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Monday, September 27, 2010

The day we knew was coming...

... finally came. After 9 1/2 years of faithful (if sometimes frustrating) service, our Flower Power iMac finally bit the dust.

We hope to make it up to Billings on Saturday to get a new one, but I have no idea when I'll be back up and running.

Must run, my library computer session is at an end!


  1. My oh my, Laurie, it's one thing after another for you lately! I hope that this is the end of things like this happening & that the rest of the fall & winter bring nothing but relaxation & happiness your way. You certainly deserve it!

  2. Sorry to hear about your Mac. Hope you are feeling well though!

    Take care.

  3. Damn, TW! If it's not one's GOTTA get better, just gotta. Hope you find a nice new PC that fills your needs. Till then.....Really enjoyed your last set of pics. Some truly fantastic views...great photography!! You guys look very happy, and BW...nice "farmer's tan" I have you beat ;-).

  4. Molly ~ I appreciate your wishes on my behalf, and hope SOME DAY they'll come true! Unfortunately, the gremlins still have our number. I think moving away is the ultimate answer... at least we'll put some distance between ourselves and them for a while, till they find us again! (They're nothing if not relentless!!) I hope for some R&R later too. We'll see! (At least I'm back online now, though only gimping along till we can finish trying to get everything from the old computer restored to the new one!)

    Rose - Thank you for your good wishes too. Let's just say my old kaput Flower Power and I have a lot in common these days. I'll do my best to email you soon with an update, but it may not be till next week sometime. I"m feeling overwhelmed again! (Or is it still??)

    Spud ~ And my thanks to you, too, m'dear! I agree, it's gotta get better, it's just gotta! Looked like we'd turned a corner today, when BW was given the day off this morning! Couldn't have come at a better time... we did a happy dance as he changed from his uniform to his home togs and we made plans for all that we wanted to accomplish today and got started on a couple of the items... and that was when good ol' UPS called back and said, "Just kidding! Put your uniform back on and come to work!" (That's not what they said, but it sort of is. They were mistaken in giving him the day off and DID make him come to work, and now he was starting almost an hour late!) Same ol' same ol'. It's hard to keep my chin up some days.

    So glad you enjoyed those latest vacation photos! I'll do my best to email you soon, too... it's taken two days and about 6 hours to get my email sorted out on our new iMac! ACK. But it seems to be working now. And while several things will take some learning and getting used to (technology had left me and my Flower Power in the dust), it does seem pretty slick so far.

    LOL re: BW's "farmer tan," btw... he's tanner on one side (the driver's side, since he drives around with his UPS package car door open) too! Bet you are at least evenly browned on your exposed bits! :-)

  5. My computer is also on last legs. It is soooooooo sssslllooooowwwww it makes me insane. I fine it hard to read all the blogs I want to visit...takes too long. I do have a new one on order so hopefully soon.
    What did you get?

  6. Sue ~ Though I answered your question via a quick email, I will also answer it here in case anyone else is wondering the same thing. We got a new 21.5" 500MB hard drive iMac. So far we really love it. I sure know how frustrating it is to have a slow-ass computer! (Just using the one at the library before we made it up to Billings to get this one was amazing!) I'm so glad you have a new one on order - that key bit of info had completely slipped my mind when I wrote my email reply (when I have a migraine, a lot of brain cells seem to jump ship!) So what kind are YOU getting? Wow, a new camera AND a new computer... we'll be expecting great things from you, you know! ;-)


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