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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I'm just too busy with home improvement projects these days to do much (any?) blogging (we have big plans, but I am superstitious, so won't blog about them till they come to fruition!) ;-) However, I just learned that the Wyoming legislature has made dog fighting a felony on the first offense, and that was worth a mention here! Wyoming was one of only two states in which dog fighting was not a felony, to my dismay and disgust (but not surprise, given Wyoming's horrendous attitude toward non-human animals), so I was glad to see THAT change, at least! As, apparently was this little fella...

Is that a blissed out expression or what? Truly, it's the simple things in life that bring the most joy. :-)

In other news, we are attending the Democratic caucus this Saturday. It'll be our first caucus experience and should be interesting!

Time to resume my laundry, kitchen-cleaning, and woodwork painting, and check on the Morton Building crew, who, after many delays, FINALLY began work on our new shop building this morning! (And so my title for this blog entry does double duty!)


  1. Great, about the dog fighting. and cute photo, did you take that?

    Good luck on your house stuff. Sending you magic energy to keep things rolling. Because I miss your blogging! laughs. Also, I'm terribly curious about the political thing, so you'll have to blog about that. :)


  2. Hi, rift!

    No, I didn't take that pic of the pup, but it IS a cutie, isn't it?

    I can't recall if I emailed you about the caucus, so here goes. It was disorganized and crowded but very upbeat and friendly. There were 50 attendees at the county's Democratic caucus in '04 and 530 at this one! And that was the situation statewide. HUGE turn-out, lines blocks long, SRO, all prior turn-out records broken.

    Everyone seemed to really be having fun, and there was only one hideous moment when the local Democratic party announced they were raising funds by auctioning off a whitetail deer hunt on a private ranch, along with a gun to commit the dirty deed with and a free mounting of the corpse's decapitated head for anyone who thinks such barbaric gore qualifies as decor. Murdering Deer For Democracy, what a concept. >:-( But in happier news, I found out that every single one of Barack Obama's campaign staffers and volunteers who came here to run his campaign HQ (and there were quite a few!) were VEGAN!!! Yay!! :-)

    I managed to keep my boo-boo'ed arm from getting bumped by the jostling crowd, ran into several friends, ate some yummy free fruits & veggies, and supported the statewide winner (Obama), so it was an afternoon well spent.


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