with which our weather can change never ceases to amaze and impress me!

    Cadry ~ Thank you! That was a last minute addition to this post (inspired by an hour spent in the backyard yesterday afternoon trying to retrieve as much of the mulch as possible) that I was rather tickled with myself. :-) So thanks for appreciating it! Since you're an Oz fan, have you seen "The Great & Powerful Oz" yet? And if so, did you like it? I think you might enjoy most of this post, btw! :-)

    I still think March is certifiable. But then, I've never been a fan of chaos! :-)

    Thomas ~ LOL - "a bit?" You win the understatement of the day award! :-) There is quite a contrast between those colorful sunrises and all the grayness and whiteness that came after, isn't there?

  9. vnv4 ~ My pleasure!

    Thank you for taking the time to pay my blog such a nice and thorough visit, and to leave your lovely comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope you'll visit again. I could tell from your blog that we are kindred spirits in many ways. :-) Thank you again for your nice compliments, and enjoy your weekend!

    Leovi ~ Thanks! They were varied indeed, hard to believe they all occurred in one place in a 72-hour period, isn't it?

  10. Lovely skies! Happy sky watching.

    My sky.

  11. not lovin' the blizzard, but the rest of the skies are GORGEOUS!

  12. Your Sky-watch Fridays are always a breath of fresh air, no matter how hard it's blowing ;-).

  13. Those are stunning varieties. Wonderful captures, thanks for dropping by :)

  14. Such beautiful sunrises! I wish I could watch more of them. Yours are always so gorgeous. Must be those western skies. :)

    That storm front is some craziness! Reaching your upstairs windows, too?! Oh my. We were supposed to get it here but were lucky and it passed us by. Phew!

  15. I really like "Sunday Turbulent Sky" shot... beautiful!!

  16. Perhaps a tad unpredictable, but surely this is part of the lady's charm? And she did show some real beauty - several times.

  17. Almost as good as being there, thank you.

  18. TexWisGirl ~ Not even safely from afar? :-) I know, I definitely could have done without the 60mph wind. Glad you liked the non-blizzarding skies!

    Spud ~ Awww, thanks! I enjoy doing them, especially when I have something a little different to share. I mean, how many gorgeous sunrises can we all stand? (LOL)

    Molly ~ "Must be those western skies" is a good a theory as I can come up with, and since you often are the recipient of our "western weather," it's only fair you should get our sunrise skies sometimes too. Like you did last Tuesday - everybody go look at Molly and Mike's beautiful sunrise picture! :-)

    Spare Parts ~ I always enjoy learning which photo in a collection like this is someone's favorite, because I'm always surprised by the answers! Most folks (me included) gravitate toward the colorful skies, but I love that you were drawn most to that lively sky over the mountains!

    Ellie C ~ Her capricious nature can indeed be part of her charm, but does she have to huff and puff and try to blow our house down?! Someone needs to tell her that is not charming, it's obnoxious! (And blowing our expensive mulch away was vandalism!) Yes, she also showed some incredible beauty. But that's what makes her so dangerous - she's beguiling, and sucks you in to thinking she's going to be gentle and nurturing and bring you treebuds and flowers... and then she turns evil, wicked, mean and nasty. :-)

    veganelder ~ And in the case of the blizzard, perhaps better! :-)

  19. Superior set of images!!! The top two must have been shot from exactly the same spot, based on the mountain profile -- very cool.

  20. Yes, we had similar weather patterns here in KY to yours. Sunny to freezing, rain to snow, calm to strong winds. Oh well, nature is in charge. -- barbara

  21. Stan ~ Thank you! And you have a good eye for detail, because you're right. I pretty much just step out my back door and onto the patio and aim my camera, so most of my sunrises are shot from the same spot! :-)

    Barbara ~ Yep, in charge and in a major state of change. The transitions between the other seasons never seem as tumultuous as the one from winter to spring, though.

  22. What gorgeous colours! And I love that weather front moving in. I think it's great that we experience so much diversity in our weather - always a new photo op just around the corner :O)

  23. Looks like my kinda week! Beautiful skies though - thanks for sharing.

  24. Barbara ~ Aren't they? The days themselves were a lot alike, weatherwise, yet their sunrises were painted from such different palates. And yes, the diversity of weather does indeed provide some great photo ops, so March and April should be photo-intensive!

    Frostbite and Sunburn ~ LOL! It does indeed. I could have borrowed your nom de blog for the title of this post!

  25. Incredible neon sky in Friday's sunrise! I love Saturday's too... And the drama in the turbulent days... But the oh-so-cold/mono-toned blizzard? Just looking at it makes me shiver... Burrrr.... Stay warm - And keep clicking. ;)

    1. "Neon" is a great description of those colors! And that's exactly how it looked, no trickster photo manipulation on my part. :-) I'm afraid we have another mono-toned view out the window today. Not quite as cold, brisk wind blowing only half as hard (33mph gusts), and not snowing as hard. But still a good day to be inside, and not worthy of photos. But fear not - I've got several more recent great sky shots in my stash! :-)

  26. That was really a fun way to do a sky-watch post. I love the ones that tell a story and you certainly did with this one. I enjoyed the quiet and calm "Once upon a time" beginning to the story with the quick reversal into extreme drama and suspense. The one photo whrere Saturn is entering stage right is so dramatic - great timing. And I also loved the ending with very good advice to March to take a chill pill - thus the "moral of the story". You are a wonderful story teller and I really enjoyed this one.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed this one so much, and I thank you for your compliment! I love to tell stories. :-) The weekend's weather really did spin a tale as each day unfolded, so it didn't take much creative effort on my part to share it. I'm glad I had some good photos to illustrate it, and agree that the photo of Saturn's wild entrance is very dramatic. It was really something to experience first-hand, and I think the photo captures that as well as any still photo can!

  27. Wow!! Great series for your SWF post, Laloofah! Like the way you're mixing the images from your cameras on different posts. That third photo in this post is my fave!

    1. Thanks, raf! I'm really enjoying my Rebel, and use it the most, but am glad to have the EasyShare for its fairly powerful auto zoom and easy portability (lacking a cellphone camera - or cell phone, for that matter!) :-)

      I love hearing from my visitors which photo in a series is their favorite, especially when they are quite varied. So thank you for telling me which one was yours! I'm often pleasantly surprised at which ones appeal the most to someone, and am often made glad that I included a photo that I almost didn't. :-)


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