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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ABC Wednesday: Ice Capades

After a week of irrationally balmy temps that feel like late May/early June instead of mid-March here in northern Wyoming, the frozen creek in front of our house is now flowing unencumbered by so much as an ice cube. It feels odd in our current 70º weather to share these icy photos I took a few weeks ago, but I've wanted to post them since I took them and just haven't found the time. ABC Wednesday's "I" week gives me the perfect excuse ~ and although ice has been immensely inconsiderate to me this winter, I think these idiosyncratic ice formations, looking so much like fringe, little bells or even tropical Datura flowers, are incredibly delicate and quite pretty!

Feast your eyes on more I's at this week's...

A wee update for those of you keeping track:

Been moving things to the new rental slowly but surely, Dragonfly Cottage went on the market nearly two weeks ago but this morning was its first showing (hence my rushed post!), and my elbow is feeling and functioning better and I'm doing the best I can not to overuse it, I swear! :-) And I'm painfully aware of how behind I am on replying to comments on the last two posts and visiting blogs - I'm hoping for some respite and time to catch up once we've moved (if not before!)

Meanwhile, here's wishing one and all a very...


  1. I like the rules that go with the contraption but not the contraption itself. Can I just follow the rules?

    The ice flowers are so cool, and you can't be mad at them because they're not on the ground entrapping unwary walkers.

    And I'm happy for everyone who is experiencing warm spring weather, but I want to experience spring, too. It's cold and rainy here. And damp. Brrrr.

  2. I love those ice flowers, they look like cotton buds too hehehe.

    I is for Ice, please come before it melts. Have a great day.

  3. Intriguing and interesting icicle formations! It's raining here but snowing in Vancouver just north and we're all fed up with winter, calling on Mother Nature to hurry it up! NExt thing you know, we'll be in weather so hot we'll be complaining more! lol

    abcw team

  4. What unusual (and lovely) ice formations.

    (I love the title of your blog and the explanation of it!)

  5. Andrea ~ I know, me too! And of course you may - one of us might as well get some enjoyment out of it! (It is kind of fun walking around looking like a Transformer, though, I must admit. I seem to be getting a bit more respect from the pre-teen male crowd these days. LOL)

    I bear no grudges against the now vanished ice dangles, but I still cast dirty looks at the shrinking but stubbornly remaining sheet of ice at the bottom of the front steps, for it was that which tossed me on my elbow! I wonder if it will thaw before the next round of cold and snow hit - because though nothing's in the forecast yet, no way are we off Winter's hook just yet. Sure hope you get some lovely spring weather to bask in very soon!

    chubskulit ~ I haven't seen a cotton bud since I lived in TX, but now that you mention it, they do bear a resemblance - especially those fluffier looking ones in the 2nd photo (which, upon further study, also resemble broccoli!)

    I'll sneak a peek at your Ice post before it melts! I wonder how many of us did Ice posts today? :-)

    Leslie ~ I know, it seems those perfect days we wish would last forever are all too few, and the weather the rest of the time is too wet, too dry, too hot, too cold, too windy or too still! Today's been cloudy and blustery and that's kept it a more seasonable 50'ish here, but it's supposed to hit 70º again by Saturday. I wonder if it portends a scorcher of a summer. I hope not - but count my blessings we don't have to contend with tornadoes here, at least. Here's hoping Mother Nature swings by your neck of the woods soon with sunshine and pleasantly warm temps!

    Scriptor Senex ~ Aren't they? I'd never seen anything like them before, and they stopped me in my tracks as I was crossing the bridge and made me run back to get my camera while my poor husband and three dogs froze their butts off waiting on the bridge for me. But it was worth it! (And I kept telling them that till they believed me!) :-)

    Thank you! I'd like to think Mehitable would enjoy it too!

  6. While the weather may have been Inclement and down right Inconsiderate the Icicles are Incredible.

    Glad to hear that elbow is on the mend.

  7. The icicles are very cool! I love how they formed. We've had the same crazy weather. Our first snow storm of the season not even two weeks ago and balmy weather lately. So strange!

    That's great that your elbow is progressing but not so great that you have to deal with moving again while healing. I hope the scar tissue isn't giving you much trouble with your range of motion!

  8. Ellie C ~ You really should be participating in ABC Wednesday, girl - you are aces at coming up with words for the week's letter! :-)

    Molly ~ I know, isn't it interesting? Little drips of water from the melting bank of ice and snow above, little splashes of water from the flowing creek water below, just the right temps and amount of time and voila! Little ice bells! We thought they were very cool.

    I've been thinking of you as I saw those midwest record highs and figured you and Emma were soaking it up! :-)

    My brace is still limiting my range of motion (mostly my extension), so I can't really tell yet if scar tissue is a problem. I hope it won't be, but yeah - the timing of the move and the broken elbow couldn't be worse. At least we've had the month of March (and the first week of April) to slowly pack and move stuff. BW is having to do most of the heavy lifting, but it's still requiring that i use my elbow far more than I'm supposed to. Can't be helped. How are your elbow and shoulder doing, Molly?

  9. Unless it's chinking in a glass of G&T I want nothing to do with ice!
    Jane x

  10. Jane ~ LOL - I'm preferring mine pulverized into Margaritas these days! That'll show it. ;-)

  11. a Dearth of ICE in Albany, NY. In fact, in the past week, 3 record or record tying highs.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  12. Roger ~ I'd seen Albany on a list of record-breaking locations during this unseasonably warm weather ~ hope you've been able to be outside enjoying it!

    zongrik ~ Or "nice-icles!" :-)

  13. Ice has been in short supply in Oklahoma this winter...thank you for the photos.

  14. Those ice formations are so pretty!

    Good that you're having nice weather for your move...not too much fun moving stuff in cold and rain. I hope your move goes smoothly, and I hope you don't get too many showings before you guess are out of there. When will the official switch over be?

    Anyway, Happy Paddy's Day to you too Laurie!!

    Oh, and so glad to hear that your elbow is on the mend!

  15. Those little "fringy" icicles are really pretty and unique!

  16. Such pretty icicles! The weather here has been strange too - yesterday it was foggy then mild, I tried to open the very old office window to let some air in and the cords snapped on it - almost had my hand off! Now it's jammed open, ho hum.

  17. veganelder ~ As one might expect - better to "enjoy" it vicariously, anyway! :-)

    Rose ~ Thank you, I hope this weather holds when the big part of the move happens - the movers moving our furniture! As for showings, we've had just one and have another scheduled for Monday, the only foul weather day (rain, cold, wind) that's predicted all week. Figures. It's sure been nice to have the majority of ice melt and mud dry up and be able to let the dogs out into the yard again (and not have to wipe 12 paws every time they come in or we come back from a walk!) Hopefully the forecast will change for the better between now and Monday. Our official switch will be in mid-April, btw.

    Wishing you and John a most festive St Patrick's Day, Rose! xoxo

    Melanie ~ I thought so too! I'd never seen their like before.

    Barbara ~ We used to have those old type of windows with the cords in our 100 year old house in TX. I'm glad your hand wasn't injured, that's ALL you'd need, and now that the window's jammed open, I hope your mild weather continues! Maybe it was the ghost of that female author whose home it once was who snapped the cord. Maybe she's mad at you for not writing much on your blog lately. Though I wouldn't think severing your hand with a falling window would do much to improve your creative writing output! (Ghosts must not be very good at thinking things through!) ;-)

  18. How interesting your mini-icicle flowers are. I have never seen anything like them. Maybe I need to amp up my awareness of what surrounds me a little bit more. Enjoyed your post and soon you will be in your new "for now" place. My home is on the market now and it really takes up my time.
    -- barbara

  19. TW! Lovely ice pics. Glad you two are slowly making your next move and that you're doing better, albeit slowly. Be careful and thanks for keeping us all posted ;-). xoxo

  20. LOL! :O) Good old Charlotte Brame - she gets blamed for all kinds of things in our office (including the mysterious disappearance of some cutlery that then materialised on the boss's bonfire! I kid you not... (cue music from The Twilight Zone...)

  21. Barbara (KY) ~ Have you noticed how taking photos and having a blog (and particularly the combination of the two) really does make you more aware of the sights around you? I definitely notice more, and usually see them through the perspective of a photo - even if I don't have my camera with me at the time. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing these unusual icicles!

    We've been spending the weekend moving more belongings into the "new 'for now' place" (I like that!), but today we have to also devote time to cleaning the cottage for another showing tomorrow. *scowl* The for sale sign (and the realtor, who has been hosting open houses at her own house next door, the model home for this new development, every weekend since her boyfriend/our landlord put ours on the market) has been attracting passers by like moths to a flame. People now walk right up to our house and stare at it or peer in the windows, park their car behind our garage (blocking us from being able to pull our car in or out), congregate by our back gate - this place lacked privacy before, but now it really feels like we live in a fish bowl! Beyond annoying. I'm really ready to be out of here, despite the fact I'll miss the convenience of being in walking distance of so much. Plus our new neighborhood is SO much quieter and the lilacs outside our bedroom windows there are now budding out! :-)

    Best of luck to you on showing your home - I know how much work it is and how time-consuming, and sure hope you sell it quickly for the price you want so you can embark on your new adventures!

    Spud ~ Thank you! And you're welcome! :-) Thanks for stopping by to keep up with the latest, especially since my ability to keep up with emails has gone from "barely" to "you've got to be kidding" lately! :-)

    Barbara (UK) ~ Seriously? Oooh, how deliciously spooky! Either Charlotte has something against cutlery or she was needing some - but she had to burn it first because she can only use the ghosts of the cutlery of the living. :-) It's good you get to "blame Brame" for things - I need a long-dead author I can blame for misplacing my car keys and such!

  22. Hello.
    The ice flowers are indeed pretty. This weather is crazy. Here in PA, we've had almost summer-like days all week, but last year, we had snow in April! Nice photos.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you're feeling better & good luck with the move.

    Intimate Moments With You

  23. Andy ~ Thank you for your visit and your lovely comment and kind wishes! The weather is wacko indeed. Our two week stretch of summer-like temps gave way over night to sleet, snow, rain, high winds and temps in the 20s yesterday, which was pretty hard to take, despite it being far more typical of March weather here! We're supposed to return to summer temps again by Thursday and stay there for a while - it'll be interesting to see what April brings, since it usually brings a big blizzard. Hopefully that won't happen while we're moving!

    Enjoy the pretty weather while it lasts - and Happy Spring!


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