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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A bun-filled Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day holiday started out foggy, cold and rainy, which made it no different than nearly every other day in May! But at least it also started out with a visit from the adorable baby bunny who lives under our front deck...

"Mmmm, grass for breakfast! Nom-nom-nom."

Inspired by our nibbling bunny friend, we got an early start planning our main meal of the day. Given the cozy weather we decided on "Snobby Joes," a recipe from Veganomicon that was brought to my grateful attention in a January post by Vegan Georgia. We love these, so BW made his signature ginormous Snobby Joe buns, and after a morning spent cleaning house we made a batch of Snobby Joe innards to stuff them with. Like Georgia, we sauté the onion and peppers in water instead of oil but otherwise make no changes to the recipe.

This is actually on a salad plate, not a dinner plate,
but the buns are prodigious so I like to do them justice
by filling them generously! (Besides, we were hungry!)

After dinner we were enjoying a break in the weather so decided to go for an evening drive around Sheridan and then take the dogs for a run on the Bradford Brinton along the still-raging Little Goose Creek. Though the trees have barely begun to leaf out up here on the face of the mountains, in Sheridan the crabapple and plum trees are all in full, colorfully blooming splendor...

A handsome trio of crabapple trees

It was very windy, resulting in the driveways
being prettily paved with pink petals
from this row of bordering trees.

I can't remember a prettier spring for flowering trees around here, so I've been taking photos of them on every trip to town. The lilacs are starting to bloom now too and look like they'll be every bit as breathtaking, so I'll be taking photos of them later this week too and will share them all in a future post. If only I could make the photos "scratch & sniff!" :-)

After oogling the eye-candy trees, we visited the Sheridan Municipal Cemetery on our way home. Always a beautiful setting, it was a particularly moving and lovely place to visit today with all the colorful flowers, briskly fluttering flags and even a rare, brief burst of sunshine as I took this photo...

This is the Elks section of the cemetery,
hence the magnificent elk statue in the center.
(Click on the photo for a bigger, better view)

This next photo isn't nearly as good, but I am including it anyway because while BW and the girls waited patiently in the car, I froze my buns off in the freezing cold and buffeting wind while I snapped a bazillion photos of this scene before I finally got one of the Wyoming state flag photogenically unfurled instead of violently whipping about in a tangled frenzy. So no way am I not posting this one. :-) Besides, it has an especially nice view of the elk statue...

The day ended much like it began, with fog and rain rolling back in. So while our day - and this post - began with a visit from the baby bunny at our front window, I'll end it with a very brief video of an adult bunny on our back steps, who was very rain-soaked and spent several minutes grooming herself (because no one likes to have a bad hare day, nyuck nyuck) before I filmed her cute departure...

(So how many bun references did you spot in this post?) :-)


  1. More great photos...can't beat buns and the trees/blossoms are spectacular. I especially enjoyed the departure clip. Thank you.

  2. You've got nice buns Laloo...xo

  3. Those crabapple trees are gorgeous!

  4. I love that driveway shot, covered in magenta petals...very pretty. Those snobby joes look really yumlicious too.

  5. Bun references!'s all kinds of buns with you at the moment! I don't know Laurie, the way the bunny left in the video...were you practising your Bunny-ese and maybe said something that the bunny thought in bad taste? lol...

    The crabapples are spectacular. What beautiful deep pink color and I love the carpets of petals on the pavement.

    Your snobby joes are mighty! And with homemade buns too...delicious! My mom used to make sloppy joes, which I think are more or less the same idea.

  6. We've made that recipe before! It's so good.

    Love the cemetery shots and the crabapple trees. We've been enjoying the blooms around here, too, along with the apple trees. They're so pretty!

    Great job on filling a post with buns, too. lol :) I counted six...... or maybe seven, I think!

  7. You've reminded me that I'm neglecting lentils... must start cooking up meals with them soon!

  8. veganelder ~ Thank you! I agree, those sweet little bunsters are unbeatable and those blossoming trees are so brief but so lovely! I know you must have a lot of them down there in OK, too. And I'm not sure what it is about the "departure clip" (love that!), but it just tickles me, so I'm glad it was a particular favorite for you. :-)

    Izzy ~ LOL, why thank you, m'dear! You've got at least one lovely bun yourself! ;-) Speaking of whom, how is Mr. Bun Bun these days?

    Jamie ~ Aren't they? They're so beautiful and plentiful this year, I'm surprised there aren't daily fender benders in town as people gawk at them. I'm completely smitten! Wait till you see the really pretty ones I photographed the other day!

    Sue ~ Me too, I had BW take us back home that way and stop so I could photograph it. There were several streets we drove down that had pink drifts of petals piled along the curbs, and that was really pretty but that driveway shot took the cake! The Snobby Joes are totally yumska. I had the leftovers for my lunch today (though I used only a portion of the last Prodigious Bun!) :-)

  9. Rose ~ I am indeed on a Bun Roll lately. :-) As for the departing bunny, I'd thought of that too. But I decided that since a) I had not uttered a sound and b) she didn't leave in enough of a huff, that must not have been it. Perhaps she was offended that I was filming her bathing. She does seem to be thinking, "Can't a girl take a bath without being filmed? And I suppose you'll post it on YouTube, too, you nasty human!!" LOL

    The crabapple colors are so varied, from deep reddish-purple to pale pink, it's just beautiful. I know some of the trees around town are wild plums and I honestly can't tell the difference most of the time, so maybe those pink "driveway" trees are plums. But I agree about the beautiful carpet of petals - looks like there'd been a wedding procession down those driveways and that the flower girl had gone a little apeshit! :-)

    Snobby Joes are exactly Sloppy Joes with yummy lentils in lieu of ground-up cow. I don't know why Isa calls them "Snobby" Joes, though perhaps she explains it in Veginomicon. I don't know, since I don't own that one, which is why I was so grateful that Georgia posted the link to the recipe (and that Isa had shared it on PPK!)

    Molly ~ Oh, fun! I admit, I was glad to have the cool weather to make that and some other favorites we usually make in the winter. One of these days I'll have to make the switch to my summer recipes, though! I'm glad you're getting to enjoy beautiful flowering trees there, too ~ I was afraid some of the storms you've had might have torn all the flowers off. Do you have cherry trees there? Joanne lives in Michigan where there are a lot of them, so I figured you might have them too. They're all gorgeous ~ the apple, pear, cherry and plum trees. It would almost be enough for them to just provide those beautiful, fragrant blossoms, but they're generous enough to also provide all that wonderful fruit!

    Very good counting! I count 7, maybe 8! :-)

    Eva ~ I know, I'll go through phases where I neglect lentils, but since they're a favorite with us they usually aren't neglected for long. I cooked up a batch of red lentils this weekend till they were a mashed potato texture and enjoyed them with some garlic salt and freshly ground pepper. That's it - so simple and delicious!

  10. Hahaha, glad you are still enjoying those Snobby Joes :) That reminds me, I haven't made them in a long time! If I'm not mistaken, Isa calls them "snobby" because they have the right to be a little supercilious, since they are meat-free :)

  11. Oh! I only got four! I'll re-read...

    Such sweet buns! (The rabbit ones. I couldn't possibly comment on yours!!!) And that snobby Joe looks SO GOOD. It's reminded me it's lunchtime...

  12. Georgia ~ We sure are! Thank you again for that post of yours! And Isa's "Snobby" name for these makes perfect sense. :-)

    Penny ~ It all depends on how you choose to count the "bun references." Four is a fine answer - two bunnies, the Snobby Joe buns and my freezing-my-buns-off buns. You get about double that number if you count every time the words "bun(s)" or "bunny" appears in the post. :-)

    I LOL'ed about your comment re: the sweet BUNNY buns and how you couldn't possibly comment on mine. :-D And indeed the Snobby Joes were good! I polished off the leftovers for lunch yesterday, and wish there were more!

  13. What a colorful meal. I've just discovered your blog. I'll enjoy taking the next few days to look back. We came down into a Wyoming Valley out of Yellowstone this past September. It was beautiful, making me long to return for more exploring.

  14. nellie ~ Welcome! I'm so glad you found my blog and appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment! :-)

    Your Wyoming experience sounds magical (it's beautiful here in September!), and it's no wonder you long to return and I hope you are able to soon. We should be lashed with wet noodles for not finding (or making) time to visit Yellowstone more often.

    I hope you'll enjoy poking around my eclectic posts! I've taken a quick peek at your lovely blog (with the full intention of doing it justice with much longer visits when time permits!), and think you'll especially enjoy a few posts from our Maine vacation last summer. You can start in gorgeous Asticou Garden, where a link at the end of the post will take you to Asticou Terraces and Thuya Gardens.

    Thanks again for your visit and enjoy a beautiful day!

  15. so the rolls you made yourselves? they are so pretty! great looking meal:) sorry i havent been around, my parents were here nd now im filling in for my friend while she is on vacay.ttysoon!

  16. DD ~ Yes, BW made those ~ he is a natural when it comes to bread-baking. I'll tell him you think his buns are pretty, he'll be most pleased to hear it! ;-) I agree that the Snobby Joes make a great-looking meal, and the best part is that they taste as good as they look!

    I totally understand those necessary absences from Blog World, since I have been MIA myself. I saw you mention on Rose's blog recently that your folks were visiting and I hope you had a lot of fun! Good luck filling in for your friend, and thanks for stopping by. Hugs to you and your precious gang o' fatheads! :-)

  17. Laloofah -- funny how weather can offset our day. You of course made the best of a cold foggy start. Enjoyed all your photos and the bunny video. I hope wherever you move, you will be surrounded by wildlife. -- barbara

  18. Barbara ~ I've gotten good at making the best of cold, foggy starts (and middles and ends!) to my days thanks to all the practice I've gotten lately! :-) I actually enjoy those sorts of days most of the time, but it was getting absurdly soggy and gloomy around here and it's nice to finally enjoy the sunshine. Too bad old Sol showed up with howling winds for the past 48 hours, and this weekend it's supposed to hit the upper 80's! Such extremes. One must be adaptable or go nuts.

    I hope so too, I would be bereft without my wild friends around! If we move to town (especially if we move to the one house we have our eye on), I will be surrounded by mule deer, bunnies and LOTS of birds, especially red winged blackbirds, wild turkeys and pheasants! I say "if" we move to town because BW is making increasing noises about retiring and living on a boat. In which case I guess I'll be surrounded by seagulls and dolphins, among other critters! Either way, you won't catch me living anywhere there aren't animals living wild and free. I couldn't handle it! :-)


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