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Friday, November 8, 2013

SkyWatch Friday: The Mysterious Skies of Halloween

I know, I'm a week late with these. I've been working on quilt show posts instead of SkyWatch posts (those of you waiting for the quilt show finale, despair not - it'll be next, promise!)

Anyway, we had lovely weather the weekend before Halloween, and took advantage of it by taking the dogs on some wonderful walks around a new park area north of town, even enjoying a picnic lunch by the creek. Here are a few sky photos from our adventures…

Though admittedly not much of a sky photo, 
I wanted to share our pretty picnic spot by the sparkling creek 
(the picnic table is to the right out of the frame) :-)

What is Halloween without a leafless tree? 
The moon in the upper left helps set the mood as well. :-)

This piece of modern art is part of this inexplicable, mysterious "gate to nothingness"...

Someone went to a lot of trouble and expense to put up this front entrance!
Guess they must have depleted their funds and had nothing left for the house.

Appropriately, our lovely weather ended on Halloween, when rain, cold temps, and very gusty winds arrived along with the goblins and ghosties… and this rainbow! It barely lasted long enough for me to grab the camera and had already faded a lot by the time I snapped this, but since we never get rainbows at this time of year I was grateful to have captured the mysterious moment at all…

Though another Halloween is past, may you continue to enjoy hauntingly beautiful and bewitching skies! (And those of you in the Philippines, please stay safe!)


  1. What gorgeous shots - love those skies and that rainbow.

    1. Thank you, Fiona! I wish I could have gotten that rainbow photo 30 seconds sooner, the colors were so much brighter! I've never seen a rainbow fade so quickly.

  2. lovely series, especially with the way it leads from natural to the almost surreal red gate.

    1. Thank you, Dorothee ~ good observation! I hadn't noticed that myself, I was just posting them in the order in which I took them! What a lack of imagination I have today. :-)

  3. Nice series of images! I like the last one best of all-- while you may have lost a bit of the rainbow color, you certainly caught the beautiful sunlit foreground under the darkened sky. Well done!

  4. Love the "gate to nothingness."...kinda surreal. But the winner is.......the bare tree-moon combo. I love how you captured it. That takes a good eye ;-). xoxoxo

    1. Definitely surreal! Wish I knew the story behind it, but also love the mystery of it. :-) And thank you for your compliment! I'm glad you love the tree/moon combo, because I had to contort myself a bit to fit the moon into the photo! (No way was I NOT going to fit the moon into the photo!) :-)

  5. Love the sparkling creek. And the rainbow.
    I am wondering whether the house behind the gates to nothingness is in another dimension...

    1. I like your "another dimension" theory. Maybe that's it!

  6. Beautiful sky and rainbow shot! I like the photo of the bare tree, also!

  7. That gate is so interesting and modern. I wonder what the story is there! It looks like it was going to be the home of the future, but it never made it past the present.

    1. "It looks like it was going to be the home of the future, but it never made it past the present."
      GREAT line! :-)
      The gate just looks so out of place - this bright red avant garde thing looks pretty jarring sitting on the prairie like that! Made a great photo op, though, and it's fun to make up theoretical stories about it. :-) As we were driving away, BW wondered if it's made of metal or wood. Darned if I can tell! Next time we're out that way, I'll see if I can climb up and see.

  8. What a perfect spot for a picnic. So pretty! I had a dream about stopping for a picnic on a road trip last night. :)

    I noticed the moon in the corner of the tree photo right away. A perfect Halloween capture, although those storm clouds with the rainbow definitely take the cake in this post! WOW!! What a fantastical moment and perfect timing to boot.

    So strange about the gate to nowhere. That's definitely something I would be drawn to. I think it would be fun to park Ayla there for a while. :D

    1. It was really nice! I had taken several more photos of that area, but when I reduced their file size they didn't look good at all! First time that's happened.

      One Halloween several years ago I photographed a bee on our still-blooming Russian Sage at our place in Big Horn (it's in a archived post). That was certainly a first (and last, too - so far!), and this Halloween rainbow is another one for the record books! My timing wasn't quite perfect - I was about 30 seconds too late to capture its full color - but if I'd been just 15 seconds later, I wouldn't have captured it at all!

      You guys really need to get your butts out this way one of these days. :-) Lots of great spots to park Ayla and go exploring!!


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