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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ABC Wednesday: Hay, Horses!

Though I Had more High Hopes for this post than I Had time to make Happen, I'd Hate to Have to skip H week for ABC Wednesday. Happily, I'd taken this photo of the Horses on Sunday and the ones of the Hayfield three weeks ago, on my way Home from town. How Handy!

Horses grazing in the gloaming
(Where were you guys last week when I needed Gs?!)

Hayfield on a Hot afternoon

Taking the requisite "artsy" shot has become a Habit!

Hey, more H's are Happening at


  1. Hay there, nice shots.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2.'s hay!! (and horses)....thanks. :-)

  3. ha, "how handy" cute! you got some great h shots here plus you could have used this for barn charm!

  4. Hey hey! Emma would love this post, seeing as how one of her favorite sayings is "hay is for horses!". lol

    Have a happy day, Laurie!

  5. Sheepsihly admitting that I rather like the 'arty farty' shot!
    Jane x

  6. Love it. Not a Hateful prescence there. And I too like the arty farty shot.

  7. Love the lighting for the grazing shot -- autumnal colours!

  8. Thanks for the invite to see your Wyoming hay. It is mighty fine, and I bet the horses are thinking that too. It looks very peaceful in the paddock.

  9. Rog ~ Hay, thanks! :-)

    veganelder ~ Hay, if I know you, you liked the photo of the horses best, dintya? :-) You're welcome!

    Tanya ~ You know, I used to have to walk across a hayfield to visit Mehitable's grave. :-)

    I've seen the Barn Charm meme on a few blogs, but haven't had time to check it out. There are several nifty barns 'round these parts, I might have to participate in that one when I have time again!

    Molly ~ LOL - that sounds like a saying that Emma would like! :-) Thanks, Molly, I hope you had a happy day too! I had a another crazy-busy one that included spraining my big toe (bad timing!), and know that when all this Hullabaloo (there's an H word that should score Bonus Points, lol) finally comes to an end, I'm going to probably have the Mother of all MIgraines and go to bed for three days. But then I can start to relax and enjoy myself!

    Jane ~ No need for sheepish confessions, I like the artsy-fartsy shot too, and they're the funnest to take! :-)

    chubskulit ~ They are indeed! I got photos of the baling wagon in action too, but wanted to keep this post streamlined.

    Andrea ~ And Har Har! :-)

  10. Ellie C ~ Nope, nothing Hateful Here (the guy baling the Hay even gave me a friendly "Howdy!" wave as he drove by while I was snapping photos!) I'm glad you liked my artsy shot too. :-)

    Shooting Parrots ~ Thanks! When I first drove by and saw that scene, one of the horses was standing in that patch of sunlight, and it was the sight of that golden light shining through his mane and tail, as well as on bits of the field and the treetops, that made me slam on my brakes and execute a Bat Turn to get some photos. But the horses, who had been grazing contentedly till then, decided it was time to mill around aimlessly and constantly, mostly in the shade! Heinous hooligans! This was the best photo I got of the sunlight through the one horse's tail, but I sure wish I could have gotten a picture of this scene as I first saw it. I need a remote-controlled camera mounted on the roof of my car or something. :-)

    Joy ~ That is some fine looking second-cutting alfalfa indeed. Give me a little vegan Ranch dressing to pour over it and I'd happily eat it myself! :-) Sure smells good to drive by those alfalfa fields when they're haying (or "swathing," as it's called out here) and baling, too. And you're quite right, that was a very peaceful paddock (with a pony in it, too! Perhaps I should save it for "P" week!) :-)

  11. Why not take the artsy shots since you live in such beautiful surroundings. Great H's; I usually just about jump out of the car when I [rarely] see horses around here. . .mostly soybeans & corn for corn syrup, yay :O(
    I heartily recommend Ballard Street comics on a daily basis. Trust me, it's like a shot of vitamin C.
    Feeling like fall here--how about Wyoming?
    Happy week, my friend.
    p.s. I always enjoy your visits to your blog!!

  12. Lovely shots - but how could they not be when you live in such a beautiful place. I like 'artsy' shots - fun to set up and greatly to be admired.

  13. The hay field looks so peaceful. I'd be tempted to try to roll the bales around, but they' probably wouldn't budge. Are they really heavy? I really like artsy shot too!

  14. Laloofah -- Good shots of both the horses and the hay. I think I get what ABC is about. Wednesdays you do photos of a letter -- like H today. -- barbara

  15. I've just spent rather a long time (when I'd intended to catch up on ironing, dishes, tidying), catching up, instead, on your wonderful blog! You put me to shame, the amount you post!

    Too many great things to comment on, so just a few:
    LOVE the alliterative fun.
    The dogs are SO beautiful!
    Adored the pic of the girls rushing to their Daddy.
    Sorry you didn't nab the wee goat in time.

  16. Noni ~ No kidding! It's pretty darned effortless to take beautiful photos around here - all I have to do is point the camera in nearly any random direction, press a button, download and post them and enjoy the compliments. It's downright unscrupulous of me to take any credit for my photos! :-)

    I'm surprised that horses are rare around your parts. I would applaud your soybean crops, except that I know the vast majority of them are GMO and NOT grown for human consumption but for enslaved critters whose miserable days are numbered. Criminal on both counts, you ask me! And boo-hiss on corn syrup!

    I'll have to check out Ballard Street. That cartoon was just a hoot!!

    The nights are getting very chilly and definitely fallish, and the landscape is changing colors for sure, but our days are still pleasantly summery. Enjoy the changes - this is such a lovely time of year. And have a wonderful weekend, Noni! I always enjoy your visits and comments! :-)

    jabblog ~ Thank you, and I agree - see my reply to Noni above on that topic! :-) And you're right, artsy shots are a lot of fun to set up, and I always enjoy seeing the results. Isn't the instant gratification of digital photography the BEST?!

    Rose ~ LOL, yes - you'd look pretty funny trying to roll one of those haybales, unless you were at the very edge of the very top of a very steep hill - and even then you might need some help. Like from the Seattle Seahawks' front line. :-) Even the "little" square bales of alfalfa we'd haul every summer were heavy - about 80 pounds each. Those round bales weigh about 1/2 ton.

    The hayfield wasn't quite as peaceful as it looks - it sits along a very busy highway, surrounded by houses, and was being baled as I took my photos. But it did LOOK peaceful! :-)

    Barbara ~ Thank you, and yep, you've got it! Each week we take photos of subjects that start with the next letter of the alphabet. I'm already struggling with I (and J and K!) It doesn't have to be of a "thing," necessarily - I could take photos that somehow interpret "intrepid," "joy" or "kissable!" It's fun, I just wish I had more time to be more creative with it these days.

    Penny ~ I've missed you!!! And I can't wait to find some time to savor your latest post - I'm chomping at the bit!

    I know all about how distracting blogs can be, household chores cannot compete. :-) Please do not feel shamed, I am struggling to keep up with the two memes these days, as I know how hard it can be to get back in the blogging swing of things after abandoning it for longer than a week or two. But believe me, I have lots of blog goodies in my stash that I'm itching to post but just can't find the time to do.

    Thank you for your collection of comments, and especially for your compliment on our dogs - we think they're beautiful too! And such good girls. :-) Maybe I'll get the wee goat next time, we're already talking about our next trip to Fort Collins!

  17. How Handy you provided the definition of gloaming because I would have forever thought it was a place -like another word for field or pasture!! :-)

    How nice that you took the requisite artsy shot because that was my favorite. I loved the stalks of grain in the foreground. How different those hay bales are from the small squares my Uncle had in my youth!

  18. Jo ~ I can see why you'd think that's what "gloaming" meant from the context! Would have been a very good guess! I figured it was a good idea to link to the definition because it's a word you pretty much only see used in old songs, poetry and literature nowadays. A very vintage word. :-)

    The artsy shot was my favorite too!


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