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Sunday, May 12, 2013

To the moms....

I dedicate this post to the moms of human children, whose supplies of unconditional love, strength, wisdom, creativity, and patience (and, if my own mother is any indication, wine!) are so frequently required in astonishing quantities that I can only guess at...


and to my fellow adoptive mothers of precious companion animals, our beloved children in fur, fins and feathers...

and to the non-human moms whose love for their children is as real and as powerful as our own. 

So today and every day, let's...

with respect, compassion, and empathy, because...

Below are some touching photos (most found uncredited around the internet) of a variety of non-human mothers with their children, along with information about the dangers their species face and far too often the suffering they endure, and several ways that you can help. I had a hard time stopping at a dozen, there are so many more examples to share ~ but while there should be no limits to our compassion, there are limits to blog space and time!

(Contains graphic images)

(topic begins at the 2:46 mark)

(Mom and cubs huddle near Hudson Bay in Wapusk National Park, Manitoba
Photo credit: Canadian Press/Jonathan Hayward)


(This photo of a Mute Swan and her cygnets was taken by Richard Meston 
at Bicton Park Botanical Gardens in Devon, England)


  1. A fabulous post ,my friend!
    Jane x

  2. Thank you so much, dear Jane! :-)

  3. Beautiful! So very informative and important to share. My own four-legged fur babies let me sleep an extra three hours this morning! Yay me!

    1. Thank you, Cindi, for your kind words! And what considerate furbabies you have! :-) I hope you all enjoyed your Mother's Day!

  4. Wow, Laurie, what a wonderful post! I love how you incorporated all mothers and children into this. As you know, I couldn't agree with everything you said more! All of the pictures with links are absolutely fantastic. You rock!

    Happy mother's day to you, as well. Give yourself a hug from me and lots of kisses to the girls!

    1. Thanks bunches, Molly, I'm so glad you liked it! It was a labor of love (took a while to put together!) I'd come across several of the pictures on Pinterest over the past few weeks, which inspired the idea. I actually have had another Mother's Day post in the hopper and nearly completed since Feb or March, but this one won out. I'll save the other for next year. :-)

      Hugs and kisses have been dispensed per your instructions - please do the same from me!! :-)

  5. Awwww. You're so sweet. You are like a mother of mothers. You found some lovely images to show the mothering of the world. I watched my mother day enjoying her grandchildren....something I'll never understand, but I know the love I have for my furbabies is just as real in a different way.
    Hope you had a lovely day with your little cadre.

    1. Thanks, Sue! I did find some great photos - from some amazing photographers - and wish I could have found and given credit to them. And I had to chuckle over your referring to me as being "like a mother of mothers." I've long said I have no maternal instinct as it's commonly understood, since I eschewed dolls for stuffed animals as a kid and was never interested in having kids. But I feel a devotion to and kinship with Mother Earth and her creatures, and a strong and lifelong feeling of protectiveness of the vulnerable and oppressed, and maybe that's just as much a maternal feeling as that felt by people who coo over babies. :-) (By the way, I also applaud and appreciate those of us who choose not to have children!) And I've got no doubt whatsoever that your love for your furbabies is not one smidgeon less real than what your mom feels for you and Sam or for her grandchildren!

      We did have a lovely day with our furry bunch. We visited Mocha Saturday (next post) and took the dogs on an off-leash hike at the ranch where he's boarded, and yesterday we took the girls for a nice walk (with several shady breaks as demanded by Josie), and hung out with them on the front porch and back patio (whichever was coolest - yesterday was HOT!) between errands and chores. Tessa even "helped" me pot some flowers, and with the help of their daddy they all sent me a sweet ecard. (I could tell their daddy had helped because the card had sailboats on it! LOL) I hope you and Tula and Princess P all enjoyed a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day as well!

  6. Beautiful. Melted heart over here - thank you so very much.

    1. You are so welcome, Ellie C - your expressions of gratitude always touch me! I'm glad you enjoyed this post. xoxo

  7. Awww - so true! What a wonderful post and tribute.

    1. Thank you, Fiona - and hugs from me to your sweet Oscar! :-)

  8. Wonderful post, TW. And your pups are lucky to have such a loving, caring Mom ;-). Makes me wish I was a lost, stray pup in your neighborhood, as long as "the girls" wouldn't beat me up too badly. xoxoxo

    1. Ah, thanks, Spudly! And you can bet that were you a lost, stray dog in our 'hood, we'd take you in and give you all the vegan dog food, belly rubs and fun walks you could stand. :-) And the girls wouldn't beat you up, as long as you a) weren't a little yappy dog (Tess has both a loathing and obsession with them) and b) you didn't try to be the Alpha. Our girls seem to have an egalitarian commune thing going - none of them ever acts like the Alpha (or the Omega, for that matter). They're all peacenik Betas, I guess! :-)

  9. Well said. I have nothing to add.

  10. This was truly a beautiful post and I really appreciate how much time it must have taken to put all the links in with all the photos which were just darling.

    I didn't have time to go to more than one link but as you might have guessed - I went to the mute swan link. I had no idea anyone was killing these beautiful animals and in MICHIGAN no less. So I signed the petition to put an end to it - it wasn't much but I did something just like you inspired me to do earlier today!

    I will come back tomorrow to look at more but I wanted to at least let you know I had been in. Also appreciated your comment back on last Friday's post.

    1. Thank you, Jo! And you're always so good about acknowledging the amount of time and effort that often goes into these posts, which is doubly impressive and appreciated since you're not a blogger! (Guess it's like my appreciation of all the time and effort - and money - that goes into quilts, despite not being a quilter!)

      This one did take quite a bit of time, but it was a labor of love. I had to sift through some very horrible search results while looking for informative, relatively gore-free web sites to link to about the plights of some of these animals, and the swans had some of the worst. Lots of outfitter and NRA hunting web sites going on about how "swans are the ultimate trophy" and how "bagging" swans give hunters the "ultimate bragging rights," crap like that. I didn't visit any of them and I sure wasn't going to link to any! I was very glad to find the HSUS site, especially since they offered something people could do along with raising awareness. (Ironically, it was thanks to some of those horrid web sites that I learned the HSUS was very much involved in the fight to stop the swan slaughter, and so I went to the HSUS web site and found the page I linked to.) Thank you for signing the petition! And yes, that went along perfectly with our "post-Happy" emails! :-) It does feel good to do something, doesn't it? Like Colleen Patrick-Goudreau often likes to remind us, "Don't do nothing because you can't do everything. Do something. Anything."

      I know this one has a lot of information on it and may take you several visits to explore more, but I really appreciate your doing that. And thanks for making time to stop by yesterday!

      Looking forward to our phone chat later today! :-) xoxo

  11. What a beautiful post! Appropriate for any time and every time - Not just "Mother's Day". Totally lovely. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Bea! And I couldn't agree more, it's definitely an appropriate message for every day of the year!


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