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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Challenge: Yellow

When I saw that this week's Thursday Challenge theme was going to be Yellow, I was tickled pink. So to speak. :-) Because there has been yellow in great profusion in my world lately, so I've been photographing it like a mad woman and now have a perfect excuse to share several of the results. (Because let's face it, I don't have the discipline to choose just one photo for these things!) ;-)

As always, you may click on any photo for a larger version...

Yellow on our patio...

Dahlia ("Goldalia Scarlet")

Calibrachoa (aka "Million Bells")

Pansy with a dragonfly friend :-)

Yellow in the wild...

Gaillardia pulchella ("Indian Blanket")

We spied this wildflower on one of our regular hikes near our property and don't recall ever seeing it before. I haven't been able to identify it in my Rocky Mountain wildflower field guide nor online. My closest guess is that it's a yellow sweet rocket, but I'm not terribly confident about that. Anyone know?

Mystery flower!

Yellow in our garden...

Zucchini blossoms
We had a cold, wet spring so our garden got a late start.
So we're just now getting our first zucchini blossoms!

BW always wanted marigolds in our veggie garden,
so this year he finally planted 16 of them. :-)

More yellow goodies...

This photo is from the archives, appearing in my "Lemon Drops" post last year, but I just had to repost it again here. My cherished yellow birdbath is too perfect for this challenge! A little wren was using it the other day and kept perching on the back of the yellow bird. A shame my camera wasn't handy...

Sweet ceramic birdbath in our front flowerbed

This, as you can see from her license plate, is Dazy, my friend Robyn's cute VW bug...

Parked at Tumbleweed, scene of our Wednesday lunches.

This last photo of a pretty yellow rose bush has a funny story to go with it, and was going to be its own post till this challenge came along and I decided to include it here...

Yellow roses

BW and I were driving around one of Sheridan's pretty older neighborhoods recently when we passed this huge yellow rosebush in the corner of someone's back yard. I had BW stop so I could get a picture, and that's when we noticed a man working in his garden just a few feet away from the rosebush. Wearing old baggy blue jeans, a long-sleeved blue denim work shirt, gloves and a huge straw hat that hid most of his face, he was on his hands and knees in profile to me with his head down, apparently weeding. I rolled down my window and said, "Hi, would you mind if I photographed your rose bush?" No response. So I repeated, "Excuse me, may I take a photo of your roses?" Still no response. In fact, I could see no movement at all from him! It was just beginning to dawn on me that he might not be real when BW started laughing and said, "He's not a real person, he's a dummy made to look like a gardener!" No way, I said. Way, he replied. So, blogger wheels spinning, I excitedly told BW I wanted a picture of the "garden dummy" as well as the roses, asked him to back the Jeep up so it wouldn't appear in my photos, and got out of the car and walked back to the garden dummy to find the best angle. Imagine my surprise to find that the "dummy," though still kneeling with his head down, was now facing me! I was staring, agape, at the crown of his straw hat! He was still utterly motionless, and, wondering if it was an automated, high-tech scarecrow or if I was on Candid Camera, I mouthed to BW still sitting in the relocated Jeep, "It moved!" He started laughing again, the devil. I stood there staring at the "dummy," trying to figure out if it was alive or not, when I finally detected the faintest movement from his arms. So I again said, very loudly, "EXCUSE ME, CAN I PHOTOGRAPH YOUR ROSES?" And this time the "dummy" looked up and said, "What?" LOL! He was quite alive, thank you very much, and very hard of hearing. I honestly think he may have dozed off while weeding, changing positions between power naps! :-) I asked him about his roses, which he was happy to have me photograph (obviously, since here they are in living color), and he told me that his sister had transplanted the rosebush from Missouri, and that it was 50 years old.

When I returned to the car I asked BW if he had known all along that the "dummy" was a real person, and he swore then and he swears still that he was just as convinced as I was that he was nothing more than clothing and a hat stuffed with rags and posed convincingly to look like a gardener. Too funny!

Seeking still more extravaganzas of yellow?

Visit this week's collection of blogs at Thursday Challenge!


  1. I loved the story! LOL
    Each flower is a beauty, but the Dahlia is exceptionally beautiful, and that bird bath certainly deserves another post. I enjoyed my visit.

  2. I'm so pleased that the yellow theme gave you a great reason to post about the "dummy" in the garden next to the yellow roses. What a funny story. I would have been peeing my pants watching you through this whole thing!! Of course if I had been there, I'd have probably poked the poor old man with a stick to see if he was real!!

    I really enjoy your Thursday themed posts and today my favorite photo was of the Dahlia. The composition with the yellow and the red is stunning! But they were all pretty. And you even managed to get a leftover vehicle from last week's theme in there!

  3. Roan ~ Oh good! It was pretty funny to live it, so I was hoping it would be funny in the telling! :-)

    I agree that the Dahlia is special. It sure caught my eye at the greenhouse! I'm glad you found my birdbath rerun-worthy, I just love that cute little thang, as do the bunnies and birds!

    So glad you enjoyed your visit, and I thank you for your fun comment! I enjoyed the music that played during my stay on your blog, and your butterfly photo is one of my very favorites in this challenge. (Hey, everybody, go check out Roan's beautiful butterfly!)

  4. Birgitta ~ I know, I couldn't possibly choose among them. Usually BW (my husband) helps me cull some, but even he was useless this time. LOL

    Jo ~ I agree, but I wasn't going to keep that story to myself, it would have found its way to a post eventually! But this was a perfect opportunity to share it. I think you would have been too busy trying to figure out if he was real to have peed your pants (though a photo of that would have gone well in a "Yellow" post, ROTFL!) I cracked up picturing you poking that poor man with a stick to find out! I had a much easier time accepting that he was a dummy than that he was real - not only was he so still and his clothes so baggy that he LOOKED like a dummy made of rags and clothes, but BW was utterly convincing... I guess, if he's to be believed, because he too was convinced the guy wasn't real.

    I'm really enjoying these Thursday Challenge posts too, they're a lot of fun. I want to do an alphabet one too, if time allows (another I discovered through Barbara's blog ~ check out her latest ABC post, you'll love it!). My friend Sue does a lot of these and they look fun as well. I need a housekeeper, landscape maintainer, and errand-runner so I can just take photos and blog about them. :-)

    I thought that dahlia would be a favorite! Which is why it got pride of place. That is some color combo, isn't it? As for Robyn's car, I thought it was funny I managed to fit vehicles into two subsequent posts since the Vehicles challenge (the other being the Mustang at the yard sale), but it's no leftover - I just took it fresh yesterday! :-)

  5. Lol! That is so funny! Love all your yellow pics, I was really struggling for yellow items. That birdbath is so sweet, it would look very nice near Pepper's Buddha. By the way am using my phone again so any inappropriate words are not my fault. It has predictive text you can't turn off. I went to type 'have' the other day and it suggested what I really meant was 'ubersexual'! I don't even know what that means! My friends are used to getting very odd texts from me...

  6. Barbara ~ Your post today shows no evidence of struggle. :-) Your flowers were beautiful, and I'm going to be curious about that first flower with the red berries till I find an answer!

    My birdbath and Pepper's Buddha would make a lovely pairing.

    Your phone intrigues me. It hoodwinks you into referring to a sweet baby deer as a "lusty rural god," and it overrides the innocuous "have" with "ubersexual?!" What kind of lecherous pervs are programming those things? I'm sure your friends look forward to your smutty text messages with eager anticipation. LOL

  7. The yellow challenge? Really don't know what that is but I take it that you find yellow objects and place them on your post. You should win the prize as having the most diverse range of objects. Liked your funny story at the end. -- barbara

  8. I adore the Dahlia and Indian Blanket. All of the flowers are pretty, but those are especially purty!

    I remember you posting about your birdbath before. It's so cute. :)

    That story about the gardener is too funny. lol

  9. Barbara (KY) ~ Hey, I think that's the first time you two Barbaras have your posted comments in a row. :-)

    The Thursday Challenge changes from week to week. Last week it was "Vehicles," this week it was "Yellow," next week it's going to be "Construction"... which didn't feel inspiring enough to participate in till I remembered something I photographed recently that is an offbeat interpretation of that theme. :-) It's kind of fun to do these photo challenges, makes me pay more attention to things and use my imagination a bit more than usual. And it's fun to see others' takes on the theme, from all around the world.

    Thanks for thinking I should win the "Miss Diversity" title, lol - it came from my inability to select from a wide range of as choices, I think. :-)

    Molly ~ I agree about the Dahlia, and you should see all the Indian Blankets that are blooming around here now! I'm not even sure I found the best specimen, but I liked this littler one. :-) (By the way, the wild bergamot is going crazy now as well - I remember how much you love it too).

    I thought you might remember that birdbath! It's always a fun day when I can take it back outside for the season.

    I'm still chuckling over the gardner incident myself, and am glad it amused you! I had a crazy boyfriend in high school who climbed into a display window of a clothing store at the mall and pretended to be a mannikin. He struck a pose and held so still for so long that people were gathering outside the window debating whether "it" was a man or a mannikin! My friends and I had to leave the scene, we were giggling so hard. Jason would have made a great garden dummy scarecrow. :-)

  10. Fab post and beautiful flowers! I love that has red petals with a yellow center right? Exquisite! The calibrocha are lovely and of course, I love the pansy...always have a special place in my heart for pansies. The Indian Blanket is well named.

    As for the mystery flower, you're probably right about it being wild definitely looks like a brassica flower and I'd wager it's a wild brassica of some sort.

    I remember that bird bath!

    I was intrigued by the idea of a scarecrow in a hands and knees position! And then he started moving! LOL...what a gas. Are you sure you weren't following the "yellow brick road" know, that place where scarecrows come to life?

    What fun! Well done on the yellow theme.

  11. My phone is an HTC Desire by the way. Says it all really! Where do you get the list of Thursday challenges in advance? I've been finding out first thing Thursday morning which gives me a couple of hours max to get it done before I go to work! Charlie says I'm uberrubbish, as does my phone ;0)

  12. Ooh and thanks for the mentioned too! Or as the phone says, oozing tba foundation they Mendelssohn yo (i kid you not!).

  13. Do you think that plant could be a kerria japonica? I Googled the description and that was one of the suggestions, no mention of red berries though, hmmm.

  14. Rose ~ Thank you! And yup, red petals and yellow center, and such vivid colors they look like they'd glow in the dark! I'm not surprised pansies are among your favorites, they suit you. I always associate them with gentle people, maybe because they were a favorite of my grandmother's, and she was one of the gentlest people I ever knew. I decided just this year that I really love the violas and johnny-jump-ups! I planted a big pot of them and they really make me smile. :-)

    Thanks for weighing in on the mystery flower! I'm glad to hear I'm probably on the right track with my guess, because I was stumped! Not only had we never seen that flower before, but it was the only one around. We don't see the more common purple sweet rockets up here either, though they grow along the creek in town.

    That's a pretty memorable birdbath, isn't it? I don't think I ever mentioned before that it was made in Viet Nam. I wonder what sorts of yellow birds they have there?

    The Yellow Brick Road and scarecrows coming to life - GOOD ONE!! I hadn't made that connection at all! Too bad there aren't any yellow roads around here that I could have photographed for this post! :-)

  15. Barbara ~ LOL, how appropriate! What's HTC stand for, "Hotties Talking Crudely?" "Horny Titillation Communication?" :-)

    And now for something completely different... ;-) You can find next week's Thursday Challenge theme at the top of the web page, just under this week's theme, in very, very tiny font.

    Next Week: CONSTRUCTION (Business, Residential, Street, Bridge, Sidewalk, Lego Bricks,...)

    I couldn't possibly get a post done in just a couple of hours AND get to work! Tell Charlie he's quite mistaken, you're not uberrubbish, you're ubersuperblogger!

    You're most welcome for the mention! Or , if you prefer, for the oozing Mendelssohn yo. (Those phone ppl are messing with you big time. Yo.)

    As for the kerria japonica, I had no idea. So I did an image search for it, and nope - the flower is wrong. I found this site, which looked pretty promising but I couldn't make good use of it since they want a lot of leaf info, and all I can describe is the flower and the berries. Want to see if the Botanical Society of the British Isles can lend a garden-gloved hand? :-)

    If anyone else reading this comment wants to play Barbara and my fun new "Guess the Pretty British Flower" game, check out the first photo on her post and chime in! Barbara will give you extra points for talking dirty. LOL

  16. LOL! You are a bad, bad woman! Apparently that flower is a very common shrub, often seen around car parks etc so my friend Sandra says, but no one seems to know its name! I am going to send the photo to my friend Sue whose son is a gardener. We shall not be beaten by a mere shrubbery! And I think those berries may not be berries but flower buds...

  17. Barbara ~ Nuh-uh, I'm an angel!

    0 :-)

    A common shrub seen around car parks? No way! Its flower is so exotic and elegant looking. Interesting that those berry-like objects might be flower buds, they sure look like berries and I was wondering if they were edible. Thanks for sending the photo to your friend Sue... just don't do it using your cell phone, I shudder to think what fun those deviant programmers would have if you start talking about bushes. ;-) Oh wait, I mean 0 ;-)

    Btw, naturally when I read your amusing line that we won't be beaten by a mere shrubbery, I heard it in the voice of The Knights who say "Ni!" LOL

  18. Lol again! I love monty python...

  19. Oooh! I've noticed that anyone can write about yellow and they'll somehow real me in! My favorite color and I'm attracted to it like bees to a flower. So gorgeous as are your photos!

    Crazy about the man in the garden, haha! So glad you shared that story with us.

  20. Barbara ~ As do I! Especially MP & the HG. Good stuff! :-)

    Eva ~ Well then, did you ever come to the right place! :-) If you have the time, check out some of the other Thursday Challenge participants. There's a lot of yellow going on over there! I'm really glad you enjoyed my photos and the man-in-the-garden story. That was crazy! And it made me feel crazy till I finally figured it out! :-)


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