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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CO: The Flowers

Welcome to post #5 in a series featuring some of the sights and sounds from a recent vacation in Fort Collins and Boulder, CO.

Fort Collins and Boulder both abound with a blooming abundance of flowers. Here is just a small but colorful sampling...

A radiant rose blooms beside The Armstrong's parking lot.
This is a SOOC pic, and its perfume was as vivid as its color.

All over Old Town were enormous pots (about 3 to 4 feet in diameter) of beautiful mixed flower arrangements. You can see the edge of one in this photo of the recumbent trike I shared earlier, and here's a photo of a bunch of them lining an alleyway called Trimble Court...

Crappy photo, but it gives you an idea of FC's generous effort
to plant lots of flowers in every nook & cranny!

Here's an example of one of the huge pot arrangements, this one near the hotel's rosebush...

I love the vintage look of the color palette

With just one exception, the rest of these photos were taken in Boulder, which must have one of the highest per capita number of green thumbs in the nation!

Everything's coming up roses behind this Boulder house.
This is how they landscaped their alley and garage!

Remember this photo from my Vehicles & Vintage Buildings post, when I said you'd be seeing those pretty lupines again later? Well here they are, all ready for their closeup...

I don't know why things keep reminding me of confectionery,
but these make me think of pink rock candy!
(I think my sweet tooth got activated on this trip!) :-)

I thought this was a flawless flower. Cheerful and pretty, too!

Both towns were insane with irises! They grow well there, and were at their peak. These were in the front garden of an office housed in an old Fort Collins home in Old Town...

Love the backdrop of the iron fence

And these next two photos were taken in two different front yards in Boulder's historic Mapleton Hill neighborhood

Remember the photo of the little bird drinking from the rock fountain in Boulder's Chautauqua Park in my Critters post? Here's another view of that same fountain, this time showcasing the beautiful, tall irises growing in front of it...

Feel free to linger on the shady bench back there on the left
till it's time to chow down again in my next Colorado post! :-)


  1. It's just so gorgeous there in the spring! The waterfalls, the green, the flowers. I love it all, especially with the mountains for a backdrop. *sigh* This post was so beautiful & relaxing. Post therapy! :)

  2. I love gardens where it looks like the plants and flowers are the ones in charge. I especially like the group with the vintage color palette. Being surrounded by flowers just makes everything that much better.

  3. All this green-thumbery makes me think the climate in Fort Collins and Boulder might be very accommodating. What a pleasure it would be to garden in a place with a long growing season and a lot of sunshine! Are the residents also tall and colorful? :)

  4. Molly ~ It sure is! I wish this time of year lasted a lot longer, but the flowers come and go so quickly, it seems. Although as soon as one batch of flowers go, another one comes along to take its place. Which was good planning on Mother Nature's part. :-)

    "Post therapy" - LOL! For both the poster and the postee! :-)

    veganelder ~ That's what I thought when I looked at all those beautiful flowers, too! I was sure hoping my camera would do a good job of capturing their vibrant colors and beauty.

    Rose ~ I love your description of gardens where it looks like the plants and flowers are in charge. (You'd love our place, the plants and flowers ARE in charge, there's just no disciplining them!) :-) You'd have particularly liked that house with all those roses behind it by their garage. Those babies were DEFINITELY in charge, had taken over the property, and were plotting world domination. And I say, "Bring 'em on!!" ;-) I agree that being surrounded by flowers just makes everything better, and if they took over the world it would be fine by me.

    I'm not surprised you liked the vintage color palette group best. They have a friendly yet sophisticated elegance, just like your blog!

    Andrea ~ I think their climates (and perhaps their soils) are just about ideal. Warm, sunny days, cool nights, and in Boulder especially, lots of snow in winter to melt and soak the soil in spring, along with lots of spring rain and evening thunderstorms in summer. And people who obviously know and love their trees and flowers! Good stuff.

    And yes, there are several colorful residents, and one especially tall one (though it's accomplished through artificial means), several of whom you'll be seeing in my final Colorado post. ;-)

  5. Such pretty flowers! I actually pulled over in Macon to take a photo of a pretty house with matching floral trees in their front yard (both were a pinkish -salmon color). So I totally understand the draw of taking photos of plants and flowers and obviously you had ample opportunity.

    I don't know what it's called but the one you called "the flawless flower" was my very favorite. I love yellow flowers (second only to purple) and that one had such a pretty shape. It would make a perfect applique pattern for a quilt!

  6. Jo ~ Oooh, now you KNOW I'll want to see that photo from Macon! :-)

    I love that yellow flower too and have no idea what kind it is! I saw these gorgeous flowers in Boulder when you and I were there together and I'd never seen them before, either, and still have no clue what they are! (Not the Indian Blanket flowers in the background, but the smaller ones that are cascading over the stone wall and have what looks like little brown starburst designs in their centers). Boulder is full of flower fun and intrigue!

    And you're right, that yellow flower would make an excellent quilt applique! Feel free to print it out and design one from it! :-)


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