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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blogging Slump

I cannot believe it's almost September already! Mea culpa for not blogging in a while. When I've had driblets of time, I've lacked either the energy or inspiration, or both. Not much to blog about, really... my days have been filled with post-fire cleanup and paperwork crap, trying to chase down and meet with contractor-type people (think "herding cats"), and getting MRIs for my annual neurology appointment. Boring, yukky stuff and dismal blogging fodder.

Since I was starting to feel badly about neglecting my blog, this afternoon I took a photo of our first red tomatoes from the garden. Always an exciting event (and though we always get the earliest-ripening varieties and plant them as soon as we can - given that we get blizzards in freaking JUNE - you can see how late in the season it is before we can enjoy a few garden-ripened tomatoes!) Anyway, so confident was I in my camera and photography skills that I ate half of the tomatoes for lunch on a vegan BLT* and for dinner on a super-deluxe salad before I downloaded the photo. Big mistake, since it turned out blurry! Re-photographing the remaining three tomatoes seemed a bit silly, so here, for what it's worth, is the blurry original...

And why didn't BW get to share in our garden bounty today, you may wonder? Because he's working till 9 pm. (UPS sucks!)

Mocha is still at our friends' and Sue reported that he'd found an old broom she keeps by one of the outbuildings and was having a jolly time with it, grabbing it in his mouth and shaking it back and forth with great vigor. What a monkey he is! I visit him as much as I can, and we hope to have our new fence done and Mocha back home by mid-October. Meanwhile, he's very happy at Sue's, getting spoiled with carrots and apples, playing with his broom, and standing hock-deep in grass. Here he'd just be sucking dirt, since his pastures both burned up (though we see green sprigs popping up here and there already!)

I'll blog more when my general funk has lifted and I've crossed more pressing stuff off my to-do list (last MRI tomorrow, last contractor out on Saturday to do an estimate, yippee!) Meanwhile, for your enjoyment, here's my BLT "recipe" and a Dan Piraro
Bizarro cartoon I found quite amusing. :-)

*Yummy Vegan BLT

Two slices
Ezekiel Organic 7-Sprouted Grains bread, toasted
Two slices LightLife's organic tempeh
Fakin' Bacon, fried
Organic tomato slices from the garden
Organic "Red Sail" lettuce from the garden
Grapeseed Oil Vegenaise (vegan mayo)


  1. I'm trying to get out of my blogging slump, as well. :) Glad you have a garden left after the fire!

    And thanks for that BLT recipe... My SO brought home some Morning Star fake bacon the other day. First ingredient was eggs, ick! His heart is in the right place, he just hasn't got the label reading down yet. heh. Will see where we can buy the Lightlife!


  2. Hey, rift!
    Bless his heart, your SO will get the hang of it. :-) Never been a big fan of Morningstar for several reasons, their stubborn use of eggs and dairy in so many of their products being a major one.

    I'm sure you'll have no problem finding LightLife's "facon" in your area. Just make sure you get the "Fakin' Bacon" (made from organic tempeh) and not their other bacon analogue, "Smart Bacon" (made from regular soy.) Smart Bacon's so-so, but Fakin' Bacon rocks! Best BLT's EVER!!! :-)

  3. Hi there!
    I feel fortunate not to like 'facon' in any form anyway. Lightlife products are pretty good. I can't say I enjoy all of them, but their smart dogs and bologna (from soy, sorry to disappoint you :-( ) are pretty good, and don't have a 'meaty' taste to them.

    p.s. Gorgeous photographs from your mom's place, Laloofa.

  4. I figure I'd better get with it and try to reply to some comments, 'cause I love it when ya'll leave me comments and I don't want you to think I don't read them! :-)

    Did you find the Fakin Bacon, rift? We had BLTs for lunch again today! Sadly, our lettuce has almost gone by the board just as the tomatoes are coming on strong! It just kills me to have to start buying organic lettuce again.

    Darling Merima, the only time I'm disappointed by soy is when it's genetically modified! :-) I used to enjoy Lightlife's Smart Dogs a lot and we also really like their Gimme Lean sausage. (Never did like bologna so haven't tried any veg version). We've gotten away from eating most processed foods and meat analogues, but still enjoy the Gimme Lean on BW's homemade, deep dish vegan pizza, which he makes on chilly football Sundays. :-) And we love Tofurkey's Sun-dried Tomato Italian Sausage, which he also puts on his pizza and I love to add to pasta dishes. (Tofurkey's meat analogs are less processed than most, using whole ingredients rather than isolated soy protein and such.)

    Goodness, this conversation is making me hungry! :-)

    I'm glad you enjoyed the photos from my Mom's place, Merima! She has some beautiful flower gardens and there were tons of dragonflies flitting about! Willow enjoyed playing frisbee in her big back yard, too!

    Thanks for your comments (and emails), guys! I'll be so glad when I have my life back and can revert to being a lame penpal again, instead of being a horrible one! :-D

  5. Oh, yes, that (GE foods) is scary. I didn't carefully read 'Lightlife" labels, I must admit. I guess I was assuming they would play fair. Wrong thought process, I know.

    Two of my most recent readings are on that subject, and very good books indeed: Your Right to Know , recommended to me by a costumer, and Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. (still working my way through it).

    The older I am, the more my body is naturally leaning toward a pure vegetable and fruit diet. In today's world, that, of course, is still not a guarantee of quality. But it is my primary craving and choice. Actually, this very post at first caught my attention because of those lovely tomatoes. They made me want to smell them, want to breath, want to bite ;-), want to live …As for the other foods, even pasta and breads don't mean much to me any more. Unfortunately - and boy, do I know it! - it takes a lot of shopping and large amounts of freshly cooked veggies to support body for a day of hard work. And mine is, so I end up exhausted on my day off a lot of times. Legumes help, though. I'll definitely have to rethink something about my working and eating habits in combination. Aaah, I'm rambling again. Sorry!

    My second reason for accepting some products I actually don't feel too good about is my son. I have to accept some foods he likes because I need him to eat enough for his body to develop properly,. Also, I don't want any chance of him developing resentment toward healthy eating and veg. diets in future, influenced by majority around him - McDonald's, mac&cheese and pizza diet kids. I doubt he will, and I do allow him choices, but inform him very clearly about my reasoning behind our food choices. That way he can make his own choice, not feel powerless emotionally and rebel, and so far that was a successful method. The only sacrifice is letting him try everything, and being unable to cook enough of what he would eat to support every day of a diet that would match my true standards.

    Well, I hope things are going well for you, Laloofa! Please, don’t forget to take good care of yourself first.




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