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Sunday, July 20, 2014

2014 Sheridan Karz Club Rod Run, Pt 2

Sorry it took me a while to get here with the second batch of Rod Run photos, but the traffic was terrible! ;-) Anyway, here are the rest of our favorites from this year's hot rod/classic car show on July 5th. (You can see Part 1 here)...

A 1948 Buick Special 
(and a border collie who seems to be telling his human, "Let's go for a ride in that one, 
it matches my collar and leash!")

1933 Dodge 5-Window Coupe 
According to its accompanying info sign, this teal beauty is all steel and all Mopar, with rare dual horns. (The teal color and those wonderful "arooga" horns were what won me over!) When this was a brand new car in 1933, it was sold in Kalispell, MT. It now resides in Billings, MT, a mere 444 miles away. So I expect it has low miles. ;-) 

BW admiring a boss '57 Chevy Bel Air

1956 Mercury Montclair Hardtop Coupe

These odd tubes in the Mercury really drew my attention. They led from these ports in the rear deck to larger ones in the car's ceiling just above the rear seat, and I had fun coming up with unlikely uses for them. Since they reminded me of the pneumatic tubes you use at drive thru banks, I thought maybe it was a way for someone locked in the trunk to send an SOS to someone in the front seat. :-) 

As I struggled to both figure them out and photograph them, the owner wandered over and explained that the tubes are part of the car's very rare factory air conditioning (which only 1% of all 1956 Mercury Montclair's had!), drawing air from outside vents (you can see the chrome intake vent on the rear fender in the first Mercury photo) and sending it through the tubes to air vents above the front seat. I'm guessing from some of the info I found online that the a/c compressor and condenser were in the trunk, but don't quote me! (I still like my idea of using it to send messages from the trunk to the driver, lol).

1957 Ford Sedan Delivery
The truly beady-eyed and sharp-memoried among you may recognize this car from my 2012 Rod Run post. However, it has been jazzed up quite a bit in the two years since… you can see the graphics on the hood better in this photo, but check out these incredible murals (all painted FREEHAND by the artist!!) on the sides...

and on the tailgate, featuring Mount Rushmore and Devil's Tower...

1934 Ford 3-window Coupe 

Our friend and neighbor John, VP of the Karz Club as well as the owner of this Shelby GT-H, briefs BW about some of its attributes. If you click on the photo to enlarge it you'll see the "Hertz" badge; yep, that Hertz, the car rental folks. They collaborated with Ford and Shelby Automobiles to commission 500 of these high-performance cars for customers in select cities whose heart's desire it might be to rent a race car to get from the airport to their business meetings. :-) 

Fast as that 325hp V-8 could go, anyone driving one of those bad boys better be watching out for these...

Wyoming Highway Patrol's Restored 1954 Buick Patrol Car 
Beside it is a contemporary one… if I were pulled over by the WHP, pretty sure I'd prefer it be by the '54 Buick (which has its own Facebook page!) Especially if I had to ride to the hoosegow in the back seat. :-)

Speaking of vehicular outlaws… when we saw this '88 Lincoln Town Car in the lineup, we burst out laughing. Just a couple days earlier we had passed this car, with its menacing matte black paint job, on one of Sheridan's streets. BW had done a double take and said, "What the hell was that?" To which I'd answered, "Why, The Death Car, of course!" Seriously, if the Grim Reaper has a driver's license and too much originality to be caught dead driving a hearse (nyuck), this HAS to be his ride!...

1988 Lincoln Death Town Car 

I got another good laugh when I read the "Special Features" section on its Rod Run entry tag, and again when I had a little fun with it in the photo editor…

(What, no mention of chains or scythe?!) 

Perhaps, like me, this has put you in an early Halloween mood, in need of a bit of orange to go with your black. And now that you've seen the Grim Reaper's car, perhaps you're wondering what The Great Pumpkin drives. Why, this naturally! Perfect for cruising through the pumpkin patch...

"Porky," a 1949 Chevy Custom Pickup
We loved this truck! Such a cool color (note the subtle fender flames) and fun shape!

I've tried and tried to get a list of this year's award winners - or even just "Best in Show," but to no avail. I'm still trying, and if I eventually succeed I'll add a note to any of the cars on these posts that may have won an award. 

Anyway, that does it for this year's Rod Run. But you might enjoy some of these old car commercials from the 1950's (when we apparently had much longer attention spans!) The first ad was my favorite. Love the cheesy acting and the subtle-as-a-flying-brick prodding to make everyone envy and admire you by owning their product. Hey, who had time for subliminal messaging when marketers were too busy convincing you that their car could practically fly you to Mars? :-) 

Coming up soon(ish): photos from yesterday's 2nd annual Garden Tour: from horsepower to flower power!  :-)


  1. Fun. Lots of fun. For the observers. For the owners, rather a lot of blood, sweat and tears (not to mention money) to go with their fun.

    1. Oh, I'm sure. But no doubt they are labors of love (except for the Car of Death. I think that one's just blood, sweat and tears!) ;-)

  2. What beautiful cars!

    1. There are some truly beautiful ones in the show every year that are simply works of art. I never appreciated the beauty of some of the old classic cars till I started going to these old car shows!

  3. Wow!!! I'll take one of each, please. Well, except for that Lincoln Town Car. WTF? I would have done a double take on that, too! lol Love that they put whips as a special feature. Again, WTF?? ha!

    The murals on the Ford Delivery are absolutely stunning. I wonder if those were done free hand? If so, that's quite the talent! I'm usually not a big fan of blue for a car color but it certainly is gorgeous on that fine ride.

    I'm glad you were able to find out what the tube is for on the Mercury because I would have had to try to find out. I've never seen anything like that! So interesting.

    The police car is awesome. Love, love, love it! As is that truck. I can see that pulling a pimped out vintage trailer. It would look fantastic!

    My absolute favorites are the two red hot rods (the Buick & Ford), although I'm partial to red when it comes to fancy vintage cars. Those look gloriously mean! Love them!

    Such fun posts, Laurie. I really enjoyed them!

    1. I love your enthusiasm and detailed comment, Molly! :-)

      Really? You don't want the Death Car? It would go so nicely with pink skull bandanas! ;-) I thought they really should have put "whips and chains" on the entry tag, and if people enquired about it, they could have lifted the trunk to reveal a set of tire chains. LOL

      I failed to read the info sign about that blue Ford delivery, but BW did and he said that yes, that was what was so astounding about it - those murals were all done freehand! (Even if I had the talent, I never would have had a steady enough hand to paint even my initials on that car!) I should add that to the caption info…

      I knew you'd love that orange truck! And you're right that it would look great pulling a pimped out vintage trailer! I'd love to see that wonderful WHP patrol car pulling one too, that's been painted to look like a little paddy wagon with old timer wanted posters on it and bars on the windows! LOL

      Well, given your favorites, this is your lucky day. I just found a photo I'd meant to include but missed when uploading them to Flickr, so I've added it - it's now third from the top - a lovely red hot rod classic for your enjoyment! :-)

      So glad these posts were fun for you, Molly! I think you'll enjoy the garden ones, too… guess I'll work on those next week when BW goes back to work for 4 days - man, is that going to feel weird!! xoxo

    2. "...old TIMEY wanted posters"… stupid spellchecker!

    3. Ooooo, that's a very sweet one, too! Definitely "boss"!

      Those are the last 4 days for BW, correct? How exciting! I bet those days won't be able to go fast enough for him!

    4. According to Pam (John's wife), the otherred one, parked beside this one, won Best in Show. I'm pretty sure I didn't get a photo of that one. Figures! lol

      Yes, those are the final four! He's officially retired on Friday the 31st! YAY! And tomorrow (Wed) is his last PT appointment. I was surprised the physical therapist was releasing him to return to work, his shoulder still causes him pain so frequently, but he told BW that will be the case for some time to come and the joint is ready to reach for 150lb packages above his head. (He sees his ortho doc on Thursday). And you're very right, they won't be able to pass fast enough for him! It's going to be hard to adjust to having "school nights" again - we've been very decadent about staying up till midnight and beyond most nights, watching Netflix or researching campers and such online. It's felt like summer vacation! :-) Of course, the fact it still stays light so late makes it hard to go to bed at 10 when you're still mowing and staining fence at 9! :-)


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