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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Return of the Prodigal Goat!

Remember my ABC Wednesday's "G Week" post back in August that featured this photo and caption?

A display window in a store two doors down from our hotel
in wonderful Old Town Ft Collins, CO this June.
That empty chair had held the smallest of the three Goats,
and Gosh he was cute, instantly winning my Capricorn heart.
But he sold before I could even Grab a photo of him!
So G is also for Glum, Grumbling and Greatly disappointed.
(How could someone be so Graspingly Greedy?
Gads, the nerve of some people, Glomming the Goodies I like!)

Well, turns out the graspingly greedy goat-glommer was none other than BW, who ran out and bought him while I showered one morning and successfully hid him on the drive back, in our previous house, during our move and in tiny Dragonfly Cottage until giving him to me for my 50th (yikes!) birthday today!

(And BW definitely scored bonus points when he said the goat is a kid, just like me. Awwww!)

So here's the little goat making his appearance on this blog at last, in his new digs on the window seat display shelf. ;-)

BW's heroic effort to sneak off and buy him, his impressive skill at hiding him, and his amazing ability to refrain from giving him to me before today (because he thought a Capricorn should get a goat for her birthday, not for her anniversary or Christmas), make him Super Birthday Man!
(Look, his cape even has his initial on it! LOL)


  1. That is such a lovely story. A man to be cherished, giving a goat that will be cherished to a woman who obviously IS cherished.
    And happy birthday again.

  2. Sounds like a great guy!! Happy birthday!!

  3. Well done that man and what a great present! I am impressed with his ability to have secreted the goat in Dragonfly Cottage without your knowledge. David cannot keep a secret, before Christmas he said 'I've got you a photography book, do you want to know which one?'. Rubbish! :O) Glad you got such a great birthday present and it sounds like you had a wonderful day. xx

  4. Ellie C ~ He sure is! He did more than present me with that wonderful goat ~ he took yesterday off to spend my birthday with me, ran out that morning to get sundried tomato bagels for my breakfast, ran out later and picked up Chinese for lunch, went for a long walk with the dogs and me (and later just with me), and made pizzas using the bagels for our supper. (We made my birthday cake together the day before, which was fun!) It was a wonderful birthday and I am luckier in the spousal department than I have any right to be! :-) Thank you for your birthday wishes!

    Tami ~ He's that and then some. I could make a mint if I could just figure out how to clone him! :-) Thank you for your birthday wishes, too!

    Barbara ~ Didn't he do splendidly? I was so impressed with his ability to hide it here that I asked him how he managed it, and he said he hid it over in the garage on a neighboring lot that we're being permitted to use for additional storage. I seldom go in there, it has no lights, and it's holding the belongings of three families, so now I can understand how it was so effectively hidden for the past four months! :-) ROTFL about rubbishy David blabbing about what he got you for Christmas! That is TOO funny!! Tell him I said he's a doof. :-) I did have a wonderful day, and thank you for the big part you played in it as well! (I just love the card and presents you sent, am seriously impressed with your impeccable timing, and enjoyed a bout of major hilarity yesterday taking photos of BW in his Un-Santa hat! Can hardly wait to post some next holiday season!) :-)

  5. WOW....he's a keeper (and so is your hubby!!)
    Jane x
    Happy Birthday!!

  6. Happiest of Birthdays to you my friend. I've got that big 50 coming up later this year. Not to worry, you're in good company.
    Love this goat. How wonderful for BW to surprise you with it....and he even waited past Christmas. He must be a patient "kid" himself. Enjoy your day-today it's all about YOU.

  7. And I was certain he'd get you an AARP membership...awwww ;-). Too cool, as I know how much you love goats. How DID he hide it all those months? Well, he IS super, right?

  8. Happy Belated Birthday Laurie!!!

    Sorry I'm a day late, but I hope you had a great 50th! If 60 is the new 40, then 50 is the new 30...I had a blast in my 30's so here's wishing you a blast of a decade to look forward to.

    I love those little goats. How clever of BW to give one to you for a birthday surprise, what a funny story with you being disappointed not to get him in the photo only to find him in front of you on your birthday! BW definitely deserves the title of Super Birthday Man.

    Many Happy Returns of the Day!!


  9. Jane ~ Yep, I'm hanging onto bofem! :-) Thank you for your happy birthday wishes!

    Sue ~ Thanks! I know, it's hard to believe, isn't it? Weren't we just dewy-skinned 18-year olds a few months ago? Turning 50 is less scary than realizing how fast a half century went by! You've got a while before hitting that milestone - Sept 3, right? :-)

    Isn't that goat great? And so is BW. He has buckets of patience - makes up for my total lack of it. Yesterday was indeed all about me - today it was pretty much about being a year older, but without the cards and presents. ;-) Though today I did have lunch with a fun friend whose birthday is tomorrow, so we try to get together on the day between our birthdays to celebrate them both, which is fun!

    Janelle ~ Thank you very much!

    Spud ~ Haha, I just love old people jokes. :-)~ As for how BW hid my beloved goat all this time, I have no idea where he hid it at the Big Horn house, but here he hid it in a nearby garage (see my reply to Barbara on that). I suppose during the move he simply hid it in plain sight, one more cardboard carton among hundreds! :-)

  10. Rose ~ Thank you! I try to keep the party going all month, so no problem being just a day late! :-) I've been saying for some time that 50 is the new 30, and I too had a blast in my 30s (while my 20s and 40s were a bit rough), so I'm hoping if the trend continues it means my 50s will be a decade of fun and smooth sailing!

    I know, I keep giggling over how much I cussed that wicked person who bought that goat out from under me and before I could get that photo of him, little knowing BW was the guilty party and the goat was in a box in the trunk of our car the whole time! And now I can photograph him to my heart's content. I expect to entertain myself by posing him in fun outdoor tableaus come summer. :-)

  11. What an adorable goat. And what an adorable husband you have to buy you something that you really liked. Nice. -- barbara

  12. Oh no, I missed your birthday, and the spectacular goat story. Happy belated birthday! How could you not have a fabulous day (week!) with a gift like that! BW is a keeper, for sure. What an amazing thing to do. Enjoy your new goat, new age, and new year!

  13. Barbara (KY) ~ Thank you, I think they're both adorable too, though in different ways! :-) I'm lucky!

    Andrea ~ Nah, you didn't miss it, for here you are! :-) Besides, I've been celebrating it all week! Thank you for your birthday wishes and your fun compliments about BW and the goat. I love the goat more every time I look at him. BW too, for that matter! LOL!

    Happy New Year to you too, Andrea! Hope it treats you guys exceptionally well!

  14. happy belated birthday!!! sorry this is so short and late. i hope you had a lovely day and kudos to bw for such thoughtfulness and planning!

  15. Molly ~ Thank you, Molly! And Happy Belated New Year to you! :-)

    I did enjoy a lovely day (and a lovely week), and will pass along your kudos to BW. He's rather aglow with all the praise his devoted gift-hiding and gift-giving has earned him! :-)

  16. AWWWWWW! I love this! I always knew BW was a gem but this is diamond behavior. How cool is this story! I bet he was so tickled when you wrote about the Goat being sold before you even got a photo of him. I can imagine him sweating bullets every time he had to move it into the car, into the house, into the move and into dragonfly cottage. I can imagine his delight at surprising you on your birthday and I'm so pleased that you were so happily surprised on your birthday! You know what a sucker I am for surprises so I'm delighted for you that you got such a good one.

    Happy birthday again! And he's right - you and the goat are just kids (says I who will be 50 in six months and therefore pretty biased on that subject!!) :-)

    Can't wait until tomorrow when I can visit the rest of dragonfly cottage!

  17. Jo ~ BW read this while I did, and you had him laughing and grinning from ear to ear! :-) You're right, this was "diamond behavior!" (love that!) And you guessed right, he was tickled and quite pleased with himself when I blogged about my dismay that the little goat had sold, and he was extremely pleased that he pulled off such a successful surprise!

    Thank you for your birthday wishes again, and for your compliment, biased or not. :-) You know that 50 is the new 30, right? LOL


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