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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Come on in! (Part 1)

I'm sorry I've kept you standing outside of Dragonfly Cottage for so long. I'd fully intended to invite you all in on Christmas Eve, but the week before I was laid low by a vile and virulent virus. Or maybe it was a badass bacterium.

Whatever it was, I went to bed feeling just fine the night of the 16th only to wake up the morning of the 17th with a fever, sore throat, and the stuffiest head in human history. I went to bed that night around 6, unable to finish eating my supper, and slept straight through till nearly 6 the next morning. Since then, I've had some pretty good days and some wicked relapses, got over my sore throat and fever only to develop a cough and lose my voice (which has gone from squeaky to non-existant and back to squeaky), while the stuffiness comes and goes at will.

Meanwhile, BW was working dreadful hours for two weeks, during the most grueling UPS Christmas season we can remember, culminating in official "peak" last Thursday when he worked until 11:45pm! Fortunately and miraculously he didn't catch my bug (probably wasn't home long enough!), but with his horrid schedule everything fell to me: errands (often by bike and on foot, because flu or no flu I just love being able to do that!), laundry, cleaning, daily dog-walks, writing our Christmas cards, etc. And to add to our torment, earlier this month construction began on two nearby lots along with a big siding project on one neighbor's house and fence construction at another, so we've been surrounded by the noise and mess of bulldozers, backhoes, dump trucks, cranes, jackhammers (plus regular hammers) and swarming construction workers starting at 7 in the morning. So much for silents nights or peace on earth! Needless to say, we were both exhausted by Christmas weekend, I had no desire to blog (or do much of anything else), and at any rate I thought inviting you all in to a plague-infested home would be inelegant of me. :-) But now that I'm feeling better and want to make it up to you with a festival of photos, please come in at last to see some of the interior of Dragonfly Cottage!

click on any photo for a larger version

For anyone who hasn't seen the outside yet, and for the rest of you who want to see how it's looking for the holidays, here are some exterior shots I took early one morning in early December...

I even lugged the tripod across the footbridge to get this pre-dawn shot with the mostly-frozen creek in the foreground....

I took this one using the tripod too, from the walking path alongside the cottage, so you could peek inside the front porch and living room before coming inside...

So come on in to the front porch!

Unfortunately, though the porch is heated it's not insulated, it faces north, and those windows still have their original, wavy, single-pane glass (several of which are cracked), which looks cool but is actually frigid. As in: during cold weather we use the porch as a second fridge, keeping leftovers and beer out there.


We gave up trying to keep it warm and most of the time close it off from the living room. So it's not as inviting as it looks, but we've been having mild temps lately (40's and 50's), so you'll be fairly comfy as you linger here and take your boots and coats off before heading into the house!

Now come on in to the much cozier living room, with its 9' ceilings, gas fireplace and fir floors...

That's our new hobbit-sized sofa and coffee table,
since our old originals were too big for this snug room.

Here's a post-Christmas version of the same area, this time starring a long string of beautiful paper hearts that gently spin in the house's air currents ~ a sweet gift from Barbara...

Today is warmer but raining and windy, so I lit a fire for you (though unfortunately the flames never seem to show up in my photos!) We love to ask each other, "Want me to build a fire?" and then smugly flip the wall switch. That instant and effortless "woosh" of the gas fireplace, a novelty for us, is so satisfying!

BW and I have a power struggle going on over the big recessed window ledge. He's wanted to get a cushion made for it so we can use it as a window seat, while I prefer to use it to display things I otherwise have no space for. Clearly, I won this round with our 3' Christmas tree I've had since I was a little girl...

This is a crafty little corner of the room, with the star pillow and Santas quilt both made by my friend Jo (whom you know as AdventureJo in the comments), and the very first cross stitch I ever did, displayed above the window...

Just to the right of the bookcases and fireplace and around the corner to the left is the master bedroom. At 12' x 12' it's quite a bit smaller than our former one, so while our queen sleigh bed fits fine, we had to buy two tiny nightstands. My great-grandmother's quilt is perfect on the wall behind it!

The French doors (I love French doors!) lead to the other, smaller half of the front sunporch, divided from the one off the living room by a wall with a high transom window. This has become "the Pooch Porch," and it's where the girls sleep at night or hang out in bad weather (we keep the French doors open and the heater vent open it so it stays far more comfortable than the other porch)...

You can just make out my little faerie hanging crookedly on the right side of the French doors in the photo above. Poor thing had her foot caught between the door and the frame! So I freed her foot and made it up to her by taking this closeup...

A gift several years ago from AdventureJo's daughter Michelle,
I just love her!

Of course the girls all insisted on their own closeup too, though they snoozed right through it when their big moment arrived! At least it's a good demo of the Pooch Porch in use...

I love that Tess and Josie are sharing the corner bed.
That, for whatever reason, is the most popular spot,
so they race each other to be the first to snag it!

I love the soothing color of the bedroom walls (Sherwin Williams "Rainwashed"). The Italian glass lamp on the dresser is special enough it will be getting a closeup and post of its own one day...

I thought the floors also deserved their own closeup. They're very creaky and uneven (the charms of a 92-year old house), and bitchly to keep clean. They show everything and thoroughly cleaning them is a time-consuming, three-step process involving this, then this, and finally this, but they sure are pretty!

Just a couple steps down the hallway from the master bedroom is the main bathroom...

With no medicine cabinets and barely any linen storage,
we bought the piece of furniture to the left of the vanity.
It not only stores towels, cleaning supplies and toiletries,
but also provides a nice display area for my geese.
And since we live on Big Goose Creek,
geese definitely deserve some cottage space! :-)

The shower curtain was a new purchase too, and I really like it despite its lack of geese. ;-)

Let's take a break and enjoy some wonderful orange tea (a lovely Christmas gift from Rose), and next time we'll finish our tour with the office, kitchen and dining area. But before that I'll regale you with the amusing story of my holiday baking blunder (actually an impressive series of blunders), and a few other little catching-up tidbits!

Meanwhile, enjoy these final days of 2012 and stay well!


  1. Your cottage is so warm and homey, it looks like you've always lived there. I love it. I know what you mean about the floors being hard to keep clean. Ours are dark stained fir and every speck of dust becomes magnified. No matter how often I vacuum, sweep and swipe, they never look clean for very long. And with a small house, the dust seems more concentrated. I really like the quilt hanging on the wall behind your bed, and think I will have to hunt down a similar quilt in the Wis. house and bring it back to hang. Do you have much closet space for clothes? We don't. BTW, what's your definition of hobbit-sized?

  2. Your cottage looks so cozy and pretty, both outside and in!

    Your sitting room is lovely! I love high ceilings and deep set windows. I think I'd be on BW's side about the window seat though. :P Although all the Christmas decorations do look especially charming there...and with snow outside to boot! Very Christmassy.

    It looks like you've settled in nicely. I feel for you with the nearby construction though :( boo-hiss! I have very tolerance for noise pollution like that. I hope they'll be done soon! And, I hope you're all better now!

    Barbara's heart gift is very pretty and charming! I like the sun/moon decoration on your front porch too!

  3. Such an inviting space for man and beast. Given how recently you moved in, AND the fact that you have been battling a lurgy I am so impressed at how cosy (and tidy) it all is. Thank you for sharing this space with us. I loved it.

  4. TW! Very homey home ;-). CG & I have been waiting patiently, and at loooong last, our patience has been rewarded ;-). Your place has a true "cottage" look, and you've decorated it very nicely. We'll be looking forward to more pics when you get to feling better. Between the terrible virus you had and BW's work load, I don't know how you got anything done! Got your "thank you" card today and as you know, you're most welcome ;-)....glad you enjoy it! xoxoxo

  5. This looks like exactly what Mike and I want some day. It's perfect! Don't you just love the convenience of a gas fireplace? No chimney to sweep or soot to deal with. We adore ours (as do all of the girls except for Rowan).

    I'm glad you're feeling better from that wicked illness. It sounds awful!

    Oh, and the girls all sleeping, snuggled up like that makes my heart all melty. <3

  6. Andrea ~ Thank you, Andrea! In some ways it feels like we've always lived here, I think because it matches our tastes and our belongings so well. In other ways it doesn't feel like we've lived here long at all, as I still can't seem to remember which kitchen cupboard or drawer I keep things in, and still make a wrong turn in the hallway and head to the bedroom when I meant to go to the office and vice versa. I mean, there are only two such rooms in this tiny house, so how absurd is that?! LOL

    I am SO GLAD to hear this floor situation isn't just us! I was beginning to fear we were particularly pestilent or something! My experience is exactly as you describe. I'll have just vacuumed the floors and suddenly there will be dog hair - not individual hairs, mind you (well, those too), but WADS of dog hair, in rooms they never even go near! I think the central blown-air heat is responsible for a lot of that, but we had multiple dogs, dark hardwood floors and central air heat in our place in TX, and I don't remember having this problem there. But it was a bigger house, so you're right about the dust and dirt being more concentrated in a tiny house. I thought a small house would be easy-peasy to keep clean. Wrong-o!

    Definitely glom onto your quilt on your next trip to WI and enjoy it in your cottage there! It's such a fun touch, I really love having it in the bedroom. I do love these tall ceilings - are yours tall too?

    We don't have much closet space, no. But we really don't have that many clothes (BW's uniforms comprise the bulk of his wardrobe, and without them we'd be just fine), and we've stolen some space from the office closet. The bedroom closet is maybe 2/3 as wide as the one we left behind, but about half of my side of it and 1/4 of BW's side are virtually inaccessible because the doors are quite a bit narrower than the closet! If the doors were wider and we had closet organizers like in the last house, we'd be in great shape. I watch those HGTV house hunter shows where women walk into cavernous walk-in closets and announce that it MIGHT hold their SHOES, and I just think ohfortheloveofgod. LOL

    My definition of hobbit-sized might include large-ish Hobbits. :-) We bought the second-smallest sofa we could find (didn't care for the smallest, which was only 3" shorter), and it fits nicely with room for a floor lamp and my basket of VegNews magazines on one side and a side table on the other. It's a good 8-10" shorter than our old sofas, so it felt a bit scrunchy at first, but now we're used to it. Our coffee table is 23" by 38", which is a LOT smaller than our old one and by far the smallest we found anywhere. I love it - we discovered after it had been delivered that it's on wheels! Makes it easier to clean that damned dusty floor beneath it! ;-)

  7. Rose ~ Thanks, Rose, I'm glad you like it! I love that living room/sitting room (we often call it the parlor!), and these high ceilings make the house seem bigger than it is. The deep set window is fun, but I think I'll keep your BW-favoring opinion to myself. ;-) I did luck out with that fresh snowfall on the day I took most of these photos. (It's been so ridiculously warm lately that it's all green grass, mud and slush now! Looks and feels like late April out there!)

    I have a very low tolerance for noise pollution like that too. Add to it our neighbor's very loud barking dog (who barks directly toward the back of our house and sounds like he's right in here with me) and the shrieking kids on the park playground, and there are times when I feel like my head will explode. But other times it's very peaceful here - or was, till all this construction mayhem started!

    I thought Barbara's gift looked like something you'd really like! We need to take a field trip to the shop in England where she got it and pick up more! :-) I bought that sun/moon decoration for our sunroom at the old house when we were sprucing it up for selling and thought the sunporch was a perfect spot for it here. Thanks for noticing it!

  8. Ellie C ~ I can guess from the context what a "lurgy" might be, but I must admit I've never heard that term before! Sounds, however, exactly like what I've been battling (and what's been stuffing my stuffy head! LOL) It's usually cozy, but it's not always tidy. Though goodness knows we try! The office and the dining area table seem to attract the most clutter. Not surprising since the office is a busy catch-all room, and we pass the kitchen table as we come in the back door, so - like all kitchen tables or kitchen counters - it's where mail, mittens, purses, TracFones, etc get tossed! Makes me crazy. And it was totally out of control when I had all my Christmas card supplies on it, along with my boxes of facial tissue, bag of throat lozenges and bottle of Vick's Vaporub! :-) I'm glad you enjoyed the tour so far, thank you for stopping by for a visit!

    Spud ~ You and CG have indeed been very patient, and so has everyone else. I've been dreadful, but thanks for understanding why! I'm not sure how I got anything done either. It helped that I'd done all my decorating at the beginning of the month. I'd had great baking intentions, but didn't manage that at all (well, except for the debacle I'll be sharing soon), but who would want to eat baked goods from Typhoid Mary's kitchen anyway? LOL

    I'm glad you got your thank you note today - your beautiful gift to me will be making an appearance in my next post. :-)

    Molly ~ Well, it's not exactly perfect, but it's sure a great experience in downsizing and living small! Ironically, we think the size of your house would be just about perfect! Wanna trade? :-) One of the things that makes this house feel cozy but that often drives me crazy is how dark it is inside. There are only two rooms that get a lot of natural light, and one is the office (where I don't WANT all that light!) and the other is the dining area where I don't need it. The kitchen, living room and bedroom are CAVES! I don't mind it in the bedroom and living room so much, but it makes me nuts that even in the middle of the sunniest days, I've had to turn the kitchen lights on to see what I'm doing. Even back in early September when we first moved here. I miss all my wonderful sunlight, and think a tiny house especially needs plenty of natural light.

    Yes, we've become HUGE fans of a gas fireplace!! I had no idea they were so wonderful - don't miss the mess or the chores of firewood and pellets at all. (Rowan is funny, she'd rather be out playing in the snow than curled up by the fire, eh?) I haven't been won over by the dishwasher yet, but the gas fireplace has me spoiled. :-)

    We're really happy that the girls love their Pooch Porch so much! It's pretty good sized (11' x 7.5') and we used to spread their beds out, but they love to squish up in that one corner all the time, so that's where we put the beds now. Funny girls!

  9. MAKE WAY!!!! I'm moving in!!
    Hardwood floors ...we have reclaimed absolute bitch to keep clean, but visitors coo over them so the planks grin at me, wink, and say "we are loved, you are just lazy and mean".
    Hubby and I call French doors "Oh, Daphne" doors. I imagine some posh English person (perhaps a relative of mine?!) flinging open the doors on a summers afternoon and declaring (cuz posh people don't just 'say')...."Oh Daphne....a game of tennis before Pimms?"
    I know ....I need to get out more.
    Jane x

  10. Sooo pretty Laurie and I love the way you decorated it for Christmas, lurgy or no lurgy. Am really glad the hearts look so at home there.
    I became unhealthily envious when I saw the built in book cases beside the fire - want! I'll also swap you your floors with our carpets (the previous owner chose beige for the living room... seriously, beige? She had a child and I have four cats!).

    Oh what a pain about the construction etc - I have a low tolerance for noise as well. Screaming children get to me more than barking dogs though - there's a baby that visits next door sometimes and we call it 'the squealer'.

    How great that the girls are all curled up together - I can just see Pepper fitting in nicely between them :O) She would of course have already claimed the best spot for herself (after ripping the paper hearts from the lamp on the way)!

    I love the quilts and the fact that you have french doors in your bedroom. We have them in the living room and the cats enjoy smearing their little noses on them - bless...

    I don't know what to say about that window seat idea... what about removable cushions so you can reclaim it for decorating purposes? I also want that sofa, so if you could get BW to drop it off sometime I'd be most grateful ;O)

  11. like other said - so warm and inviting! I wanna stay awhile :) Love the critters too !

  12. Lovely! I'd not put a cushion in the deep window, it looks nice as a shelf for decorations.

  13. Lovely early 1900s bungalow. The front porch windows make the house a home. I can tell there has been some nice updating in the bath. You have great pieces of furniture that look wonderful in this old house. Like your Hobbit size couch. Gosh, I like everything about your home!!! -- barbara

  14. Interesting that in your comments you mention how dark your house is inside - I would have thought it would be nice and bright with windows in every room and not too many trees so close to the house.
    I am in an apartment and am always envious of people with windows in their washroom! Love the idea of a hutch or dresser in there. Storage is always a problems in those older homes!
    Oh, and the feet of your sleigh bed - sublime!

  15. I would like you to bring this this and then this over to my house and do my oak HW floor. Geez Louise you could call Better Homes and Gardens the way you keep house.
    Being (unfortunately) in "the biz" I've been able to get a good sense of your home through this tour. Obviously the pooches are living in luxury too.
    Aside from the neighboring work going on, seems like this move was perfect for you and BW. When I read of all the construction stuff it reminded me of some recent excavating and decking and other projects you did at your house. Maybe the neighborhood is trying to make you feel more "at home".
    Excited for you in this new adventure. No need to tell you to enjoy's clear you already are.
    A belated Merry Christmas and wish for a wonderful 2012 my friend. Hope that nasty bacteria bug has flown the coop for good.

  16. Jane ~ Okay, but wait till we get an addition put on so you'll have a place to sleep! :-) I love reclaimed wood floors, and you even have TALKING reclaimed wood floors! Wow. I'd tell them that if they're intelligent enough to hurl insults, then they're perfectly capable of cleaning themselves. ;-)

    You're on a roll, girl! Your description of your talking floors cracked me up, and then you moved on to Oh, Daphne doors! ROTFL That's it, we've now declared (does that mean we're posh?) that henceforth, French doors shall be known as Oh, Daphne doors in our family too. (Do we owe you any royalties for that?)

    Barbara (UK) ~ Thank you, Barbara! And your hearts do indeed seem tailor-made for that living room! No way am I taking them down, not even after Valentine's Day. They make me smile!

    Nah, no deal. I don't want to trade for carpets. I just wish the floors didn't show every blessed dust particle and dog hair!

    The noise is especially hard to take because we were told it would be so quiet and peaceful here during the winter! Guh-huh. I miss my good windows at the old house that blocked out most noise. These windows are cheapo vinyl ones, and at least a couple were poorly installed, at that. So the sounds of shrieking kids, barking dogs (and Hombre, the dog behind us that barks at every living thing, is LOUD), construction equipment and teenagers hot-rodding through the park come right into the house. Sadly, though, we can only hear the lovely sound of the creek sometimes, and only from the front porches.

    As for the tolerability of screaming kids vs barking dogs, it depends on the scream and the bark. Hombre is hard to take because of his volume, and he does this rhythmic barking that's crazy-making. Instead of a volley of bark-bark-bark, it's several minutes of BARK! (pause) BARK! (pause) BARK! (pause), and those pauses are often filled in by Gracie, his little Westie sibling. So it's BARK! yap! BARK! yap! BARK! yap! all the livelong day till I run screaming from the house! I'm the neighborhood crazy lady, made crazier by the fact that we were impressed and grateful at how QUIET Hombre and Gracie were the whole time we were moving in. But once we started living here, BARK! yap! BARK! yap! BARK! yap! ARGH! And as for the kids, it's those little-girl shrieks that grind my gears. I swear there are parents that drop off their 4-8 year old girls at the playground with an "Okay, precious, shriek at the top of your lungs to see which one of you is the loudest, and we'll be back in an hour to get you!" Grrrr....

    Tell Pepper that ripping down my hearts would lose her any Pooch Porch snuggling privileges! (My wonderful Pepper would NEVER rip down my hearts, you must have her confused with Charlie!) ;-)

    Your window seat compromise idea is a noble one, the only problem with it is that we can find no cushion(s) that come anywhere close to fitting, and getting a custom one would cost about $300-$400. Not gonna happen, especially for a rental house whose future as a purchase is in serious doubt. Besides, it's not like we entertain hordes of guests - our current seating capacity seems quite adequate. :-) BW says that while we're both deeply gratified that you covet our sofa (which is very comfy, btw), he does not deliver anything in excess of 150lbs nor outside the Sheridan area. Nice try, though! ;-)

  17. Jill ~ Well, you're more than welcome to stay as long as you'd like! And the critters agree. :-)

    Jeannelle ~ Thank you! I will definitely share your vote with my husband. ;-)

    Barbara (KY) ~ It is ~ 1920, to be exact. We're pretty sure that the original house had a big covered front porch, but that very early on someone glassed it in. Those are definitely old casement windows with old glass. The owner/landlord/seller/developer had some remodeling done (including updating the baths and kitchen, and reconfiguring some of the rooms) and had a small addition put on (the dining area and 2nd bedroom that we use as our office). Unfortunately, he didn't do any of the unglamorous but necessary (and expensive) structural work it needs, which we'd be faced with if we bought it. But it does look pretty, and I agree that our furnishings and decor really go well in this house. I'm so pleased you like the home we've created here!

  18. VioletSky ~ I know, we think that too and are baffled why it's so dark! It does have trees on the west side (some of which have lost their leaves, but the ones outside the kitchen window are junipers), but we should still get more light through the kitchen windows than we do. When we talk about things we'd want to do to this place, one is replacing those windows with much taller ones in a box bay. The house has some pretty deep eaves, but no deeper than our previous house. The front porches and covered back porch seem to keep a lot of light from entering the house, but why we don't get good morning light through our east-facing and completely unblocked bedroom window is the biggest mystery of all. It was nice when it was cool and dark during hot weather, but I really miss the solar gain we got in our old house, which was often enough to heat the entire upstairs even on bitterly cold days.

    We do have a windowless half bath in the middle of the house, so I can relate to a lack of washroom windows. I'm glad you love the idea of that dresser/hutch piece in the bedroom, because I was looking for something else entirely when I spied that on sale and really liked it. That big bottom drawer is actually a lateral file! That is the most versatile piece of furniture I've ever owned. It could literally be useful (and pretty) in any room of a house. And I'm glad you like our sleigh bed! We ordered it long ago directly from a furniture company in NC that I've forgotten the name of and wish I could remember, because they had really lovely furniture. I can't even remember how we found out about them or how we knew what to order! But we've been very pleased with the bed and its matching dresser.

  19. Sue ~ Well thanks, but believe me - I don't always keep it that immaculate! The floors are too time-consuming to clean, only to have 12 wet/muddy paws track in moments later! But I do my best. I'd be curious to hear what you think if you were to actually tour the place in person, when you can see more of its liabilities. It's a very cute house in a great location, we're just afraid its price tag, combined with the cost of what we'd need and want to do to it, its lack of storage and its smallness, plus the fact that the new houses here are being built so close together that you can reach out the window of one and touch the wall of another, is going to limit its appeal to future buyers and our ability to recoup our investment. BW is retiring in 2016 and we think we'd like to relocate, so resale and protecting our capital are key. Our broker figures that the houses in this neighborhood would appeal to only 9% of buyers here.

    I'm trying to remember what you're remembering about construction/excavating at our old house! Our deck was built in the early 1990s, and the only dirt work we did was adding some positive drainage behind the garage to stop seepage in the basement (which this place also needs, along with gutters!) After the fire in '07, we had to have our old shop building demolished and a new one built, but that was the only construction we did in recent years. So if all this construction is supposed to make me feel at home, it ain't workin'. :-)

    What we love best about this place is being able to walk and ride bikes to almost everything. Last night around 9pm, for example, we took the dogs and walked down Main Street, really noticing the historic architecture and especially the upper floors on many of the buildings. It's a shame people aren't using them as renovated loft space, and we got to fantasizing about how fun it would be to live in one. I've learned three valuable things from my experience living here: one is that I really can live pretty comfortably in a small space (and the dogs can be very happy on a small lot), I love the convenience of living in town far more than I ever expected to, and I really value (and miss) my privacy. This house is a VERY public place, front, back and sides. I can't go out to my car or out to get the mail without being accosted, and I'm not always in the mood for that. (As you can probably tell from my use of the word "accosted!") :-) So while we haven't ruled out buying this place, we're looking for a place that might fulfill those needs and wants, along with some others. We'll see, it's a bleak time of year for new listings and we're feeling pressure from our landlord to decide if we want this place or not so he can list it before our lease is up (NOT cool!)

    Belated Merry Christmas and a timely Happy New Year to you too, Sue! I hope 2012 brings us positive changes and happy events! :-)

  20. No, royalties are not owing...but while you are rolling on the floor you may as well pick up a few dust bunnies!!
    Jane x

  21. Jane ~ I wish they were only dust bunnies, but am afraid they're more like dust wooly mammoths! And what IS their strange attraction to the area under the bed?! I'm down on my hands and knees every morning, vacuuming up great swarming herds of the evil beasts!

    Happy New Year!

  22. That may just be the most perfect cottage on earth - how lucky are you.

  23. I was scrolling down and stopped at the invitation to come into Dragonfly Cottage - I couldn't wait and I was NOT dissappointed. You have done a wonderful job decorating it and it's so CLEAN!!

    Your exterior shots "sous" tripod were excellent. What a lovely glow the house has. I'm really impressed.

    Nice to see the "winter classics" on the front porch. I have a case of that in my basements as well. Loving it!! My favorite name is Old Fessiwig Ale but that winter lager is good too even thought the name isn't anything to write home about!

    I love the old sewing maching on the porch. It's just the old case right?

    I love your new couch and coffee table. They are a prefect fit and the couch is a pretty color.

    I'd forgotten about the shelves in the living room. That's such a nice feature for that room. I think with a couch and chair in ther the window seat would be redundant - hope you keep your display shelf. Unless you're planning on hosting 5 or 6 people for a visit!

    Thanks for the mention on the pillow and santa quilt. I'm always so proud to see them have pride of place.

    I LOVE your great-grandmother's quilt and am always delighted to see it and also the yo-yo quilt that I was just asking about recently.

    I think it's too funny that the girls have a favorite pillow! They really are just like kids!

    The master bath is really pretty. That piece of furniture you got for it is perfect.

    I wish I had time to go on more. I'll just sum it up as GORGEOUS!!

    Since I'm the last person on this comment stream, it probably won't be noticed by anyone buy you but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!

  24. Jamie ~ That's very nice of you to say, and I'm glad you like it so much! But it's really not. :-) It's got quite a few issues, but it is a cutie and a wonderful place to get to rent for a while. This is a cottage, that I named "Lemondrop Cottage," that I've long considered to be one of the most perfect on earth, and apparently I'm not alone - it was for sale back in 2008 in Portland, OR and despite the downturn in the real estate market back then, it sold quickly and for more than the asking price. I saved the photos from its listing ad for future someday inspiration and ideas, so here are a few of them in case you or anyone else wants a peek inside:
    Living Room
    Dining Room
    The rest of the cottage was just as adorable/pretty, inside and out. I often think of the people who bought it and how much they must love living there, and if they'll be ready to sell it by the time BW retires. :-)

  25. Jo ~ I'm glad you saw the open door and came on in! :-) Especially on one of my CLEAN days! LOL

    I loved the name of the Old Fezziwig's Ale too, and flavor-wise the Winter Lager was one of our favorites, and the Chocolate Bock was my other (BW favored the Black & Brew). We were both disappointed in the Holiday Porter.

    Yes, that's just the antique cabinet, the sewing machine (as well as the treadle) is missing. Which makes it a lot lighter to move around! I nearly sold it because we didn't have room for it in the house, and then I saw an old home near us that has a less fancy but also antique sewing machine on their OPEN front porch (!!!), so I thought hey! I'll put ours on our enclosed front porch, and I really like it there.

    I'm glad everyone has liked our new sofa so much, and appreciate another vote backing me up on keeping the window seat as a display area. :-) Seating redundancy was one of my arguments too!

    Your beautiful quilted creations will always get pride of place in our house! Do you remember my great-grandmother's quilt when it was hanging in our hallway above the staircase to the basement in Big Horn? It looks so much better in its new space. It belongs in a bedroom, and that wall color really sets it off. Good eye, spotting that the quilt at the foot of our bed is our yo-yo quilt!

    Thank you for all your compliments, and for your fun birthday wishes, and for your part in making my birthday (and birthWEEK) such fun! xoxo


Will Blog For Comments. :-)

Thanks for taking the time to leave yours!


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  • THE HUMANE GARDENER ~ Nancy Lawson
  • THE WORLD WITHOUT US ~ Alan Weisman

There is still strong in our society the belief
that animals and the natural world have value
only insofar as they can be converted into revenue.
That nature is a commodity.
And that the American dream is one of unlimited consumption.
There are many of us, on the other hand,
who believe that animals and the natural world
have value by virtue of being alive.
That Nature is a community to which we belong
and to which we owe our lives.
And that the deeper American dream is one of unlimited compassion.

~John Robbins, "The Food Revolution"

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