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Friday, September 27, 2013

SkyWatch Friday: September's Skies

I suppose it's obvious from my lack of posts and my outdated springtime blog header and background that my fickle Blogging Muse continues her lengthy sabbatical (no doubt on a lovely tropical beach where she spends her days drinking piña coladas while cruelly snickering about how lazy and useless I am without her). But at least several of September's skies inspired me to haul out the camera and so they, at least, have provided a collection of sky photos to share. (So take that, fickle Blogging Muse - and I hope you get sunburn and sand fleas!) ;-)

August's heat continued into the first part of September, bringing us some more dramatic thunderstorms, like this one on the 6th...

And even when the skies remained summertime-blue, they've contained some interesting clouds, like this tidy row of little puffer-clouds I spied one afternoon that made me think of the "..." at the end of an unfinished thought, like the sky was saying, "to be continued..."!)

And a while later, the row of dots had turned into these italicized exclamation points!...

Though I did take some photos of the beautiful Harvest Moon on the 19th, they didn't turn out as SkyWatch-worthy as I'd hoped. But I did like the look of these moonlit clouds in my Friday the 13th photo!...

And of course, I can almost always count on a splendid sunrise...

That same sunrise last Sunday also illuminated this peculiar cloud that was hovering over the elementary school to our west, looking like a fluffy pink spaceship preparing to land on the roof...

Even when your creative muse is on vacation, 
inspiration always awaits in the beautiful sky photos on display at...

Here's hoping you enjoy a wonderful weekend!

And now for a little personal update, beginning once again with my apologies to my friends and blog followers for my lack of blogging and visiting/commenting (and especially for not continuing my vacation posts as promised!) While I continue to lay most of the blame on my delinquent Muse, there are other factors. An old injury to my hip and back has been causing pain and discomfort since July. Unfortunately, sitting for more than 15-20 minutes is one of the things that really aggravates it, and working on those vacation posts requires many hours of sitting (I tried blogging while standing up, but that just moves the pain to my neck and shoulders! I need a much taller desk!) :-) I'd been unable to get a massage since June so I finally got one on Tuesday. But my regular massage therapist isn't trained in the trigger point therapy that I need, so I'm going to try one who is on Monday.  I also have an appointment with an orthopedic doc on the 21st, in hopes he'll confirm the pain is due to my old injury and not something worse, and that he'll order some beneficial physical therapy like he did so successfully for BW's shoulder. 

A happier factor in my lack of internet time lately has been the absolutely beautiful weather we've been enjoying once August's heat finally left us! Bike rides and long walks with the dogs (I go easy on the bike but walks are wonderfully therapeutic) have replaced blogging and other internet activities. I reckon the vacation posts will make a great project for winter ~ a season I'd like to think is still at least a month or two off, but there is snow in our forecast today! Our gorgeous weather gave way on Wednesday to rain and temps that were 20º cooler, but now today's high will only be in the 40's and the rain is mixing with snow. A half inch of accumulation is possible and we're under a Winter Weather Advisory with temps forecast to drop below freezing tonight. Which means we'll have to cover our herb garden if we're to have any hope of enjoying the fresh organic herbs we've been so spoiled with all summer! I took this photo of it on Tuesday before the rains came...

L-R: Italian and African basil, lavendar, mint, thyme, and rosemary, 
all guarded by a cheerful brigade of marigolds. :-) 

The basil, about half of which is outside the frame of this photo, is especially abundant, and there are also three pepper plants in there that yielded a total of 4 bitty peppers. It's been wonderful to just step out the kitchen door to pluck fresh herbs, or to enjoy the fragrance of the basil and lavender flowers wafting through the kitchen windows (along with the summery sound of the buzzing bees that love feeding on them), and we aren't ready to give that up yet. So wish us luck in our endeavors to help our herb garden stay alive through the snow and the freeze!

Speaking of stayin' alive, I hope you'll enjoy this very cleverly edited video as much as I did! I think it makes a fun way to launch the weekend! :-)


  1. so sorry about your physical pain and discomfort! i do hope it will improve.

    now, for your skies... gorgeous!!! those dots to exclamation points are AWESOME!!!

    1. Thank you, Tex ~ on both counts! :-)

      I must say, I've never seen clouds like those dots-to-exclamation-points before, and was happy to get to see, capture, and share them. And happy that you enjoyed them!

  2. Such beautiful skies by you, as always! I love how the puffer clouds turned into exclamation points and those storm clouds look very ominous! The sunrise is absolutely gorgeous. What a strange cloud that formed over the school, though! I agree that it does look like a spaceship. ha!

    I'm so sorry to hear about the pain you've been in. :( I know all too well how much that can affect many daily things. Hopefully you can be helped out with the upcoming massage and doc. So frustrating, though, I'm sure!

    We've been having gorgeous weather, too, and have tried to enjoy it as much as possible by taking long walks. I figure some things can wait for winter weather, which will come soon enough. Hopefully not as soon as by you, though. Snow?! That's just not right!

    I LOVE that video! So cleverly edited. I'm a big fan of dance and am always impressed by those who have the grace to do it, but I'm equally as impressed by how the entire video flows. Very cool!

    Oh, and to answer a quick question from your email, our scooters were Yamahas. :)

    I hope your pain is better soon and I'll write asap!

    1. Thank you, Molly! September's skies certainly provided some great photo ops!

      I know you can empathize with the pain thing. It can be distracting at best, debilitating at worst. I'm curious to see how my trigger point therapy goes. I'm expecting some extreme pain and then relief - probably won't be dozing off during THIS particular massage! My stretches help a lot, but they're not enough so I'm also hoping I'll learn a lot more things I can be doing through PT. And I really need to practice better body mechanics - that's what got me into trouble to begin with! (It'll be good to have mowing season finally come to an end as well - and we plan to get a snow thrower this year, both of us are sick of shoveling snow! Speaking of which, I got some photos of the mountains, freshly covered in snow, when we got back from our walk early this morning and will share them soon (maybe in next week's SkyWatch post! There's definitely snow at our old house in Big Horn, but all we got here was rain and a heavy frost. And though we lost a few basil branches, our herb garden is mostly unscathed thanks to covering it. Yay! Now we're in for more of the beautiful weather that is part of why this is my favorite time of year. Glad you're getting to enjoy the same, especially after the hot humid summers you endure.

      Thanks for watching the video! Isn't it great?! I am a supreme clutz, so I have nothing but admiration for graceful dancers too. Especially the women in their high heels! How do they do that?? And you're right about how beautifully that video flows - the editing is just unreal!

      Thanks for the answer to my question about your former scooters! We think those would be fun to have when we're living on Whidbey someday! :-)

  3. Love your skies. They bring balm to my soul this morning. Thank you.

    And I am so very sorry to hear that your body is giving you grief at the moment. I hope that the pain and the discomfort go to where they are welcome (go to hell is what springs to my childish mind).

    1. Thank you, Ellie C, that's gratifying to hear! And thank you for your good wishes, I'm definitely looking forward to feeling better much more of the time!

  4. Hi! Beautiful sky photo series. I hope you will recovery your health.

    1. Hi, Minoru! Thank you for your compliment and your kind hope for my pain issues, I appreciate them! Hope to get by your blog soon, I know I'm missing out on a lot of your wonderful photos!

  5. So sorry to hear about your hurting back. But long rides and walks in warm weather sounds fun.

    These shots are glorious - so full of drama and beauty.

    1. Thank you, Fiona - and those walks and bike rides are definitely wonderful and I'm glad to see a return to the warm (but not TOO warm) sunny weather arrive again so we can continue to take advantage of it. The snow and ice can just wait a bit longer!

      Glad you enjoyed my variety of sky photos - your own outdid yourself this week, that sky of yours was just incredible!

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you, G Earth Dancer! I appreciate your visit!

  7. Twaddles!! Welcome back to cyberspace ;-). As always, your skies were superb. I wish I could say ours have been full of beautiful clouds and such, but they've been nothing but blue and bright blue ;-). Glad you've had nice weather as well, for the most part anyway.
    As for your hip and back, I wish you well with good massages (if you can get them) and plenty of rest (hah!) and healing. I hope there's nothing more serious going on than some muscle straining. Take care of thyself!! xoxoxo

    1. Thanks, Spudly! My return is temporary before other things in my life take precedence again, but it's nice to be back even for a little while ~ especially with such warm welcomes as yours! :-) Glad you enjoyed my variety of skies, and to hear that yours have been blue and bright blue lately! Such a pretty time of year. And thanks for your well wishes, I pass the same along to Marsha. I think I need to find a good chiropractor and get those massages and that tall desk! LOL Sending you lots o'love!

  8. So glad the mood inspired you -- despite the wayward Muse. Beautiful set of images! Speedy recovery.

    1. Thank you, Stanley, I'm glad you enjoyed them! (That'll show my delinquent Muse). :-) And thank you for your well wishes!

  9. Hey that Rita Hayworth video was so CLEVER! I watched it twice as it was so entertaining. Now you had better get well so you can dance around like Rita. Great little herb patch! -- barbara

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I watched it twice as well, and will no doubt do so again. I'd have to get a lot better than well if I'm going to dance like Rita! (Makes me think of the old joke where the guy asks the surgeon if he'll be able to play the piano after the operation, is told yes, and says, "Good, because I've always wanted to be able to play the piano!") :-)

      This is probably the last day for our little herb patch. We're in for a 2-day winter storm that's supposed to dump 10-12" of heavy wet snow (though we're hoping most of it gets dumped in the higher elevations), and bring strong winds and temps in the 20's. No amount of covering them will save our herbs and flowers. And now the trees are threatened, since they're still all leafed out - heavy, wet snow will devastate them.

      By the way, are you in Utah now? My deranged Traffic Feed made it look like you're in Vancouver, which would be quite a detour! :-)

    2. Laloofah, Yes, I ended up in Vancouver, Washington, The owner of the cabin I was to rent in Utah got antsy about waiting for my house in KY to close and asked if he could just rent to someone else. What could I say? So my son said come to Vancouver and see if it fits your lifestyle. So I did -- using all my faculties to accomplish the trip out here. I think (?) this means that I will probably remain in the west for some time. Been here about a week -- have lots to discover. Go well -- barbara

    3. Well, it's a shame your closing was so frustrating and made such a big change of plans necessary, but no doubt it was meant to be! What a different bunch of experiences (not to mention scenery and weather) you'll be experiencing in Vancouver! Did you manage to arrive just in time for that big rain deluge? I'm betting you're going to really enjoy exploring that beautiful area!

  10. I love the little cloud puffs — most of the time we just have one big overcast sky. At least we're not having a snow storm. Yikes!

    So sorry to hear about your pain issues, and I hope you'll the news and help you were hoping for from the doctor. And help from the massage. At least you were able to enjoy the last burst of summer in spite of the pain.

    I loved the video! Honestly, I didn't know much about Rita Hayworth, but now I have a whole new appreciation of her talent. What a clever mix — I can't even imagine how long it took to make it.

    1. Hi, Andrea! I know, but you sure had your share of rain recently, didn't you?! The weather out west has gone berzerkers lately.

      Thank you, the trigger point massage, despite only being 30 minutes, was very helpful (very painful at times, but definitely therapeutic), so I'm looking forward to seeing what an hour will do! My next appt is the 17th. And I share your hopes that the doctor won't mess about, but will just send me on to PT, and that PT will also be therapeutic!

      I'm glad you watched and enjoyed the video! I know, I felt the same about Rita after watching that - especially since I didn't even know she could dance. Wasn't it fun? Definitely worth all the hours (I can't imagine how many either!) it must have taken to put it together.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, even though I've been unable (so far) to return the favor for so long! I do plan to rectify that, AND continue my vacation posts, but it won't be till after Jo leaves (and then I'll have this year's Quilt Show photos to deal with, too! Gonna be a lot of blogging going on this winter, so I REALLY hope the massages, doc and PT people can help me! And that they don't say, "And no matter what, don't sit at a computer.")


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