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Friday, July 13, 2012

SkyWatch Friday: Summer Skies

Just some pretty July skies and flowers I photographed earlier this week during a stroll through a local park...

Pretty petunias and cumulus clouds 

These burgeoning thunderstorms promised afternoon rain, but unfortunately never delivered...

(But one did send down much needed rain the next day! Yay!)

For seasonal skies from both hemispheres, visit...


  1. WOW!! What pretty the bright colour and that last shot is amazing. Glad you got some rain.Have a great weekend!


  2. Beautiful series of photos! Thanks for stopping by today.

  3. The blue and pink together WOWZER!!
    Jane x

  4. Thomas ~ Isn't it? Summer skies and autumn skies are the prettiest blue!

    NatureStop~ Thanks! My husband just recently convinced me to plant petunias at our new house. The dead-heading chore had me resisting, but they're just too pretty and do so well here that my resistance proved futile.

    It was great to get some rain! But we've been baking in hot temps ever since and now could sure use some more. We do have more thunderstorms and cooler temps in our forecast, though, so I'm hopeful.

    You have a great weekend too!

    LadyD ~ Thank you! And my pleasure. :-)

    Jane ~ I thought so too, those two juxtaposed colors is what made me whip out my camera!

  5. Beautiful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. Hurrah for the rain! What gorgeous colours in these photos Laurie - so vibrant. And I am loving that last shot with the cloud.

  7. Looks gorgeous to me! Those skies and flowers do spell SUMMER!

  8. the grass in your local park looks so green and lush - unlike ours that is a parched, dry brown.
    the blue sky and bright pink petunias are a lovely colour combination.

  9. At least you were treated to a great cloud show and the petunias don't look too parched.

  10. That's just lovely!! I love sunny days and thunderstorms! We're having one here today...sun to thunder...very mercurial; I love it!

    Happy weekend Laurie!! :D

  11. Gary ~ Thanks!

    Barbara ~ Hurrah indeed! We had darkly overcast skies, hot, still, humid air, and thunder and lightning. But the most important ingredient was missing! We couldn't believe we got no rain out of all that! Mother Nature can be such a tease. Maybe she'll make it up to us this weekend. At least the reservoirs up in the mountains have remained very full, according to our next door neighbor who is a Forest Service ranger and likes to report these things to us! :-)

    I'm glad you liked these photos, and I agree - those petunias almost look like they're sprayed with day-glo paint! They really popped against that blue, blue sky.

    Linnea ~ They do to me as well! :-)

    VioletSky ~ That park and the cemetery (which uses irrigation water from the creek) are kept diligently watered. Most of the lawns and other grassy areas in town are just as parched and dry brown as you describe, though that one good rain did green things up for a bit! I sure hope you get some rain soon!

    Slim ~ And I was treated to a lovely walk, as well! :-) The baskets of petunias (which also hang all along Main Street) are definitely kept well-watered (and obviously well-fed!) too. In fact, my friend's daughter is one of the summer employees hired just to do all that watering.

    Rose ~ Thank you! I love those kinds of days too, as long as the thunderstorms bring rain along with the lightning! I picture Seattle having soft, gentle rain far more often than thunderstorms. Was that unusual?

    Happy weekend to you too, Rose! :-)

  12. This is really great, very clear and bright images. Have a great weekend!

  13. Serline ~ Thank you! That blue sky made a great backdrop for those sunlit petunia colors, didn't they?

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend too, and have a great week!

  14. Few things beat watching the sky and all the beauty it can share ;-).

  15. I do like petunias when they're raised like that. I've had them on the ground before and they just looked messy - I think they need a place to grow down instead of a place to grow up. Are yours in a basket.

    The first photo is my favorite. The colors are so bright. There's nothing prettier than blue and pink (unless of course it's blue and yellow - my favorite flower color).

  16. Spud ~ Stated like a true fellow cloud-watcher! :-)

    Jo ~ I agree, petunias are meant to hang loose from on high! :-) I don't have any petunias yet, but when I do they'll be in hanging baskets or window box-type thingies, or maybe along the edges of tall pots. Not in flowerbeds.

    Those are definitely two pretty color combinations. I also like yellow and purple. :-)


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