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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Karz Club Rod Run 2014 (Pt 1)

It's that time of year again (or was, back on July 5th!) - the annual Sheridan Karz Club "Rod Run!" Here's a little mood-setting music you can play as you drag main…

We got there early, because it was already a scorcher that was predicted to grow even scorchier. Just stayed an hour and wasn't as diligent about recording each car's information, so some of my photo captions will be embarrassingly non-informative (and non-existent). You can make up your own stories if you wish. :-)

This rare 1957 DeSoto "Firesweep" wasn't even in the show, but was parked behind a building on a nearby side street. We just happened to walk past it on our way to the show and it caught our eye. It's a beauty - great color… and check out those unusual tailpipes! 

This handsome 1955 Dodge C-1 belongs to BW's co-worker at UPS, Vicki, and her husband Kenny. It took them two years to restore it to its dazzling glory from this pitiful state...

A daunting project, especially since between them they also have three jobs!

The oak truck bed was a thing of beauty, too.
(And look, the truck's paint job is so glossy you can see my Sanuks' reflection!) :-)

A 1958 Studebaker-Packard Hawk. The sign with it said it was one of only 588 made, 
as well as the fastest - and final - Packard ever made. 
(That's all well and good, but BW still thinks it looks like a catfish
The toy bulldog peeing on the tire doesn't seem overly impressed either). :-)

I actually think it's pretty cool looking, especially from behind!

Ah, now we're talkin'. You may recall my fondness for a purple '56 Chevy Bel Air coupe that got my "Ladies Choice" vote in the 2012 Rod Run. Goes without saying that I was instantly smitten with this year's candy purple princess, a 1930 Model A her owners call "The Hussy." (You can read the story of her purchase and restoration here).

She was every bit as snazzy on the inside as she was on the outside!
Ever seen a dash board with this much purple panache before? 

I guess you could call this a hybrid. :-)

Here's one neither of us knows squat about, except that it's a 1929 Ford Model A truck with a blown flathead engine. What the "Ross" badging on the hood means is anybody's guess. 
I liked the wooden roof "rafters!"

As entertaining as the cars are to look at, sometimes it's the people looking at the cars
 who steal the show. =:-)

More show-stealing spectators. (Actually, the owner of this truck told me these are his mechanics. Click and Clack the Tappit Brothers, perhaps?) 

Stay tuned (or tuned-up!) for Part 2! (Meanwhile, if you're starved for classic hot rods, check out my posts from the 2012 show).


  1. What fun. My interest in cars is minimal - but I do love the older ones. Sooooo much more charm than the modern boxes.
    A bit like homes. And people quite often too.

    1. LOL - that last bit in your comment especially tickled me. :-)

  2. Oh my, this was fun. I love going to these classic car shows. We used to have a very popular weekly one in my city, but it was suddenly 'suspended' a couple of years ago. (I think the shopping mall wanted too much insurance money or something for using their parking lot)
    Anyway, love the job done on the first car! (and the colour)

    1. oops, I meant the one done by the co-workers

    2. Wow, weekly! There must be a lot of folks with classic cars there! It's a shame it was "suspended." Same shopping mall that has that pretty grapevine sign??

      Yes, that dark green on Vicki and Kenny's Dodge is gorgeous! There were so many beautiful colors on display, along with such interesting features, shapes and histories.

    3. No, the 'grapevine' is from a mall in St Catharines, which is in the heart of the Niagara wine country. I live about 1/2 hour northeast of there. The show by me was always crowded, but it also had pretty much the same participants every week.

    4. Well, that does explain the grapevine motif! :-) Interesting that your local car show featured so many "re-runs" each week yet still drew so many visitors. Maybe they'll find a different venue and can resume the show.

  3. I was pretty excited when I saw that you posted this! I laughed when you mentioned that BW thought the front of the Packard looks like a catfish. I can really see it! Still, it's a great looking car, IMO, but then again so are all of them.

    I'd have to say the purple one is my favorite. So pretty! I'm quite amazed at the restoration of the Dodge. Wow!! I can't even imagine how much work that took. You've really got to be dedicated for something like that, especially with working 3 jobs between them. Yikes! Very impressive and the end result is gorgeous.

    I'm looking forward to part 2! :)

    1. You're always a great fan of my car posts, I look forward to your comments on them! :-) And who can argue with BW's catfish comparison?? LOL

      The purple one is the one that had those purple skull decorated helmets in the rumble seat that I sent you a photo of. :-) I think their grandkids must wear them when they ride back there. That dashboard is really something, and that color - yum!! And yes, the Dodge restoration was amazing. That one got our votes, though it was a very hard decision (the purple one was SUCH a close second, along with another pickup truck that you'll see in Part 2 - which I think you'll really enjoy as well!) :-)

      Btw, I'd have posted info about the winners, but that has yet to be made public! Guess it's a hectic summer for everyone this year.

  4. Some real beauties for sure! Seeing all these old rides can sure take you back in time. Wish I'd had one like some of these, except for the "fins." ;-)

    1. I'd forgotten about you and your aversion to fins - which I'd understand if you were swimming in shark-infested waters, but how can you not agree with me that fins on cars are totally cool? :-)~

  5. I loved it! I had an interruption from Michelle who MAY be reporting as early as mid september for her first assignment so that was exciting news.

    But as for the post, my favorite thing was the bonus of seeing a car's "before" photos. I see so many of these restorations and I'll admit I have not been as impressed at the effort as I should have. Vicki and Kenny's before photos certainly show how much work this must take!! I am very impressed!

    Having said that, the Purple Bel Air Coupe certainly commands respect with or without any before pictures. Wow! I'm sure it didn't look this good, even in it's day!!

    My favorite car though would be the Firesweep which I can totally picture myself riding in the passenger seat. (I doubt I could see over the steering wheel of any of these old cars and therefore don't ever picture myself in the drivers seat.) I LOVE those tail fins and the tailpipes are really cool!!

    Too bad it was such a scorcher. I think you had lots of informatin - plenty for me anyway! (Including the link to your shoes!)

    1. I can't remember when her original report date was, but November is what my brain keeps trying to hand me. :-) Mid-September would be great!

      I'm surprised more of the entrants who did their own restoration don't bring their "before" photos, because it truly does make you appreciate the time, effort, and money required - it's a lot more than replacing a few parts and slapping some paint on them! I'm glad I photographed one of Kenny and Vicki's before photos and included it here.

      That Firesweep was one of my favorites too, don't know why it wasn't in the lineup! Must belong to a Karz Club member who didn't want to enter it for some reason. Some of these folks have multiple classic cars and/or hotrods. We missed last year's show so I wonder if the Firesweep was in that one. Anyway, the car was gorgeous, and the fact it's so rare just upped the ante! (Had to chuckle at the vision of you behind the wheel of one of these massive cars!) :-)

      I guess I ended up with more info than I'd thought, and BW is always a big help identifying the year, make and model - from there I can research some stuff. These are fun to attend and at least as much fun to blog about! :-) I'm glad you found some time to visit - hope you'll get to stop by Part 2 before the weekend, as there are more fun posts on the horizon!


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