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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ABC Wednesday: D

Welcome to another ABC Wednesday, featuring this week's letter, Delightful D.

D is for Dormers...

Four of the dormers on the historic Sheridan Inn,
opened in 1893 and known as "The House of 69 Gables."

The Sheridan Inn, Sheridan's first solar-powered hotel,
is undergoing renovations to become an active inn again.

And D is for Dancing!

"The Dance" by James Muir
(For more detailed photos of this sculpture,
a little more info about the Sheridan Inn,
and more photos of Sheridan's street art,
please visit my post "Street Art, Part II")

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  1. Leave it to Wyoming to power that beauty with the sun! What an interesting post, as always. I think the sculpture is perfect.
    p.s. Hope your week has been good to you, and vice versa.

  2. I love the fluidity of 'The Dance'.

  3. I always wanted to live in a house with lots of dormer windows.

  4. Something very romantic about dormer windows!
    Jane x

  5. PS
    Nice to meet a fellow vegan!
    Jane x

  6. Like your photos for letter D. And the dancing statue is awesome!

    ABC WEd

  7. love the danxing sculpture and the picturesque beauty of the inn,

  8. I love that 2nd image....the repetition is fabulous. Great angle. I'm way overdue for a little visit. Leave it to you to find 3 "D's" in the same locale.

  9. I love how the shots start as close ups and then as they back away you see the final D for dancing. Perfect!

    Those little dorm rooms look like they'd be cozy nooks to sleep in, especially in the snowy winters.

  10. D is for delightful. And the thought of cleaning all those windows is Daunting. But silliness aside, I loved this post. Thanks.

  11. Laloofah -- Well, solar panels are a beginning. . . barbara

  12. Noni ~ I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Sheridan Inn went solar! We have both solar and wind out the wazoo in Wyo, but the fossil fuel industry is firmly entrenched here and very few homes or businesses (including our utility companies) take much advantage of them. But the Sheridan Inn was the first building in town to get electricity, so maybe it will once again lead the way! (Hope so!) I'm glad you enjoyed this post!

    My week has been pretty challenging, actually, and I find it hard to believe it isn't Saturday yet. :-) But that means it still has two days to clean up its act before I officially use bad words to describe it. LOL I hope your week is going well, and thank you for your comment and good wishes!

    jabblog ~ Hey, did you ever see my bees and bergamot post? I think you inspired me, or sprinkled me with magic photography pixie dust or something, because soon after admiring your bee closeups and lamenting how I could never get photos like that, I did! :-) Did you ever find bergamot for your garden? I agree with you about "The Dance," and think James Muir is a very talented sculptor. That looks like such a difficult art form to master!

    Karen ~ I know, I think they're so charming! When I was a little kid, I had a bedroom with a dormer window for a while, but I was too young to fully appreciate it.

    Jane (and Chris!) ~ They are indeed! I love the white trim in the gables of these... so simple, but they give the dormers an extra-handsome look. Now all they need are window boxes with red ivy geraniums in them! (Some people are just never satisfied!) :-)

    And to your PS ~ It sure is! {{secret vegan handshake}} LOL

    Kim ~ Thank you! I think the statue is awesome too... you probably can't tell it from my photo, but the couple is life-size!

    Isabel ~ I'm glad you enjoyed my photos! (And I love your name!) :-)

  13. Sue ~ Thanks! Too bad I couldn't get an aerial view, they've got dormers on the sides and rear of the hotel, too! Are you giving me too much credit for my Ds in this post? I count Dormers and Dancing... unless getting a comment from Dorian Susan counts, I'm missing something! :-)

    Rose ~ Thanks for noticing that little effect I was going for! :-) The two "model" rooms do look cozy, and a snug place to hole up in a winter storm for sure! (We often have Halloween blizzards, and since the Sheridan Inn is reputed to be haunted, that would be the night I'd pick to spend there!) :-)

    Seems they've been trying to get it all renovated and opened for years, and I'm sure it's a real struggle these days.

    Ellie C ~ You're not kidding! And since we've been having to wash our own windows a LOT lately (before and between this weeks's showings, we've had some violent thunderstorms with such hard rain that it actually splashed MUD on some of our windows!), I would Definitely Disown the chore of washing all those windows. Even if most of them are out of mud-splashing range. :-) Glad you enjoyed my D Debut!

    Barbara ~ Wyoming typically lags the rest of the country in everything. But I guess that in coal, natural gas and oil country, it's a very good beginning! At least I hope so!

  14. Wow! What a fantastic looking hotel - could just picture ourselves staying there! I am now going to look through your recipes - they look amazing!
    Thanks so much for being part of ABC Wednesday.
    Denise ABC Team

  15. mrsnesbitt ~ Isn't it? Maybe someday you'll be able to!

    Have fun romping through my recipes ~ I hope you find some to try! I'm hoping to do another food post soon (it's been awhile!), but have been waiting for a cookbook author's permission to share her chocolate sorbet recipe. I've written her twice, but have yet to receive a response. :-( Guess if she won't answer I'll just forge ahead with the tantalizing photos and a link to the cookbook, but that's a bummer.

    Delighted to be a part of ABC Wednesday, it's great fun and I'm doing everything I can to keep up! Hope not to miss a letter (though I'm already dreading "X!" LOL

  16. What great shots - there is so much out there that if it weren't for links such as these we would never see. :)

  17. Jo ~ Thanks! And oh I agree! I love all the vicarious traveling I get to do, and all the sites I get to see via my computer. Wish I could see and experience them all in person, but at least this way I'm not getting plundered by TSA and pillaged by the airlines. ;-)

  18. Wow! That's a lot of dormers all in a row. Great contribution for the letter "D"! I never would have thought of it! Thanks for stopping by at my doggies. They were quite friendly but really seemed a bit worried about where their master(s) had gone!

  19. seriously, i was talking with someone recently and decided that if everyone who wanted one could get a subsidized solar panel on the roof, the energy problem would go away.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  20. Linnea ~ I know, and they go around the sides and back of the place, too! Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed my "D" post!

    I imagine the sweet dogs were pretty focused on the return of their humans, hopefully they showed up shortly after you got that adorable photo! Thanks for your reciprocal visit and comment! :-)

    Rog ~ We'd be among the first in line for that deal for sure! I wonder how many people would take advantage of it, and what impact it would have? Sure wouldn't hurt, and would no doubt go a very long way toward solving the problem.

    You might enjoy these two recent articles I found on Care2:

    Rooftop Revolution

    5 Breakthroughs that will Make Solar Power Cheaper than Coal

    Thank you for your visit and your comment!

  21. It's a good thing I snuck in the peek at the skywatch post last night because this morning it's in "older posts".

    This one is short so I'll get to two of them today at lunch. I'm still swamped but tomorrow is picnic day so I'll recieve no e:mails and until about 9:30 I'll be uninterrupted so if I don't get to everything today, it doesn't feel so bad.

    I remember a similar photo from the Street Art post (the D is for dancing photo) and that whole post was one of my favorites so it's nice to see it again.

    If I had time, I'd go to see the other entries but I'm thinking D is for Dormer would be among the most original!

  22. Jo ~ I'm glad you were able to make some time at lunch today to, well, to have lunch of course, and to visit Mehitable's little corner of Blog Land! :-)

    Yes, that Street Art post had three different photos of The Dance, a couple of them closeups because the detail in it is amazing. But none of them had the entire Inn in the background.

    There were some clever D entries, but though I never have time to check them all, I'm pretty sure mine was the only Dormers one!

  23. Sonia ~ I know, Sonia, aren't they fun? :-)


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