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Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm in a fog

This reminds me we have window screens to replace,
but not because of naughty kitties.
Grasshoppers chewed holes in them last year!

This is just a quick post to prove, to myself as much as to anyone else, that I haven't fallen off the planet. I've been feeling so badly about abandoning my blog (and blogging community), but there's been little I could do about it. I'll write more about what's been going on with us when I have more time. For now, suffice to say that although I'm over that heinous flu, I'm not yet completely over the horrid, tubucular-sounding cough (or my poor, sore ribs!), and we're still spring cleaning, making repairs, home improvements and doing spring maintenance, along with sorting, culling and organizing EVERYTHING we own. We even rented a storage unit into which we've put a huge amount of stuff, all cleaned and priced, for a giant yard sale Robyn and I are having the weekend after BW and I get back from Oregon. So I needed to get it all ready ahead of time, and figured that while we were cleaning out all our drawers, closets, cupboards, storage rooms and the garage would be the perfect time! (I'm obviously insane). I must say, the culling part has been the most gratifying. It's dreadful, the amount of stuff you can accumulate when you live in the same place for 19 years, especially when you have too much room in which to store it!

Anyway, we've made great progress but still have plenty left to do. Especially outdoor projects, as we do every spring after our long winters when the weather finally turns nice. But the current view out our windows indicates that won't be for a little while yet. It's been snowing all afternoon and we've actually had blizzard conditions from time to time. It was only supposed to rain, so we were surprised to look out the windows and find ourselves in what appeared to be a snow globe that was being violently shaken!

We've had several foggy days this week, and I took some sunrise photos from our deck I wanted to share while I had a couple of minutes. The first one I took one morning last week, the other two I just took this morning...

See the moon in the upper right?

Shortly after I took this morning's photos, the fog came racing up the mountain and engulfed us. It toyed with us all day - socking us in, then lifting or flowing back down the mountain for a while before swallowing us up again - before getting down to serious business with this snowstorm.

(Here's our view the day after I published this post)

I've done other posts in the past about our fog and the incredible views it often gives us. One of my favorites is On Little Cat Feet, with more fog photos from our deck along with a few nice quotes about fog.

I'd be lying if I said I'd be able to resume my old blogging habits before mid-April, but at least I've been coming up with some fun blogging ideas while I'm dusting, scrubbing, painting, sorting and hauling! :-) I hope everyone is doing well and can't wait to catch up with your blogs (and/or your emails), along with poor neglected Mehitable!

Have a great week!


  1. Great photos! Get better, be well and hurt not yourself while you work.

  2. Hey, no worries! Blogging has to take second place to real life, and it sounds like you've really got a lot done, and burning through the todo list like nobody's business!

    I can't believe grasshoppers ate your screen! Is that normal? Where they trying to eat through the door to get into the house? LOL, that would freak me out a little.

    The fog bank shots look surreal. Amazing that's the view from your must feel like you're living in the clouds on those occasions. But, it's really beautiful. My favorite one is the one with the moon.

    Glad to hear you're over the flu! Hope you get rid of the last of that cough soon...coughing like that is exhausting, but maybe it strengthens your stomach muscles at least.

    Talk to you soon,

    Rose :)

  3. Laloofah -- Too bad about your terrible flu. You sound overwhelmed -- life gets that way sometimes. Take care -- barbara

  4. We'll miss you but we'll be here when you are able to make it back. Until then, take care of yourself!

    I'm sorry to hear you got taken out by the flu. It has been a tough winter for getting sick, and everyone I know has gotten smacked down by something. I am finally starting to come out of the fog myself.

  5. Hey My Friend-
    I'm sorry you've been feeling poorly. With all that's on your plate-Wow. You make this "ordinary" folk feel lazy.
    Your photographs are stunning. Such a view. Glad you could catch it before the fog socked you in. Fog is tough.
    Hope your snow goes soon. If it's any help...we're not to spring here yet either. You're not alone.
    Take care....hi to BW and pats to all your critters.
    Love, Sue
    PS...I need new screens too-thanks for the reminder.

  6. Vegan Elder ~ Thanks, glad you enjoyed them! I need to get a photo of our scenery today - we got a lot of snow! It's pretty, but I really didn't want to have to add "shovel deck" to my to-do list! >:-(

    Good advice to me you gave (are you channeling Yoda? LOL - Rose sometimes does that!) :-) But too late it came, as I bashed my elbow not once but twice during yesterday's Spring Cleaning festivities! Yow.

    Rose ~ Thanks for the pep talk! :-) I just wish blogging and other fun stuff could take first place more often while "real life" (when it involves nothing but toil) could take the back seat for a change! Oh, well. One of these days I'll have more leisure time (I hope!)

    Grasshoppers will eat nearly anything. They leave our metal screens alone, but these were fiberglass and they just chomped holes in them - I have no idea what their motivation was! They used to eat the paint right off our trim (till we had our doors and windows wrapped in metal!) We get hordes of grasshoppers in 7-year cycles, and the past two years were bad ones. I'm hoping this year will be fairly grasshopper-free. I didn't even like to hang my laundry out on my clothesline once the grasshoppers had shown up last summer!

    I do love the fog, whether we're in it or sitting above it (though sitting above it is much prettier!) :-) It does feel like we could just walk across the cloud tops sometimes.

    Leave it to you to find the silver lining of this stupid cough: 6-pack abs! LOL!

    Barbara ~ Thank you, that flu was ill-timed, that's for sure! Glad to be over all but the cough. This bug really knocked a lot of people off their feet for 3-4 weeks, even those who went on antibiotics (which I didn't). I'm so grateful BW avoided catching it!

    I have felt terribly overwhelmed at times during the past couple of months, and still do at times, though now I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. Getting things accomplished seems to be the best antidote and due to low volume at UPS, BW ended up with all of last week off (offered to him one day at a time), which couldn't have come at a better time! It made such a difference. I don't mean to be greedy, but I'm sure hoping he'll get offered a few more days off, especially once the weather turns nice!

  7. Georgia ~ Aww, thank you! That's comforting to know - I do start feeling both terribly rude and terribly left out when I'm too busy (or two exhausted) to come out and play! :-)

    It has seemed like a bad late winter/early spring for being sick. I've seen a lot of bloggers (and know a lot of local folks) who have been sick with what I had or with something else. No fun! I'm glad to hear the fog is lifting for you lately! I hope true Spring comes for you soon.

    Susan ~ Thank you! I have felt buried alive, and tunneling out has been arduous and time consuming. Thank goodness it's not yard work season yet, at least! I need to have the inside projects done before the outside ones start.

    I'm glad you liked the photos! They don't quite capture what it's like to see it in person - I'd need a panoramic shot to help do that (and it wouldn't fit on my blog!) But they do help to share what we get to see from our place fairly often, which is fun.

    It's still snowing and we're under a winter weather advisory till noon today. But then it's supposed to be sunny and 61ยบ by Thursday! It's always schizo this time of year. I've been watching your weather and know you're not out of the wintery woods yet either, but it's like my home improvement/spring cleaning/downsizing projects - at least there's light at the end of the tunnel! :-)

    Glad I helped remind you to replace your screens! The joys of homeownership - the fun never stops! :-)

  8. I assumed you stopped posting cuz I started commenting on your blog. Must've been a coinkidink....or was it...?

  9. Shen ~ LOL - yeah, that was it, it was your comments that drove me underground! ;-)~

    I had a similar flash of self-doubt when someone whose blog I had just started following announced that she was off to live in a Zen Monastery and would no longer be blogging for an undetermined length of time! I hadn't had a chance to comment on her blog yet, and wondered for a minute if my merely becoming a follower had driven her to a monastery! :-)

    Those pesky coincidences. No, I'm afraid my explanations, as outlandish as they may sound, are true, and are responsible for sapping my time and, by the end of most days, my energy. If only it were your comments keeping me from posting, my life would be so much easier! ;-)

  10. Grasshoppers can eat screens? You must have different grasshoppers than we do — or maybe I never realized the holes in our screens were grasshopper munchings. If you'd said a plague of locusts ate your screens, maybe I'd understand. I remember on our last trip from WA to WI, we did see an alarming number of grasshoppers in N. Dakota, but they seemed pretty focused on the ground.

    I love your photos. What a beautifu view. It sure beats the roof next door view that we city dwellers have.

    The lingering cough after a flu is so distressing. I wish I could remember what was in the herbal mix that was created for me the last time that happened. It worked like a charm.

  11. I was hoping things were okay! Coughs like that can be so painful. :( I used to get bronchitis at least once a year when I was younger, so I know how bad your chest can hurt. Ouch!

    We're trying our best not to accumulate too much stuff in this house. There's so much more room than our last house that it would be easy to do! We actually have less posessions now than when we moved here a few years ago, so that's good, so far. I know what a chore culling can be!

    We're right there with you on the weather. It's been cold & nasty lately, but hopefully it'll change for both of us soon. At least you have some cool fog to look at!

  12. I've been worried that you were still unwell. :o( I've been missing your comments on Barbara's blog! Coughs can linger for so long. Do you drink ginger tea? It can help to lift the cough and feels so comforting as it goes down...

    For someone who's not feeling great you're doing a hell of a lot of work! Don't overdo it, and give your poor wee body a chance to recover!

    That weather can't be helping! I feel jealous when I see pictures from a friend who lives in Texas and has all sorts of lovely veg growing already, but your snow makes me feel glad of our (very tentative) spring weather!

  13. Andrea ~ A plague of locusts is probably pretty similar to our experience with hordes of grasshoppers! They defoliate much of the plant life, of course, and when they're done eating their favorites, they start in on other things. The paint they used to eat off our window and door frames was painted green, though I don't know if that's why they chewed it. And I've caught the little buggers red-handed chewing on our screens! I brush them off whenever I see them crawling on our fiberglass window screens, but I can't be on Grasshopper Screen Patrol all the time. Anyway, they're incredibly destructive, and their numbers are legion. Maybe the Seattle grasshoppers have plenty of tasty plants to eat in your lush landscape and don't have to resort to paint and screens, like they do here in our arid climes. I'm not surprised to hear that the grasshoppers in North Dakota were focused on the ground. From what I've seen on drives across that state, what else is there to focus on?! ;-)

    If you think of that herbal mix, please let me know! I'm confident this is my last week of this annoying, rattling pestilence, but I'd still love to hear what was in your miracle mix. I made a batch of my Respearation Sauce but don't know if it helped. Tasted good, though! I'd have made more, but didn't have time for nor feel up to cooking and had no real appetite for a while there...

    Molly ~ I know, I feel bad about not emailing you! I'm just too worn out by the time I knock off in the evenings to write. I'll make it up to you soon, though! :-)

    These coughs can be very fatiguing! My chest feels okay, it's the ribs in my mid and upper back that really hurt. And shoveling a foot of snow the weight and consistency of wet cement off our ginormous deck yesterday didn't help! My ice packs were my best friends last night.

    Major kudos to you for your self-discipline regarding accumulating possessions! That's fantastic and does and will pay big dividends. I'm really not an accumulator myself, but as an only child and only grandchild I was given (in many cases the accurate term would be "burdened") with a lot of family heirloom stuff my mother didn't want in HER house, and I don't need, want or use, and it isn't yard sale fodder. One of these days I'm going to become an Ebay Queen - selling, not buying! Another problem is that I, like most "throwers," am married to a packrat! He's doing better, but how can EVERYTHING have sentimental value?! I'm ruthless, he's a softie. :-) My third problem is that I've never lived in one place more than 2-3 years before, and moving frequently is one of the best ways I've found to keep from gathering belongings. Having a big house, a basement, an oversized garage and two outbuildings doesn't help my cause either! The rule around here the past couple of years has been "new thing come in this house, something else goes out!" You're doing the smart thing!

    It'll still be a while before we have leaves on our trees and shrubs, but green grass blades and our jonquils are already showing up, and the bluebirds and robins have returned, so I'm sure spring weather will show up - just fashionably late as usual! :-)

  14. Penny ~ Aww, you're so sweet! I'm sorry to have worried you! Ginger tea sounds like a great idea - I have some ginger root in my fridge, I'll have to brew up some today. I love ginger tea, I've just been neglecting such things in my busy-ness. And I miss visiting and commenting on Barbara's blog! I have a LOT of catching up to do when this ordeal is over!

    I've definitely got way too much going on, and though I caved in to my flu a couple of times (spending one full day in bed that I could ill afford - no pun intended! - to lose), I mostly just had to push through it. Thankfully, BW ended up having last week off (and he's off again today, out plowing snowdrifts at the moment!), which helped us get more or less back on schedule again.

    The weather can make it tough - having to shovel was a major pain - but it also makes it cozy weather for cleaning and organizing! I can't stand to be inside doing stuff like this when the weather's nice, so I'm hoping to get most of it done by early next week. I know what you mean about people living in places where spring has truly sprung - I used to live in Texas, and my in-laws live in Oklahoma - but when it's blistering hot and/or humid there in another 3 months and it's lovely here and in Scotland, we can gloat! :-)

    Okay, time to tend to the laundry, do the dishes and clean Mouseville (like I don't have enough cleaning to do, I have to clean the Mouse House too!) :-) before I start washing more walls! Glad I had some time this morning to reply to your comments! xoxo

  15. I'm delighted to see from reading all the comments that all your friends feel as I do that you are cherished and though you are missed when you don't blog - are absolutely not letting us down. We're just happy to have you when we can have you!!

    Good luck with the rest of the spring cleaning - sounds like you are doing so well and how nice it will be to go on vacation with all that behind you!

    The fog photos are really neat - sort of "other wordly".

    When we do get a chance to talk again no hurry - I understand), I'll have to tell you about the books I've been reading and the insights I've made about both mindfulness and the power of positive thinking!

  16. I'd love to have that view off of my deck. Unfortunately, I only have a view of the side of the house behind me. :::chuckle::: Those are some amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing them. We'll all still be here when you get back from your blog break. :)

  17. Surely the earths axis would have shifted had Laloo indeed fallen off the planet! xo

  18. Yes...what veganelder said! xoxoxo

  19. Jo ~ Thank you for such a sweet comment and for making me feel better. :-)

    We made some good progress again this week, but today I've hit a wall, so am taking it a lot easier this afternoon despite not getting our guest bath all spring cleaned as I'd planned. BW had to return to work after 3 days off and is having a monster day, and he's tired too. I'm glad we'll have the weekend! I don't know if we'll finish by Monday, but barring any catastrophes, we'll be close. The dogs and I have to spend all day Tuesday away from the house while the downstairs carpets are cleaned (and while they dry), so I hope to have almost everything done by that day.

    I'd love to hear about your books and insights! I'm hoping we can do a phone call next Friday!

    Lori ~ I know, we do have extraordinary views (it's one of the main things that sold us on this place), and we appreciate them every day. Even when we can't see them through the fog. :-) I hope the side of your neighbor's house is at least a pretty color and/or has pretty plants growing beside it! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, and thank you for being patient with my absences and hurried posts!

    Izzy ~ LOL - just how much do you think I weigh, girl?! ;-)~

    Spud ~ Thanks, Spud! I'm trying to balance getting everything done with not killing myself doing it, but it's not easy!! :-)

  20. Beautiful photos, I love fog :O) Do hope you manage to draw breath before long - it all sounds so hectic! Take care x

  21. Barbara ~ My apologies for taking so long to reply to your comment! And for not having time to visit your fun corner of Blogland. Life is (and will continue to be) hectic, and so my breathing is still erratic. :-)

    It's good that you love fog too, you live in such a good place for it! Or does your area of England get as much fog as London is notorious for? I wouldn't want to live where it's foggy all the time (think The Others! LOL), but I'd love to live where I could enjoy a foggy day (or a foggy night) about once a week or so!


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