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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ABC Wednesday: F on the Fly

It's Fortunate that I'd Finished most of today's ABC Wednesday post last week when I'd had the time or I'd be MIA this round, unless I just posted a photo of real estate For sale signs (selling and trying to Find a new house is giving us Fits!), or a self-portrait of BW and me for Frazzled, Flummoxed, Frustrated, Flustered, Fatigued, Fretful and Fried (and a Famous F word that's even more Fitting but not suitable For a Family-Friendly blog! LOL) But thanks to my Foresight last week, instead of having something Frightful like that Foisted upon you, you can look at these Four Fine scenes instead...

Flying Faerie

Fittingly, she hangs at the bottom of our garden :-)

Four Friends

Swatting Flies!


"Foxy Lady" by Chuck Weaver


For more Fabulous Fun with F, visit...


  1. The foxy lady is SO foxy, she's a vixen! That is one stunning sculpture!
    Jane x

  2. fun flipflops, too.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Jane ~ I know, I love that sculpture! Sheridan has a large collection of sculptures, some permanent and some just on loan, and this spring they switched a bunch of them out (and moved others around), and this fox is one of the new ones. And my new favorite!

    Rog ~ LOL, indeed, but they are a permanent blog Fixture (well, till Labor Day, anyway) and not part of my post, so I didn't count them. But they sure do Fit with today's theme!

  4. All Fabulous! Love that flying faerie!

  5. The flying faerie really looks like she's can barely see the top string, and even though she's at the bottom of your garden, she still looks as if she's high up in the clouds!

    I love the fox sculpture too! I'm impressed by how many sculptures, and good ones, that you have right there in Sheridan.

    Of course, the four friends are gorgeous too!

    Here's hoping that some of those F-words turn into other ones like "fun" fancy" and "free"!

  6. Beautiful photos! Love that fox statue. ^_^

    ABC Wed

  7. That fox has me flabbagasted with its beauty. And the friends. I suspect the word you were hinting at was firetruck - the word my nephew tells me starts with f and ends with uck. The furry felines and I say thank you for this post.

  8. What a fabulously fun post! Did you sell your house?? I hope so!

    I love that you posted the frost picture again. I could never get tired of it, it's so cool!

  9. Linnea ~ Thank you! I love the faerie too, bought her ages ago and she's a treasure.

    Rose ~ I know, she's very graceful looking and I agree that she looks like she's flying above those sunrise clouds. I took this photo several years ago and it's long been a favorite. (I can hear her gently chiming in the morning breeze as I type this).

    I wasn't impressed with most of the new sculptures this year, but that fox wowed me! He also made an 8" tall version for sale, which you can see on his gallery page. You'll also recognize the sculpture on his intro page - "Raptoround" was on Part 1 of my Street Art post last year! He sure is talented. He only made 50 of the small Foxy Lady sculptures, and there's no price mentioned. So they either all sold or it's one of those "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" deals.

    I was on my way home from town last week and did a Bat-turn in the road when I saw those four horses so I could go back and get their photo! They were lined up perfectly, but as soon as I got out of the car, the Paint that's second from the left backed up out of the line and stood so that he was blocking the two on the right! Jerk. LOL He finally got back into his original spot enough for me to get this photo.

    I like your F words a lot better than ours! So Far, though, it's still just Fiercely Frazzling.

    Kim ~ I know, me too! Wish I had that kind of talent. Or at least that sculpture in yard! LOL

  10. Ellie C ~ I Feel the same about the Fox! :-) And the Four Friends too, of course - they were beautiful beings in a beautiful setting. Just too bad they were being tormented by Flies, but they were definitely working as a team to combat them.

    "Firetruck," yeah - that's it! LOL

    Molly ~ Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

    No, we didn't sell our house, but it is under contract so that's a big step closer. Still a lot of hoops to jump through, hurdles to navigate and things that can go wrong to screw up the deal, so it's not sold and I'm not saying much till it looks like a sure bet. But we've been spending a lot of time this week looking for a new place, without mixed success. Anyway, I'll try to email you some details as soon as I can, but it's another Frantic day today. I wish BW had another week of vacation next week!

    I really love that frosty spiderweb too, and was happy to have another chance to post it. I try to use all new photos for these meme challenges, but it's not always easy.


    By the way, I love when you guys use words beginning with the current week's letter in your comments! :-)

  11. Great and funny shots :) I like also the shoes in the upper :))

  12. Your "F" choices are wonderful!

  13. Flying firecrackers! Not only do you have to find the time and energy to fling a post far and wide, you have to figure out how to finesse the language to fit a formula. I'd be frazzled. Phew. (pronunciation counts.)

  14. Tina ~ Thanks! Yes, it just happened that the Flip Flops fit right in! :-)

    Kathy ~ Thank you, I'm really glad you liked them!

    Andrea ~ "Flying Firecrackers!" LOL Fabulous job finding all those F words for your comment, and I totally agree that pronunciation counts. "Photos," for instance, should count. :-) Sure is great to see you back among my comments, hope to make it by your blog tomorrow with enough time to leave a comment (and send you a long overdue email soon!)

  15. Flippin' fantastic featured fotos! I am really loving that fox... I've not done ABC for a few weeks - so I applaud your foresight in getting yours done early!

  16. Barbara ~ "Fotos," eh? (You're cheating, but I like your panache!) ;-) I know, I've missed you at ABC! I have G semi-ready (and my idea and photos for H) and hope to get enough time to finish G before Wed, but will be skipping the Thursday Challenge this week. I seem to take sky photos almost daily, so SkyWatch shouldn't be a problem, but mercy - this week is mad and it's only Monday!

  17. I love your Flying Faerie at the bottom of the garden. Maybe she'll work some magic for you;-)

  18. Jabblog ~ I sure hope so, we could use some! :-)

  19. I swear I left a comment here today. I came back in to see if you had replied because I had asked a question but didn't find my comment at all.

    I'd like to blame the computer but they say it's always the operator's fault!!

    Anyway, I had used a nice assortment of F words so I'm bummed you won't see it but my question was about the Four Friends. I'm not very good with horse faces so I wasn't sure if one of them was Prarie or if it was three new friends.

    I did say it was a fun and fantastic post!

  20. I meant yesterday!

  21. Jo ~ Oh no, bummer that Blogger ate your comment! I'd have loved to see your Flurry of F words.

    The answer to your question is C) None of the Above. :-) These are four horses in a pasture in Big Horn.


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