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Friday, December 3, 2010

Yes, Virginia...

...I am giving away Santa Claus. (Four of them, actually!)

I've been decorating since yesterday, and there are a few decorations I just never seem to find a spot for anymore. No need to keep hanging on to them year after year, packed away in storage, especially since we're trying to downsize.

I painted these ceramic Santas a hundred years ago. Okay, maybe not quite... I honestly don't remember when I painted them. At least 20 years ago, when I seemed to have a lot more time on my hands! (Nah, I just spent it differently). Anyway, these Santas are a little too sentimental for the garage sale box, so I decided to try to find them a new home through my first-ever Giveaway.

Closeup of lantern-toting Santa & woodland Santa

Each Santa is about 3 1/2" high, hand painted in acrylic paint with an antique glaze and matte varnish. All four Santas will go to one winner.

Closeup of Santa with boy and girl
and Santa who walks softly and carries a big stick. ;-)

If you live in the US or Canada (unfortunately, cost precludes shipping these elsewhere) and would like to enter the giveaway, just leave a comment about your favorite December holiday movie, book, song or candle fragrance :-) along with a way to contact you. Leave as many comments as you'd like, only the first one will count as an entry. Even if your location renders you ineligible or you're not interested in the giveway, feel free to chime in with a comment anyway! I'll do a random drawing (good excuse to give a spin, or I may go low-tech and just write names on pieces of paper and draw them out of Tessa's Santa hat) at 6pm MST on Monday, Dec 6th so I can have them ready to mail on my weekly trip to town Wednesday.

You get a bonus entry if your name happens to be Virginia. :-)

And now here's a little Santa Claus humor to get your weekend going. Happy Friday and Happy Hannukah!


  1. Laloofah -- such charming figures to give away. I guess I really can't be considered for the drawing as I have so many memorable holidays etc. I wouldn't know where to start. -- barbara

  2. I would be an angry santa at a roof like that too! LOL

    What charming little old fashioned santas! It's neat that they're hand-painted by you!

    Ok, so here's my giveaway entry: favorite book (well sort of) A Child's Christmas in Wales by Dylan's really a poem, not a book...I'm sure you know it.

    And favorite music are old fashioned carols, like "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, etc...I'm not into all the santa clause coming to town favorite carol is "In the Bleak MidWinter", but also like to listen to Steeleye Span over the holidays too; it makes me feel cozy and old-fashioned-y.

  3. I just re-read my comment....I guess the it's safe to say the theme is "old-fashioned" I said a million times. lol

  4. Barbara ~ Oh no you don't, teasing us like that! Maybe you could use to help you choose your favorite holiday hoozit! :-)

    Rose ~ I know, as if Santa doesn't have enough problems. And just think how the reindeer must feel about it! ;-)

    I've heard of "A Child's Christmas in Wales," but am not sure I've ever read it. (I have a vague recollection of hearing it recited in recent years, though... I need to read it again).

    I'm the same, I like my holiday music "old school," except for a few contemporary songs that sound old. (Olde?) :-) I'm betting from the Steeleye Span sample you shared that we share some very similar tastes in holiday music!

    Speaking of holiday tunes, I tried to post a playlist, but Blogger must have had too much rum in its hot toddy because though I'd put the playlist gadget at the bottom of my blog, Blogger saw fit to put it at the very top beneath my header! That won't do, so I deleted it for now and might try again later. (Though probably no one's going to see it down there, and I thought it might be obnoxious to have it start playing automatically.)

    I like your old fashioned theme. :-)

  5. I saw the playlist, and I'm listening to it at the moment...I guess it's still there because I haven't refreshed my browser since I loaded your page.

    The playlist is working fine, and I didn't think it seemed odd at the top of the page. It didn't start automatically though.

    The Holy and the Ivy and Coventry Carol are two of my favorites too. It's a really nice playlist. I like the Mannheim Steamroller ones especially. And, yes I think we do have similar tastes in holiday music. I like the sound of the middle ages one. And I remember I used to have December long ago on a cassette! But, haven't seen it in years.

    Thanks for the music, I'm enjoying it. :)

  6. Awww, you know what, I had your page open on two tabs...the one with the playlist hadn't been refreshed, adn then I commented on the other tab, but when I went back to the tab with the playlist and clicked comments, it dissappeard.

    Oh well.

  7. Rose ~ Blogger has sobered up and I was able to get my playlist the size and location I was wanting. So for your listening pleasure, m'dear, it's back! (At the bottom of the page). I still thought having it start automatically might be a bit intrusive, so I left it a stick shift instead of auto. ;-) I'm glad you were enjoying it!

  8. I like The Christmas Song a lot. It almost makes me teary-eyed, depending on who is singing it. Except I hate that it says "turkey" in it, ha. And this is a little embarrassing to admit, I don't know why, but I just love this song by Alan Jackson called "Let it Be Christmas." OH, and "Carol of the Bells" if done properly.

  9. Jenny ~ I think we need to change that one line in the otherwise lovely The Christmas Song to "Everybody knows Tofurky and some mistletoe help to make the season bright..." :-)

    I admit that I have my own slightly embarrassing fondness for the song Buon Natale by Nat King Cole (that site can say it's Dean Martin singing it all they want, but it's clearly Nat ~ I grew up with the sounds of his Christmas album playing every December!) It's kind of a silly song, but it's just so darned infectiously happy! :-)

    And I know exactly what you mean by your Carol of the Bells caveat. I agree!

  10. I'm getting to this blog in the "Nick" of time!!!

    My favorite Christmas movie depends on my mood but if I have to pick just one, it'll be the one Jim and I watched on our wedding night (the 23 Dec one) - "A Christmas Carol" with George C. Scott. We had a suite with a fireplace and during a "break" we popped a huge bowl of popcorn and watched it - even though I know how it ends, I always cry. Close seconds are "It's a wonderful Life" and "The Santa Clause". I cry at "It's a wonderful Life" every time too. (MASH often makes me cry too so maybe that doesn't mean too much!)

    As for a song - there is no competition there - hands down for me is "O Holy Night" sung by a man. For some reason that's key for me for the perfect rendition. Close seconds are Silent Night and Away in a Manger which I sang to Melissa as lullabys year round. I started at Christmas but she kept wanting those songs year round since they were lullabys to her!

    And for the Holiday Book - my favorite kid's book is a story of Santa stopping at church to visit the baby Jesus. It's not my favorite story as much as my favorite image. The image of Santa kneeling and worshipping Jesus is magical to me. I have three of those images and the book on my Santa table!

    And speaking of my Santa table, I think one of these hand painted figures would be just lovely with my other Santas. So I'd love to be in your drawing! I was going to try to hint at which one I'd like if I win but I decided to rely on inspiration if I'm one of the lucky winners.

  11. Jo ~ ..."in the Nick of time" ~ ho ho ho, good one! :-D

    I wasn't going to reveal my own answers to the "favorites" question till after the drawing, but it's only a few hours away now and I can keep this one to myself no longer. "A Christmas Carol" with George C. Scott is my favorite holiday movie ever, bar none! I've even been known to watch it in July! :-) And I get weepy at the end too, every time. I choke up at the end of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" too, one of my other favorites, along with "The Ref", which cracks me up instead of making me cry. Totally irreverent and dysfunctional, it has some great lines ~ and always brings back many childhood memories. LOL

    Your line about crying at M*A*S*H cracked me up too!

    Lest I be tempted to spill more "favorites" beans, I'll jump to your last paragraph. First, I'm tickled you've entered the drawing, which is a winner-take-all, so feel free to reveal your favorite Santa - I'm curious! I'd guess the woodland one, because it goes best with Cranberry Lodge in the North Woods. :-) Of course, it could be the one with the two children, since that's how many you've got... or the one holding the lantern, just because he's so different. Hmmm... okay, do tell! It just better not be the one in blue, since he's the only one I didn't guess! LOL

  12. Wait, I can't believe I forgot to mention another of my all-time favorite movies, not just at Christmas but all year ~ Love, Actually! It probably didn't occur to me because I don't think of it as a Christmas movie like a do A Christmas Carol and The Grinch, but Christmas definitely plays a starring role in it, and I absolutely love it (actually!) :-)


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