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Monday, November 21, 2011

Quilt Show 2011, Part 3

This will be the final batch of quilts, as my final post in this series will feature other fiber arts from the library exhibit. But for now... yet more quilts! :-)

Shared here with the artist's kind permission

This time we'll explore the quilts displayed on other side of the library's mezzanine...

Once again, let's look at some of them in detail, beginning with this one hanging on the back wall (it was blocked by a support post in the top photo, and deserves better star treatment than that!)...

Tree of Life
Technique: Hand Appliqué
Artist: Linda Hall
Quilted By: Linda Hall
"When I first saw this quilt kit in a needlework catalog in the late 60's, I knew I wanted it. I did not quilt at the time so did not buy it. Several years later, after I started quilting, I saw the kit on eBay. After several unsuccessful bids on the kits that were placed on eBay, I was fortunate to have the winning bid... almost a year after seeing the first kit listed. This is my first appliqué project using the needle turn technique.
It took 6 years to complete the appliqué, and I hand quilted it."

Here's another photo showing more detail (without so much of the display case in the way)...

I goofed on these next two photos by not recording the informative notecards that went with them. But I was able to get most of the information about them from Mary Jane Collins, one of the quilters, who works at the library's front desk. ..

Perkiomen Valleyl
Artist: Kaffe Fassett
Quilted By (L-R): Linda Cook, Jackie Waters, Mary Jane Collins
According to Mary Jane, this is a Split Nine Patch pattern,
which is from Kaffe Fassett's book, Quilts in the Sun

I'd failed to record the information on this gorgeous red quilt, but living in a small town can sure be handy. I was able to get the quilter's name from Mary Jane, and eventually called her (on her birthday, as it turned out!), and got the name of her quilt and the story behind it...

Ruby Red
Quilted By: Donna Weeden

I saved two more of my favorite quilts for last...

Polka Dots
Technique: Pieced and Hand Appliqué
Artist: Marge Hamilton
Quilted By: Laurie Sheeley
"A Piece O'Cake design.
My friends loaned me polka dot fabric."

LOL, I love that - her friends didn't give her the polka dot fabric, mind you, they loaned it to her. If I were one of those friends, I'd be demanding my fabric back - just as it is! ;-)

Some of that loaned fabric was mighty cute ~ take a look...

And here's another playful quilt, whose name and pattern I love...

Technique: Machine Pieced
Artist: Becky Stedtnitz
Quilted By: Becky Stedtnitz
"Another quilter with a lot of scraps.
I had to try a Kaleidoscope -
never put much of a dent in the scrap pile!"

(I thought some of you quilters might be able to relate to that!) ;-)

I had to take a closeup of this pretty "scrap" - it had tiny multi-colored rhinestones on it! AdventureJo can attest that I am a total sucker for glittery, sparkly fabrics...

Stay tuned for part 4, the final post of the quilt show featuring non-quilt fiber art exhibits! And just in case you missed the first two parts (or just want to view them again)...


  1. Oh, I LOVE Kaffe Fassett.
    But the Tree of Life is my favourite quilt.

  2. I like the polka dots one best! But that other one does really look like a kaleidoscope. They both would add such nice color to a room.

    Happy Thanksgiving Laurie...I hope you've been practising those pies... slurp!

  3. Thank you. Lots. Walking through the library with you admiring the quilts was a wonderful way to spend my afternoon.

    And libraries are among my favourite places even without the quilts.

  4. The painting is terrific and the quilts certainly confirm that some talented and gifted folks are making quilts.

    Where's Willow? :-)

  5. VioletSky ~ Sounds like you're familiar with Kaffe Fassett! Are you a quilter? I'd never heard of him till this.

    The Tree of Life is a seriously beautiful quilt indeed! I love those colors!

    Jamie ~ I agree, there's an abundance of both on display.

    Rose ~ I thought the Polka Dots and the Kaleidoscope ones were so playful and fun! What cheer, as well as bright colors, they must bring to the rooms they're in!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Rose! Two practice pies later I'll be making the "real thing" tomorrow. Still trying to perfect the crust - if I make it thick enough to hold together for slicing, it's too "doughy" and not crunchy except around the outer edges. If I keep it thin enough to be like a graham cracker crust, it's too thin and hard to slice. I'll try to strike a balance with my third pie, and maybe that will be the charm! :-)

    Ellie C ~ I'm really happy you came along with me, and that you enjoyed the afternoon among the books and quilts. Libraries (with and without quilts) are among my favorite places as well!

    veganelder ~ I'm glad you mentioned the painting! I think it's wonderful, and was so pleased when Diane said I could use it on this post. It goes so well among all the quilt show entries! So many gifted artists out there...

    LOL - it's an abomination, but Willow has yet to be invited inside the library! ;-) However, I had to return some books yesterday and took Willow along on my walk over. The book drop is right outside the glass entry doors, so I could see that Mary Jane (the quilter) was working at the front desk and I since I needed to tell her something, I hooked Willow's leash onto the book drop shelf brackets and stepped inside the door to talk to Mary Jane, where Willow could see me. She waited patiently, and every single person who passed her coming in or out of the library, stopped to pet her and tell her how beautiful and sweet she is! So she was feeling pretty good about herself when we left to come home! :-)

  6. I'm being naughty and skipping all the previous posts and going right to the quilt show. Sometimes anticipation is over-rated and you just want to jump right in!!!

    I'm not sure if you will have predicted or be completely surprised by my favorite quilt in this post but it was that gorgeous red quilt made by "name unknown". It struck me immediately in the first two photos and I was so hoping I'd get to see a closeup so many thanks for chosing that one as one of ones you featured.

    I love red and white quilts and usually they are mostly white with some red or 50% red and 50% white but this one is mostly red and I LOVE it! I love so many things about it. I love the unusual pattern and the placement of the color is amazingly well done. This was one I went back to and studied a fourth and fifth time. I'm keeping this one in my group of photos for quilts I'd like to make someday though I'm not sure I could do as well expecially with that center section. The same blocks are repeated but the color placement is different in each block creating secondary and tertiary patterns! I would love to do that center section with an applique border - wouldn't that be stunning?

    OK enough about that one but I wanted you to know it won my 5 thimble rating!

    Going back to the overall photos, I wanted to mention one that also caught my eye and I'll give it some mention although it's hard to know if it would live up to it in a close up. It's the yellow/brown pinwheel on a blue background that's only shown on the second photo down. I went back and peeked and it was also seen in photo 1 of part 1 and in photo 1 of part 2, where I can actually see that it's done in a diamond log cabin style. It's quite pretty and so I'll give it a shout out!

    The applique tree of life is pretty and the story makes it even more fun. Talk about tenacity and persistence. I'm glad she got it in the end. according to her timeline, she would have seen the kit 40 years ago and of course we don't know when she finished it but obviously it's a special quilt to her after all these years. That's wonderful.

    Kaffe Fasset is a wonderful designer and this is making me question my earlier definitions I e:mailed you about "artist" being "made by" because in this case, I'm thinking Kaffe didn't piece these quilts but he definitely designed them and so I'm thinking "quilted by" might mean "pieced and quilted by" which would make it confusing if the "made by" and "quilted by" were too different people. Bottom line, this is odd nomenclature and I'm not sure what they meant and I'm guessing the people who filled it out had different interpretations as well!

    The Kaffe quilts are all pretty but the red most one on the left is my favorite. Maybe I'm having a "red" day!!

    Polka Dots is really fun and I had a good laugh about the "loaned" fabric. I agree that I'd want my "loan" returned in situ!!! It's so much fun to shop for a quilt with a theme like that. I did much the same thing with striped fabric and can't wait to start putting that one together. I bought over 100 striped fabrics!

    I can totally attest to your gypsy love of sparkly fabric and leave it to you to look at a quilt with 1000 or so fabrics in it and hone in on the one tiny piece that had rhinestones in it! Too funny. I would likely have honed in on a pretty red fabric!

    I hate that the quilt show is already over until next year but at least I have fiber art to look forward to. All good quilt shows must come to an end and I much appreciate how many photos you included this year - it was wonderful.

  7. I like the painting you used at the top of the post! It's interesting how different the center pattern on the red quilt with the zigzags looks from a distance and up close. I think I like the kaleidoscope best, though I really prefer quieter colors.

  8. Kaffe Fassett was also an incredible knitter. You might be able to find one of his books at the library and I would highly recommend you try to get hold of one to see his creations. No, I don't quilt, or knit. I am an admirer from afar, so to speak.

  9. I want that Polka Dots one! Can it be any more perfect? Wow, just wow. Out of all three posts, that's the one I'd purchase if I could.

    The Tree of Life would make a cool full back tattoo. I've been thinking of something along those lines......

  10. Jo ~ You were being very naughty indeed, and just at the time of year when Santa is scrutinizing us closely and compiling his naughty & nice lists, too! And what is this? The person who won't even open her Christmas cards till Dec 25th because she loves the anticipation is now saying "anticipation is over-rated!"?! LOL

    I'm only kind of surprised that the red & white one is your favorite in this batch. I really didn't know which one might be your favorite, and the red one is very much your style (not to mention the color of cranberries!) ;-) There was another red & white one in the show, and it was like you describe most red quilts being - really more white than red. It shows up in the very first overview photo on Part 1, right in the middle of the photo with a big strip of sunlight across it. This quilt is much richer looking, and I vastly preferred it of the two. Since you're so smitten with this one and would like to do it someday (yes, I think the center section with an appliqué border would be stunning!), do you want me to contact Donna Weeden and ask her about the pattern or get her email address for you or anything? I'm sure she'd be thrilled by your interest and 5-thimble rating! :-)

    I have no real recollection of the pinwheel quilt. The ones hanging over the railing aren't easy to study up close (and can be tough to photograph (I had to take the photo of "Autumn Wind Storm" from the opposite end of the library, which is why it didn't look as clear as some others) so if they don't dazzle me from the start, I'm not likely to pay much attention. Now that you pointed it out though, it is pretty!

    Re: the whole "artist, etc" definitions, I must tell you that when I was first getting the missing info from Mary Jane about those Fasset quilts, I asked her how those credits were defined, and she had a nearly impossible time explaining it! I think even she's confused by their use. So don't expect me to figure it out! LOL

    Can't wait to see your striped quilt! Maybe someday I'll gather up a big batch of photos of YOUR quilts, and do an AdventureJo Quilt Show post! :-)

    Even if there had only been one rhinestone piece in the Kaleidoscope quilt, I'm sure I'd have zeroed in on it. :-) But there were actually several of those rhinestone scraps throughout the quilt. That was just the easiest one for me to get a closeup of (railing issues again!)

    I need to get Part 4 done and posted, but I have a thousand things going on this week, so doubt I'll get it squeezed in along with ABC Wednesday and SkyWatch Friday. But at least my tardiness makes the quilt show seem to last longer! :-)

  11. Andrea ~ I do too, and was excited to find it and thrilled she gave me permission to use it! I sent her this post once I published it, but don't know if she has come by to see it.

    It is interesting how some quilts have such a different look from a "big picture" perspective than they do close up. I liked the red and white one both ways! So are you saying you'd prefer fewer sparkly bits in your quieter-hued Kaleidoscope quilt? Because I want more in mine, so I'll take your castoffs. ;-)

    VioletSky ~ I'm the same, an admirer of this sort of art and craftsmanship from afar. Cross-stitching and rug-hooking are all I can do, and it's been so long since I did either, I'm not even sure I could do those now! I haven't checked the library (yet) for any Kaffe Fassett books, but your comment sent me on an internet search and I found his web site. Appears he's a painter as well! Sheesh, did he have to hog ALL the talents? :-) He's quite the artist!

    Molly ~ I love finding out what someone's overall favorite quilt was! The Polka Dots win, huh? Yeah, I can picture that one in your house (and Emma snuggling under it, lol) It was definitely the most fun one in the show, IMO, and I can't imagine seeing it on a bed or on a wall and not get a burst of happy bubbles every time.

    The Tree of Life would make a cool full back tattoo. And a painful one! (I can't help it, I will always cringe!) Remember the Geisha quilt from last year, whose pattern came from a tattoo pattern? I see no reason it can't work the other way around! :-)

  12. Oh boy! I'd LOVE to take you up on your offer to contact Donna Weeden for me. I would be happy to e:mail her myself or if she's more comfortable, just have her share the origin of the pattern with you to share with me. And by all means, let her know that I gave her quilt 5 thimbles!! It's just gorgeous and I'm sure she'd be as happy to know about it as I would be if it were my quilt.

    I think I see a future birthday idea forming. AdventureJo would love to see her quilts up in "lights" on Laloofah's blog someday!!!

    Anticipation is only over-rated on occasional days. It happens to me every once in a while that I want something and I want it now. It must be my two year old self coming out! LOL

    I'm glad to hear that Mary Jane is just as confused about those definitions in the show! Too funny. I bet they seemed clear as a bell at some point!!!

    Looking forward to Part 4 but also wanting to catch up a bit!


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