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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ABC Wednesday: A is for Architecture

In celebration of the first week of a new round of ABC Wednesday, here are some lovely Architectural details on a few historic homes and buildings here in Sheridan that I photographed recently...

Now an attorney's office, this was originally one of Sheridan's first banks, built in 1894. You can still make out the faded (or was there a feeble attempt to erase it?) lettering on top that says Bank of Commerce...

A closeup of some of the old bank building's Beaux Arts details...

Regular readers of my blog may recall my referring to Trail End (aka Kendrick Mansion), just a short and lovely hike up the hill from our cottage, in past posts. Constructed during the years 1908-1913, the exterior was built in the Flemish Revival style with Neoclassical details. Threatened in 1968 with being torn down to make space for condominiums (!!!), it was rescued by the Sheridan County Historical Society with donations and loans. Now an authentically furnished and decorated museum on four beautiful acres, all under the care of the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources, here's the front of the grand dame in all her glory...

Click here for more history and photos of the home & grounds

And here are some of her architectural details, set off against a perfect January sky...

I'm sure a block of circa 1968 condos would have been a thing of beauty too (<-- withering sarcasm), but notice, just for instance, how the top of the downspout was made to match the dental molding just above it...

One of Kendrick Mansion's Neoclassical details, the scrolled capital of an Ionic column...

I've always admired this unusual dormer on one of Sheridan's stately homes on historic "Residence Hill"...

(Click here to see the rest of the house)

The lovely Victorian details on another stately old Sheridan home, this one built in 1895 on over an acre by the creek just a few blocks from downtown...

This home happens to currently be on the market,
so you can see more photos of it, inside and out, here!

And be sure to visit ABC Wednesday,
to Applaud Another Auspicious Alternation of ABCs! :-)


  1. love those roof lines, especially.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Beautiful details!

    Angel's Marching, hope you can come by, thanks!

  3. I LOVE these architectural details...really beautiful buildings. You're lucky to have them in your town. I checked out the house for sale...WOW! A true treasure!

  4. That roof against the sky is gorgeous, what a beautiful building. And I checked out the for sale details and photos - I really think you should buy that house!

  5. Thank you, Tina, Roger, Ms. Burrito and Short Poems! I appreciate your visit and your comments.

    Linnea ~ I know, there are some real beauties around here. I wish more of them were better taken care of, a lot of the old homes and buildings on Main Street are pretty much composting! (I'm all for composting, but not when it comes to lovely old buildings!)

    That house for sale really is quite something. At least it appears to be very well cared for!

    Barbara ~ It really is, and that incredible blue sky sure showed it off well. The interesting trim makes me think of fancy icing on a pastry. (But then, I usually AM thinking of food!) :-) I love walking the dogs around that place - the mountain views from there are breathtaking as well.

    Oh you do, do you? Well, I seem to be just a few hundred thousand (and a housekeeping staff) short! Actually, I'd be quite content with that adorable cottage, maybe they could just sell us that. :-) I think if a sale results from my link to their listing, I should get both the cottage and a small(ish) commission, don't you?

  6. The clarity and color in your pictures is great!

    Came here via ABC Wednesday.

  7. You really know your architectural terms! Those buildings are gorgeous; I was glad to hear that those condos never came to be! YUCK!

    I like the house that's for sale too, but, I agree with you; it'd be a bit grand for me (well at least the price is :D) the kitchen though.

    We did have a snow day today. We got 3 inches here, which is more than enough to shut everything down for a day or two. :)

  8. What wonderful captures of architectural beauty and style.

  9. Appropriate to the Applicable theme as Always. Thank you, Another Awesome post.

  10. TW! What great shots of outsanding architecture. know how I feel about blue, blue skies ;-)....perfect!

  11. Beautiful house. So large! Who cleans such huge houses? The mansion is quite a showplace -- wonderful that it was saved. -- barbara

  12. they just don't build them like they used to!

  13. Melanie ~ Thank you! But my Kodak EasyShare and our clear, sunny Wyoming winter skies get all the credit. :-)

    Rose ~ I really don't. LOL I did learn quite a bit about architectural styles in my Spanish Civilization & Culture class in college, but I'd be lying if I said I can remember most of it. I got a bit of a refresher when I recently read Bill Bryson's book, "At Home." But mostly I had to rely on some online research.

    I love the kitchen in the house for sale too! Definitely my favorite room in that house.

    I was just reading about the ice storm in your area! Now THAT is definitely cause for shutting everything down! I hope you have enough victuals on hand so you don't have to skate to the store!

    jewaicious ~ Thank you, it was fun going on walkabouts and gathering them! :-)

    Ellie C ~ Thank you, and once again you are Aces at Applying the Appropriate Alphabetical letter in your Annotation :-)

    Spud ~ Thanks, Spudly! And yep, I do ~ weren't those some splendid specimens? Sure made for knockout backdrops for those rooflines.

    Barbara (KY) ~ I'm confident that people who live in houses that large have a housekeeper. Or a staff of housekeepers! A huge place to maintain, I'd feel completely overwhelmed with so much space. But like Rose, I'd feel quite comfortable in that kitchen! :-) If I could live in the cottage but get to have the main house's kitchen, that would be ideal. Wonder if they'd go for an offer like that? :-)

    I agree with you about the saving of the mansion. It would have been criminal to tear it down to make way for condos! Ugh, the thought of it makes me ill.

    Tanya ~ I'll say! Which is why I'm always glad when those old beauties are well maintained.

  14. A new round! I wondered what they would do when they got to Z. Will you do all the letters you have time for or just the ones you missed?

    I love good news stories like the one about the Kendrick Mansion. Yay for Sheridan County Historical Society. And since I just spoke in my other comment about my poor memory, I'll just go ahead and ask "Did I see this one?" I looked at the interior shots on the link you provided but I'm not sure.

    My favorite photo was of the dormer. I love it and haven't seen anything like it. I clicked on the photo of the whole house. It's adorable and the curved arches on the porch compliment the dormer perfectly. Cool house!

  15. I am drooling in architectural detail heaven.

  16. I love looking at the buildings in downtown Sheridan. It's one of the highlights of our trips between Wisconsin and Madison. The details are wonderful, and the overall effect of an old cowboy town, is so inviting. I love how you've captured the special architectural details for this post.

  17. Jo ~ This is the 10th round and 5th year for ABC Wednesday! I don't know how many times they'll cycle through the alphabet, but they keep getting more participants so it doesn't look like it will end with a final Z any time soon. :-) I'll participate in this round like I did in the last one - when I have the time and inspiration. I was disappointed I missed so many letters near the end of the last round, but was surprised I found time to participate as much as I did with all the upheaval (no sign of that ending any time soon, either!)

    As you now know since our phone call yesterday, I'm almost certain you've yet to see Kendrick Mansion, so we'll have to do that next time you visit!

    I'm glad you're a fan of that dormer too. I'd never seen anything like it either, and really like the house. That front porch is charming!

    Lesley ~ I thought of you when I was taking these photos and putting this post together! :-) I'm glad you enjoyed it! Did you have a favorite?

    Andrea ~ It's fun that you've also admired the historic buildings here! Have you ever had time to wander around some of the older neighborhoods or toured Kendrick Mansion? Maybe on your next drive through, we'll have to do that. Or at least enjoy a vegan picnic on the Kendrick Mansion grounds! :-)

  18. I really like that dormer, but I also like the first shot showing that window with the 44 little panes of coloured glass!

    As for the house in my post, I would think early 60s judging by the neighbourhood it was in.

  19. Lesley ~ LOL! You counted them?! You really are an aficionado! :-) I agree, that is a fantastic window. I have half a mind to make an appointment with that attorney, just to see the upstairs and that window from inside. :-)

    Well, I was only 5-10 years off on that dream house of yours - not too bad!


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