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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quilt Show, Part 2

Yet more beautiful quilts on display at our local library's annual quilt exhibit! (Here's Part 1).

Click on any photo to see a larger version.

More mezzanine action, this time on the other side of the gallery...

See BW studying that blue quilt with a critical eye? :-)
Few husbands I know would contentedly gawk at quilts
while their wife took about 2,964 photos. He's a keeper!

Here's the blue friendship quilt up close (an elderly blind lady - recently deceased - who lived out in the willy-wags on BW's UPS route had made one of the blocks), along with a few of its neighbors. The quilt on the right with the bunny is "From My Garden Album," by artist and quilter Donna Weeden (who said she "actually used 21 bobbins in just the quilting." It sounds impressive but I don't know exactly why. Does the use of 21 bobbins impress any of you quilters?)...

I especially love the vivid "harlequin" quilt on the right (details below)...

Quilt on the right is "In Full Bloom"
Artist: Kathleen Mott, Quilter: Karen Van Houten
Machine pieced

Quilts weren't the only handiwork on display. There were a couple of cross-stitch samplers and a few knitted items, including these hexagon socks...

Another view of some of these by-now familiar quilts. To the right of "In Full Bloom" is a cute quilted dinosaur grow chart, a detail of which appears in the next photo...

According to the tag, the quilter made this for a Wyoming State Quilt Guild Challenge, which was to use three fabrics and a dinosaur theme. She was inspired to make this grow chart for her first grandson. Lucky kid! I love all the colors and textures in it...

"Dyno Grow Chart"
Artist and Quilter: Jennifer Golden
Machine Pieced

While I was impressed with all of them, and fell in love with several of them, it was actually pretty easy to pick my overall favorite quilt in the exhibit. This one!...

"Twelve Thousand Leagues Under the Sea"
Artist: Amanda Heyer, Quilter: Two Chicks Quilting
Machine Appliqué
The tag read: "Began using McKenna Ryan Patterns
and then decided to design my own.
Whales, puffer and jellyfish
were based on her patterns with my own touch.
Octopus and crabs were my own designs."

I love the orcas, the manatee, the jellies... I should have taken a photo of each quilt block! :-) But these are all of the ones I took, which I've linked to the much larger and clearer original photos so you can fully appreciate the amazing details...

The dolphin
There are tiny pearls at the center of each breath bubble,
little sparkles on the purple sea anemones
and a gold sequin at the center of the starfish.
I love the texture of the sand, and look at all that quilting!

I just love this little guy! And the colors, details & quilting!

The Sea Turtles
Notice the four seahorses in the upper right!

The Octopus and Seahorses
The octopus' tentacle suckers are all little pearls;
the flower(?) on the right has beads and sequins.
I love the seahorses, seagrass & the rock behind the octopus!

Soooo, which quilt (or quilts) did you like best?


  1. I feel like I have been ignoring you , I'm sorry, I've been so busy. I've been thinking about you, and feeling bad that I didn't reply to your last letter. Naught cyber buddy!
    The quilt show looks amazing!I would love to go to an event like that.

  2. That is one awesome quilt show! And actually it was a similar, if much, much smaller event, held in the spring of 2009 at our Vashon Library which got me into quilting. I saw several quilts which I could identify with, including an ocean themed one (not as cool as your Twelve Thousand Leagues Under the Sea quilt, which by the way is my favorite also, with the dinosaur grow chart as my second), and so I decided that maybe quilting was for me. I started on 4/15/2009 and as they say the rest is history! So thank heavens for libraries and library displays and thanks so much for taking the time to photograph it all. And yes, 21 bobbins is a lot, showing the size of the quilt. When I started quilting using a regular sewing machine, I'd change my bobbin every 5 minutes as that's how fast it ran out. But now, with my new quilting machine with extra large bobbins, I can do much more--I think my new bobbins are equivalent to 4+ of my regular bobbins and that is wonderful! And from the first set of quilts, I liked the Geisha best. I understand just how much it takes to make the more traditional quilts and I admire them greatly. However, my form is the more random, whimsical approach, and in fact my latest quilt was all dinosaur fabrics including a wonderful happy dinosaur flannel for the back, made for a newborn baby boy. And I'm now getting ready to start a frog quilt, among others. Have a great day!

  3. Jennifer ~ Oh no, don't feel bad! You should see my growing stack of unanswered emails! Ack! I know how busy this time of year can be, and imagine it's especially busy for an artist and wedding florist who runs her own business. I don't feel ignored at all, you're sweet to even think such a thing. :-)

    I'm glad you enjoyed the quilt exhibit! I'll bet you'll get to go to a quilt show someday, I can't imagine there aren't several in your part of the world.

    Daphne ~ Thanks for your fun comment! How fun that it was a local library quilt exhibit that inspired you to start quilting! I didn't know that, and it makes it even more appropriate that you're one of the friends I dedicated these posts to! :-)

    Thanks for the explanation about the # of bobbins. Now I wonder how large her bobbins are, but will assume they're the regular size. I can imagine that your larger machine and it's larger bobbins make life much easier for you.

    Nice to hear that "12,000 Leagues" is your favorite in this group too! Is it also your favorite overall? The Dyno Grow Chart was really fun as well, and your current dinosaur quilt sounds adorable. I think my other favorite in Part 2 is "In Full Bloom." I love the design and colors. And "Graceful Geisha" was definitely in my top 3 from Part 1, along with "Dizzy Geese" and "Forest Hollow."

    Have fun making your frog quilt! It sounds cute too. Joanne did a fun rainforest quilt for her daughter's rainforest-themed room a few years ago. Loved the colors in it!

  4. The In Full Bloom quilt is my favorite. Like you, I am a quilt enthusiast, but not a quilter per se. Two of my dearest possessions are quilts made by a friend of my mother-in-law's for the birth of my two children.
    They were one of the first things I unpacked when we moved to France a couple of years ago, and I remember distinctly sitting on the floor of my daughter's new bedroom with the quilts strewn over my lap overcome with a sense of optimism for the life that lay ahead in our new surroundings. All that from a patchwork of fabric and thread. Not bad!

  5. I love the bunny & sea one, but I think my favorite one is still the geisha. Once again, such beautiful quilts!

  6. As a quilter myself, I'm always happy to know people enjoy quilts on show. This was a most impressive show, a LOT of quilts in that library --what a wonderful bright spot this gray time of year! Thanks for two days worth of pictures and the many close ups. And congratulations to all the quilters who spent so much time making such beauty.

  7. I love those socks! They look like the kind that slouch around the ankle too, which I like as well.

    My fav quilts were the Forrest Hollow, and like you, the 12,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The puffer fish is so darn cute, and I love the turtles and the seahorses too!

    Thanks for showing us all the cool quilts!

  8. What a quilt show. Ya gotta be impressed with the skill involved there. The socks were very cool! Thanks for all the great pix.

  9. VeganVoilà (VV for short!) :-) ~ Awww, thank you for sharing your sweet memory of unpacking your kids' quilts when you moved to France! It's wonderful that they didn't just impart a sense of comfort, but a sense of optimism as well ~ always a good thing, especially when beginning a big new adventure, as you certainly were! Not bad from a patchwork of fabric and thread indeed. :-)

    And thanks for sharing which quilt was your favorite, too. In Full Bloom is such an eye-catching beauty!

    Molly ~ That geisha quilt was so different from most of the others, it was a real stand-out. And anything with beads on it usually wins me over right away. :-) In fact, besides choosing the pattern and fabric, I think choosing and adding little baubles like sequins, beads and charms would be my favorite steps in quilting! (And probably the only ones I'd be good at! LOL) I loved the geisha quilt's backstory, too. I'm glad you were so smitten with her!

    June ~ Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comment. I'm enjoying hearing the opinions of quilters on this! It is an impressive display of talent, beauty and generosity (allowing all your time and effort to hang in a public place for a month like that might not be the easiest thing to do!), and the library does a wonderful job. I hope the rest of the community enjoys it as much as I do (and you all did!) :-)

    Rose ~ Those socks had a lot of character, and do look like they'd be fun and snuggly to wear on cold winter nights!

    Isn't that pufferfish just the cutest? I linked to a web page with a photo of a real pufferfish so people could see just how well she captured that face. :-) It's fun that we shared the same two favorite quilts!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the quilt show, it was fun to share it. (I see things so differently now... the minute I saw this year's quilt display, my brain flashed "BLOG FODDER!" in neon lights. LOL)

    Spud ~ I know I'm impressed with all that talent for sure! I can't imagine anyone NOT being (though the local citizens who happened to show up in a few of my photos appeared oblivious to all that beauty and craftsmanship surrounding them! I'd like to think they'd already enjoyed the quilts all month and had homework deadlines to meet or something.) ;-)

    Another fan of the socks reports in! I'm glad, I had so many photos of the quilts to share I nearly didn't include that one, but loved how unique that hexagon pattern was.

    You're very welcome for the photos, it was my pleasure to share them and I appreciate your stopping by to look and leaving your comment! :-)

  10. So much to say!
    I already knew BW was a keeper - I've never even considered taking Jim to a quilt show - but then he doesn't drag me to a snowmobile show so we're good! Besides, even my friends who love quilts sometimes can't last as long as I do! (You are not one of them!)

    The "From my Garden" quilt is gorgeous and as Daphne has already commented, that's alot of bobbins. I've never used more than 4 in a quilt!

    In full bloom is my favorite of the ones you've taken closeups of. I still would love to see the one with the big star or flower I mentioned in the last post. Another that I don't think I saw in the other post but was in the mezzanine shot of this post was the pink strip quilt (right most quilt). I love verticle strip quilts. I don't think it was anything unique but they always call to me. It's my favorite setting.

    I lOVE the socks too! Glad you added that photo since you hadn't planned to. The lower right one is my favorite.

    Love the dyno grow chartand the quilting was very nice. As was the quilting in the 12000 legues under the sea. Since you like McKenna Ryan patterns so much, you should check out her web site and all her patterns - they are real eye candy.

    Kudo's to Amanda for doing her own thing with the patterns and that lovely quilting.

    Thanks again for your lovely post and the dedication to include me. I just wish I could have enjoyed the show with you!!

  11. Jo ~ Yes, he's a keeper and not just because he's happy to tag along with me to a quilt show. :-) I do have a feeling I'll have to reciprocate someday by going to a sailboat show, but I can think of worse things! I'm glad to hear I'm not one of your friends with limited quilt-gawking endurance. lol But to be fair, I've yet to attend a big quilt show with you! Still, I'd like to think I'd score well on the stamina-meter! I think it would be great fun, too, and hope we get to do that someday.

    Wow, if you've never used more than 4 bobbins in a quilt, then 21 bobbins really is impressive! Thanks to you and Daphne for explaining it to me.

    I have to confess that I really hadn't noticed that pink vertical striped quilt before you mentioned it, but now that I have I really like it too! As you may already know by now, I emailed you the original photos of your three favorites so you could see them better.

    I love all four socks, but I think my favorites are the citrus-y colored one in the upper left, and the one below it in the teal and blueish-purple. The patterns are from the book Think Outside the Sox, and though you don't knit I thought I'd link to it because I love the sock colors on the book's cover! :-)

    Thank you so much for sending McKenna's web site!! I haven't looked at everything on it yet, but I've sure enjoyed it so far! (Did you get my ecard? I hope that function works, because sending her quilts as ecards is too spiffy!) :-) Now that I've seen more of her patterns, it's almost impossible to pick a favorite. But if I had to, "In Full Bloom" would be it. So pretty and cheerful! And you know me and cottages and gardens! ("At Home in the Woods" is still right up there too. That woman sure has talent, and I enjoyed reading her story!)

    Yes, I thought Amanda did a great job! I loved her interpretation of McKenna's patterns.

    I wish you could have been at the show with us too! That would have been great fun (as well as educational!) :-)

  12. Laloofah -- My favorite handwork of the show was the knit hexagon socks. I sure would like to get a pair of those -- they are wild -- I love wild socks! Aside from the socks it was difficult to pick a quilt that I liked the best. At this time and moment I would say, "In Full Bloom" which I found very folksy/artsy with its wild play of colors.

  13. Barbara ~ I don't know if you knit (or have a friend or relative who does), but I linked to the book those hexagon sock patterns came from in my comment to Jo just above yours! Maybe you could end up with a custom pair! :-) I've always loved wild socks too. In high school, my friend Eric used to get me the wildest socks he could find every Christmas. Toe socks, glittery socks, socks in the brightest colors imaginable. It started when he noticed some funky socks I was wearing one day and teased me about them, and it became a game (or an obsession!) with him to get me wilder and wilder socks! Every wild sock loving woman should have a buddy like Eric. :-)

    "In the Garden" is a beauty, and that sure is a wild play of colors! You're taking a walk on the Wild Side tonight! :-)


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