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Friday, August 12, 2011

SkyWatch Friday: Fire & Rain

TGIF! Not only because I'm happy to see a very trying week come to an end, but because it means it's SkyWatch Friday again! And I couldn't wait to share these sky photos with you.

On Tuesday night I had to pick BW up at work so we could get our Jeep from the mechanic. A big storm was moving in fast from the north and as we were on the Interstate heading to the mechanic's shop, a rip opened up in the thick storm clouds to reveal the sunset. We both stared at it, mesmerized, and despite having many reasons to just keep driving, BW took no convincing to pull over so I could get some photos. We pulled into the Sheridan Visitor's Center which sits up on a hill and provides great 360ยบ views, and while I was there another car pulled up and disgorged a couple with their cameras who also started snapping away at this scene like people possessed! We get some phenomenal skies out here, but we'd never seen the likes of this one.

Just off to the right of these scenes there was also an amazing lightning show, but I would have needed an abundance of time and luck to capture a lightning strike too, so I didn't even try. As it was, the skies opened up just as we arrived at the mechanic and we drove home in heavy rain, so I was happy to have gotten these photos. Now, along with James Taylor I can say, oh I've seen fire and I've seen rain! :-)

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  1. Stunning skies - very dramatic, like an eye opening in the darkness.

  2. I'm with!! I'm so glad you stopped to take snaps. This is so dramatic. Great catch.
    Wanted to thank you for your ketchup. Yes, Dannah is one and the same-there is no duplication of Dannah. Her shop is in a different locale, but all else lives on.
    I actaully stopped by to ask if they might be interested in some photos...I sent a link to my blog post and got an immediate "yes" reply. So, there it is. Their website will have a couple of my photos on it. yay me. I didn't charge, but they have a gift cert for me.
    Is there a shop where you can sell amazing sunsets to?
    TGIF right back at ya.

  3. J Bar ~ There is no shortage of amazing skies, is there? Such a great idea for a photo meme. I was really pleased to be able to contribute this post to the impressive collection this week!

    Jabblog ~ It does indeed look like an eye opening in the darkness! Ooooh, creepy! And it appears to belong to a creature who engaged in some very heavy drinking during the day! ;-)

    Jane ~ Thanks! :-)

    Sue ~ Thanks to you, too, and I share your gladness. It was so late and BW was so tired (plus the storm was bearing down and I'd left the dogs alone in the house ~ an action not without some risk) that I was pretty sure he'd complain about my stopping for this photo shoot. I was glad he didn't (he's such a good sport!), but frankly I don't think I'd have taken no for an answer. :-)

    Congratulations on Dannah grabbing your photos for her web site! She's a smart girl to say yes to that offer, and how wonderful that you got a gift certificate in exchange! I'll be curious to know what you end up getting with it. Maybe Dannah will end up selling your photos in her fun shop. I wouldn't be surprised... it would be a great match! I'm so happy for you!

  4. Oh my this looks like the horizon is on fire. And excellent capture thanks for sharing. ^_^


  5. I think you are in an ideal place to watch the sky! This is spectacular...ominous, and beautiful. I can understand why everyone wanted to stop and look at it. I love dramatic skies and weather. It really does look like a fire in the sky.

  6. Fantastic. It looks like fire in the sky!

  7. Ooooh. That is so beautiful. Aweinspiring. So glad you stopped. Had the dogs done any damage at home? And how is your car? All fixed?

  8. Kim ~ That's what we kept saying! BW also thought it looked like an erupting volcano/lava flow was going on behind the clouds. You're very welcome, sharing these was my pleasure and I'm glad you enjoyed them.

    Rose ~ I agree, the skies out here are a photographer's dream - though I see other skies the world over that fit that description every week on SkyWatch! But we do get some great skies every day it seems, from sunrises to moonrises, cloud formations to sunsets, full double rainbows to spaceships. (Had to work in spaceships. LOL)

    You chose great words to describe it - ominous and beautiful. It was surreal too. I share your love for dramatic skies and weather (assuming I'm safe from any weather that's terribly dramatic!) :-)

    hip-chick ~ Thanks, and I agree! Those thick, dark, expansive clouds really set the fiery part off quite impressively.

    Ellie C ~ Thank you, I was (and am) really glad we stopped too! The whole way to town, I was desperately wanting to pull over and take photos, but didn't want to keep BW (or the dogs) waiting. None of the photos I missed came anywhere close to these, so maybe I was rewarded for being responsible and not giving into my photography temptation. :-) The dogs were good girls, no damage done (one of them has had a sick tummy, otherwise I wouldn't have been concerned). We're still having to treat the poor old Jeep like a delicate flower as we wait for our mechanic to finish working on a major project. Hopefully next week we'll get it fixed! Thanks for asking! :-)

  9. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  10. Just stunning! How's the TW photo book coming? :-). I guess the Jeep's all fixed? Hope it didn't cost you an arm and a leg!

  11. Laloofah -- Its just like you described -- a rip in the sky. I have never seen a storm sky like this! -- barbara

  12. This is weird...trying to get to your tofu recipe but Blogger says your page does not exist...but dahsboard says your do!
    Jane x

  13. Spud ~ Thanks, Spudly Do-Right! :-) I think the photo book will have to wait until my next incarnation (e.g. next house, BW retired!) No, the Jeep is waiting for its turn, other vehicles were ahead of it needing mondo-repairs and rebuilds. Supposed to be next week sometime. Gonna be awfully tricky being without it for a couple of days! Still don't know how whether the bill will bleed us dry or merely cause anemia. ;-)

    Barbara ~ Nor had we! We were transfixed! SO grateful I had brought my camera along!

    Jane ~ No, it's not weird, it's just that your blog hostess was a total spazatroid (and rushed to boot, never a good combo) who hit the "Publish" button instead of the intended "Save as Draft" one whilst working on my next post. It's not ready for primetime yet, but I hope to get it published for real by this evening. But pray tell, how did you know it has a tofu recipe in it?!

    veganelder ~ Thanks, Mother Nature gives me an awful lot of great material to work with!

  14. Those are amazing pictures. I love looking at the sky, especially when the sunset turns the clouds shades of gray, peach, and pink. Lovely!

  15. Lori ~ Good to "see" you! :-) I know those sunsets you're describing, and agree that they're soft and lovely, making a gentle close to the day. Skies can be so mesmerizing!

    I'll visit your blog soon, but right now I have a movie date! (BW's been waiting so patiently!) :-)

  16. Wonderful scenes in your photos.
    Wonderful song, too.


  17. Wow, trade you that for the endless fog we get here. ;-)

  18. Tatjana ~ Thank you, Tatjana! I especially appreciate your mention of the song, because I had a devil of a time getting one of the MixPods to work on my page! (I think the fifth one I created was the charm!) But it's just too perfect for this post not to be relentless in my attempts. :-)

    Vegan Wheekers ~ Sure you wouldn't rather trade a few days of your endless fog for a few days of our abundant sunshine?! Because I'd do that! :-) The thunderstorms are exciting, though - we're having one now!

  19. Oh, wow! What a sight! I had a really beautiful sky view just yesterday as well (not quite this crazily wonderful, though).. I'll need to post some of my photos soon.

  20. Eva ~ As plentiful as beautiful skies are out here, we've never had one that looked like this before. I'm looking forward to seeing your sky photos! (You might consider sharing them on SkyWatch Friday!)

  21. Oh, this sky look so dangerous!

    Laloofah, I would like to thank you for nice words in my blog about my photos :-)))

  22. That is a heck of a good capture - such a wonderful sky.

  23. ewarub ~ It does look dangerous, doesn't it? We thought so too, those were some scary skies. But we got a pretty average thunderstorm from it, at least in town and at our house. It was probably worse east of us... it almost always is!

    You are most welcome, you deserved my compliments about your photos! They are really beautiful!

    Barbara Thank you! I wish I had the knack for capturing lightning strikes. I would have needed to use my panorama setting to capture both the "rip" and the lightning in one photo, but that would have been one awesome picture! (Wouldn't have fit very well on my narrow-assed blog, though!) :-)

  24. These are amazing! I'm not going to pick my favorite because these are a set and each is as important as the other. One photo is really great but with this set of four, I felt like I could experience how this progressed!

    I'm so glad you stopped for it. It IS just like a little bit of th sky was on fire!!

  25. Jo ~ Thanks! I like your idea about it being a set with each photo being equally important, but that doesn't dampen my curiosity about which one you thought was "really great!" :-)


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