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Monday, January 24, 2011

Marina Raye

My massage therapist, May, almost always plays the lush, beautiful recordings of Marina Raye while she performs her massage, reflexology and Reiki magic on me. The combination of her therapeutic techniques and the deeply relaxing sound of Marina's music is sheer bliss.

Marina, who was born in The Congo and has studied music since childhood, plays beautiful five-holed Native style flutes made by her husband, Charlie Oakwind. On some of her CDs her flute music is accompanied by nature sounds (doves, owls, whales, loons, songbirds, babbling streams), and on several other CDs she's accompanied beautifully by another musician, either on drums, cello, acoustic guitar, Peruvian harp or keyboard. And some of her CDs are just pure Marina and her soulful flute.

I've gathered a collection of seven of her CDs since learning of her from May and have exchanged some delightful emails with Marina in the process. She has a beautiful, gentle spirit that shines through her web site, her emails, and especially her music. She and Charlie are committed to bringing peace and compassion to others through their music, and also to living in gentle harmony with the land. (You can see and read about their labyrinth and stunning off-grid green home in the mountains of western North Carolina here).

You probably live too far away to get massages from May at Sacred Buffalo Massage ;-) but you can enjoy Marina's music easily enough. You can read descriptions and listen to sample tracks of all her CDs on her web site, and order online, via fax or by phone. She's offering a "buy two, get one free" deal, and through January 31st she's also offering free shipping (details and the coupon code are on her January newsletter). You can also purchase (or, like me, just longingly admire) Charlie's awesome flutes, which are works of art.

And here's another way to enjoy Marina's music ~ these two lovely videos are set to a couple of Marina's recordings. Enjoy, take deep, slow breaths, relax, and let any Monday stresses float far, far away...

A (Spiritual Journey) with Horses, featuring the song, "Playing on the Wind" from Marina's CD Blissful Journey ~

A Meditation with Horses, featuring Marina Raye's song "Deep Peace" from her CD Snow Falling on Silence (this CD is in my own collection, and is one of my absolute favorites) ~


  1. great videos, i especially liked the first one. you could tell the horses were in tune by the way their ears were pointing towards the people and their lips were relaxed! very pretty.

  2. Howdy Tex-
    This post makes me think you would, or May would, like the music of my dear friend Randy Armstrong. He was a founder of the group Doa'h which was kind of "ahead of it's time" in the 80's. Randy owns more than 250 instruments from all over the world, including some beautiful hand carved flutes.
    You might be interested in his music which you can check out at
    Hope you are warmer there in WY than we are here in ME. Doubt it tho.
    I did check out that other comparison. :)

  3. A good massage therapist is really worth her weight in gold! I couldn't manage without mine, for sure! And after last week when I really pushed myself packing up my living room I can't wait to see her on Wednesday to "fix" me after I was less than bright!

  4. Ahhh... those were quite relaxing! Just what I needed after an afternoon of ripping up carpeting, padding & staples. :)

    I can just imagine how wonderful you feel after seeing May!

  5. Love the horses! FYI, I tagged you on my latest post, hope you don't mind :)

  6. Marina's music is truly soothing and goes so nicely with beautiful horses: I'm relaxed.

    They sound like a really lovely couple. I love their house, esp the inside views.

    Thanks letting us know about Marina...and May, though might not make it in for a massage anytime soon. :)

  7. Marina's music is incredibly relaxing! It is perfect music for a massage. It invites you to close your eyes, slow down, and just breathe deep. Thank you for sharing it!

  8. Thanks for the intro to Marina's music. How lucky you are to be able to enjoy it while getting a perfect rejuvenating massage.

  9. DD ~ The first video is my favorite of the two as well, and I agree that the horses looked very mellow and content (as did the people!) Nice to see!

    Sue ~ Thanks for sharing the link to your friend Randy's web site. He sounds very talented and looks like he's made an interesting life for himself! I've only had a chance to check out a couple of song samples, but will listen to more when I have time.

    It is much warmer here right now, though snowy today ~ supposed to be in the mid-40's by Thursday. I'll try to push it your way!

    Daphne ~ Couldn't agree more about the value of a good massage therapist! May will more than earn her pay tomorrow after my closet-painting exploits! It's good to have someone who can fix us when we abuse ourselves, isn't it?

    Molly ~ Glad they were just what you needed! But boy did your description of how you spent your day give me flashbacks. We were just doing the same thing 6 months ago. I imagine you've started the laminate installation by today and hope it's going great! When you're done, Daphne and I suggest you see a really good massage therapist! :-)

  10. Georgia ~ Don't mind a bit! I'm honored, in fact, and think it will be fun to work on! Thanks for thinking of me!

    Rose ~ I agree. Some of Marina's music is so meditative that it almost puts me in a trance ("One Heart" is especially like that, perfect meditation music), and all of her music is so relaxing I sometimes fight to stay awake during my massages. I don't want to sleep and miss one second of such a wonderful experience!

    I can easily imagine curling up on that living room sofa with a mug of tea and a good book, especially on a cozy winter day. And I love her kitchen! Did you notice all the fresh fruit she has in the corner? :-) I also love their "Walk in Peace" carved rock.

    Well, you let me know if you make plans to come to my area and I'll get you in to see May. :-)

    Cadry ~ That's exactly what it invites you to do, and I love music that issues that kind of invitation! (I also enjoy music that invites me to dance, and have lots of both kinds!) :-) Marina's music is really popular with massage therapists, acupuncturists and Reiki practitioners, as well as with people who practice or teach meditation and yoga, and it's easy to see (or rather, hear) why! Her "Snow Falling on Silence" sounds very Asian to me, and I think will be perfect for playing during T'ai Chi. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and you're most welcome! :-)

    Andrea ~ My pleasure! And yes, I am lucky! I really need weekly massages due to multiple past neck and shoulder injuries that can still wreak havoc, so I'm grateful to have such a great massage therapist (with wonderful taste in music!) and the ability to afford weekly massages. May's prices are very reasonable and she's most generous with her time.

  11. Yes I did notice the fresh fruit! Funny you should mention that. I love to scrutinize people's kitchens.

  12. The music is beautiful, so relaxing. Love the comment you left on my blog about what the Buddha said to Pepper, lol!

  13. Rose ~ Me too! Does that make us voyeurs? :-) (I tend to be far less interested in other rooms, unless they have interesting decor or collections or something. But I do love to study people's kitchens!)

    Barbara ~ Thanks, I'm glad you think so! (This applies to both of your sentences. LOL) The Buddha and I felt compelled to provide a bit of clarification to Charlie this morning, given his interpretation of the Buddha's original counsel. (Poor Pepper!) "Nom... nom... nommmmmmm..." ;-)

  14. Ok, I hope your massage therapist worked as many wonders on you as mine did today on me! Paula did say that it would take a few sessions to get me back to where I was before I went crazy packing up stuff and pulling down ceilings, but I feel 1000% better!

  15. May did a great job on me today, to the whale songs, gentle ocean surf and lovely flute melodies of Marina's CD "Beauty Everywhere." Unfortunately, I did doze off during the foot reflexology part! It's just too relaxing, I couldn't help it. :-) I'm glad your massage has you feeling 100% again!

    I'm heading upstairs to do more icing, drink more water, and curl up with The Tao of Pooh and a scone! :-) I hope to feel good enough tomorrow to take the dogs on a a good long hike, since it's supposed to be sunny and maybe as warm as the low 50's (which is what it was in town today!) I never know how I'll feel the day after one of my massages, and she worked on me for nearly two hours today. Yikes!

  16. Two hours! Wow! And I love your choice of reading material--that is one of my very favorite books. Relax and Pooh will fix anything! Cheers!

  17. OMG, I can't believe I picked this blog for tonight!! I listened to some of her tracks from the web site and then I saw those gorgeous flutes and did very much enjoy your commentary. But it was the second video that was just so serendipidous! Over 5 minutes of the most beautiful peaceful music and a video of two horses doing NOTHING! Two nights ago - heck last night, I would have maybe listened to the music but I would have gone to another site to do SOMETHING! But no way would have watched this - they did NOTHING! I decided this was meant to be so I watched all five minutes and 19 seconds. I was like a lesson - like they were an example to me - they were so obviously happy. Sometimes I was thinking about what I would comment in your blog but I kept letting that go.

    Anyway, the timing was wonderful and this blog was meant to be written for me - tonight! Thanks!!! I'm glad others enjoyed it but this was so personally a gift to me!!!!

  18. Jo ~ Wow, I love the result of your choosing which post to visit based on which post you felt like visiting! Serendipitous for sure!! How fun that you were led to this particular post, and that particular video, tonight of all nights. I wonder if your subconscious remembered your hearing my Marina Raye music playing in the background while we were on the phone today, and nudged you toward this post! :-)

    I absolutely love what you wrote, have read it twice and am still grinning from ear to ear over it. :-) I'm so glad you felt inspired to watch the second video in its entirety and felt like it was a lesson "in being, not doing" from those two contented horses. Did you notice the "Directed by: The Moment" credit at the end? LOL - I just love that!

    Thank you, as always, for stopping by and for leaving such a delightful comment. I wonder if you'll dream of horses tonight? :-)


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