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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Carnival in the clouds

Today's the day the annual carnival packs up and hits the road. So I took this photo of the Ferris wheel, with the Big Horn Mountains beyond and promising rainclouds above, on our way to the new house last evening...

I see nothing in space as promising
as the view from a Ferris wheel.
~E.B. White


  1. What an amazing backdrop... those lovely bright colours against the misty blue background are just delicious.

    Do hope that rain arrives on schedule.

  2. A wonderful composition, great frame with the wheel on the right.

  3. Barbara ~ I thought so too, so as we went driving by, I had my ever-so-patient husband stop, turn around and go back, turn around again, and park in at least two different spots to find the perfect vantage point for a photo. I ended up finding it on foot and climbing onto a little hillock right outside a "DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE!" fenced electrical substation to get this picture. Hey, anything for good blog fodder, right? :-) I'm glad you appreciated the shot I got, even without knowing what inconvenience and risk I put BW and myself through to get it. ;-)

    We did get rain that night - the sound of it woke me up! Not that I minded! And we have a good chance of it every day through Wednesday. Unfortunately, that will make it muddy while they're putting in more flooring - and may delay the house painters. Too bad the rains didn't come a few weeks ago during the fires, but we're still glad to have them.

    Leovi ~ Thank you! I'd like to think I have a bit of an eye for composition, but this one was mostly composed by necessity as I had to avoid an ugly fence and power lines while capturing the mountains, Ferris wheel and at least a couple of the tent tops! It didn't leave much of a window.

  4. That looks so cool! From the title, I thought someone had set up a carnival way up in the mountains. Ferris wheels are so fun!

  5. Fantastic photo. Ye have a keen eye for beautiful backdrops ;-).

  6. Rose ~ LOL - I love your interpretation of my post title! That would be amazing! Someone should set up a Ferris Wheel at the snowmobile parking lots near our old house - talk about a view! I agree, Ferris Wheels are probably the sweetest ride at a carnival. :-)

    Spud~ Thanks, Spud! The beautiful backdrops are often hard to miss. It would take some effort to avoid them! :-)


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