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Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Bandwidth Exceeded," bah!

Please pardon the temporary ugliness foisted on my blog until my free Photobucket bandwidth allotment resets tomorrow. I don't know why this has become a problem in recent months, but my chief suspect is Pinterest. I've pinned a few of my pictures and posts there, but it's mostly others doing the pinning. I'm flattered, and I love to share that way, but it's a shame if it's sucking up so much of my bandwidth allotment! I just can't figure out what else would account for it. Guess I'll have to consider forking over some dough to keep my Photobucket bandwidth kitty full, because although I'm often a slacker with my blogging, I have no intention of quitting altogether! :-)

The images that are showing up are stored on Flickr. They are much more generous with their free bandwidth allotment, but are more time consuming to use for adding photos to my blog. Besides, no way am I going back and transferring all the images I've stored at Photobucket over the past seven years! (Yikes, I've been blogging for nearly seven years? That's alarming!)

So, if you happen to be stopping by for a visit, please pardon the mess. Pretend this is a roped-off section of the Louvre, temporarily closed for repairs. Or enjoy the rare, Zen-like minimalism of a blog post without photos, videos or graphics - you won't see that again here (at least until Photobucket cuts me off again as if they're a bartender and I'm some rowdy drunken lush! LOL)


  1. My blog photos are on picasa, and I never run out of storage. I also make the photos for the blog small, so they take up less storage space.

    1. Hi, Andrea! I started reducing my photos several months ago too (I'm a slow learner!), but storage on Photobucket has never been the problem - bandwidth is. And it never was before…

  2. You are welcome whenever you appear, whatever you are wearing, and regardless of the look of the day.

    1. PS: I see that you have recently read Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. What did you think? I am hoping that there is a sequel (or two).

    2. Aww, thanks Ellie Sue! I do try to have my blog looking its best for my follower friends, but it's nice to know you still love me even if it shows up in sweatpants with a brown bag over its head. :-)

      I enjoyed Miss Peregrine's very much! Such a uniquely inspired and creative book, I found it well written and engaging. The photos were so compelling! And there IS a sequel! "Hollow City" was just published in January, but I haven't gotten my mitts on it yet.

    3. Oooh. Book lust. More book lust.

    4. I just discovered that my library has it, so I'm excited (but have to finish the one I'm reading first - and maybe the other two the greedy book glutton in me MADE ME bring home from the library along with it! LOL)

      Have you ever seen Ransom Riggs' blog? He also makes videos. So far I've watched the Hollow City teaser and "Scar Beneath My Sleeve," which is beautiful, sad, and haunting. He's certainly very talented!

    5. Greedy book glutton's unite. My unread pile is a tower. Two towers if I am being truthful.
      So I won't, yet, go to Ransom Rigg's blog - but thank you for the link.

    6. Just wanted to pop into this conversation to say that I finished reading Hollow City last week and while (IMO, at least) it wasn't as good as the first, I did enjoy it quite a bit. I'm looking forward to the third in the series!

      For the sake of staying on the post's topic, I know the frustration that comes with these things. Blogger I found especially frustrating. I'll read anything you write, though! :)

    7. I'm looking forward to reading Hollow City too, even if you didn't find it as good as Miss Peregrine's (sequels so often aren't).

      Yes, Blogger can make me tear my hair out, and now PhotoBucket. I must remember to breathe through my nose. :-) Thank you for your compliment (and loyalty!) That made my day! :-)


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