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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ABC Wednesday: I

I almost had to Ignore ABC Wednesday this week. It's been nearly Impossible to find time for good I photos (or any photos) while Intensively Involved in moving (I Intend to share a more Informative post on that Issue when time permits). But skipping It was Inconceivable and nearly Inexcusable despite Infinite Interruptions (Including an Injury*) and Immense Insanity. I contemplated posting a blank spot where a photo would go and labeling it "Invisible," but decided that was an Inconceivably Inferior, Inadequate and Idiotic Idea that needed Improvement. :-) So In the end I Ignored all the Interference and finally came up with a couple of pictures to Illustrate the letter I that I hope will Inspire smiles.

(*I Injured my big toe when I sprained, abraded and cracked a bone In It because I'm an Incurably Inept klutz. But according to the foot doctor, at least my toe's not Incurable.) :-)


There have been Innumerable dragonflies around lately,
but I find them Incredibly difficult to photograph.
But this guy was easy, as he Insisted on clinging for dear life
to our concrete patio In very Intense winds one morning.

In mid leap...

This Isn't the angle I preferred, but I had no choice.
I had to shoot it from the car while at a red light
at the Indisputably busiest Intersection in town!
I love this Indefatigable pup In his Infinite game of fetch.

This week It's all about I at


  1. Fabulous!I love the pup:-)
    I hope your toe isn't too painful - just NOT what you need when you're moving:-/

  2. I love the pup! Is it by the same sculptor as the fox?
    Injured toe...anything to get out of carrying boxes....clever!
    Jane x

  3. jabblog ~ Thanks! I think the pup sculpture is very fun - such fun that it can be a dangerous distraction as I approach that intersection!

    My toe was very painful for the first few days, but when I finally went to the doctor on Monday he gave me a protective sandal, which is ugly but has really helped. Absolutely not what I needed to have happen right now, especially since it hasn't gotten me out of a single moving-related chore! *sigh* :-)

    Jane~ I don't think so, but I don't know who the sculpture's artist is (or what its official name is), and for some reason it's not on the list of all the sculptures in town. I'll need to park around the corner and hobble over to it to read the plaque. Have meant to do that all week, but haven't had a chance. When I find out, I'll add it to the caption.

    I think my broken toe strategy backfired, since - as I just told jabblog - it hasn't gotten me out of anything, and made everything slower and more painful! I guess I'll have to injure my wrist next time, maybe that'll do it. ;-)

  4. Although your pics were nice, I really was intrigued and impressed with your inexhaustible and intelligent use of "I" words. Excellent writing!

  5. Terrie ~ LOL, thank you! Yep, I'm in Intrepid user of the alphabet. :-) And you're not bad yourself! No Insipid uses of the letter I in this crowd, eh? ;-)

  6. sorry for your injury, but I'm glad you found the time to join us with your INTELLIGENT post.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Ouch, I hope your toe gets better soon.

    Who knew there were so many words that start with I?

    I like the pics, especially the dragonfly...looking forward to the moving update!

  8. Dragonflies are marginally easier to photograph than damselflies who never seem to stop still. Love the dog. Hope the toe gets on the mend soon.
    ABC Team

  9. Moving is indisputably irritating. I adore your idionsyncratic take on the I post though.
    And hope the toes continues to improve.

  10. You've got to be so busy! Okay, was it your right big toe, because several days ago mine hurt pretty bad for a day or two with no explanation why....... maybe I was having sympathy pains?

    LOVE the dragonfly capture and I'm so jealous that you got such a great one! Love the dog, too, of course!

    I hope all is going well, other than the toe incident!

  11. Very clever post. I take it you have sold your house. I probably missed the post telling of the sale. -- barbara

  12. Rog ~ Thank you, I am too! :-)

    Rose ~ Thanks, it's feeling better now that I have the ugly but protective sandal to wear.

    I know, I never Imagined there could be so many! Seemed Impossible. :-)

    And I'm looking forward to having the time to write the moving update! (And take photos of the finally-all-decorated-and-furnished cottage to post!) Right now it's all chaos and frantic activity, I'm afraid.

    Joy ~ I'm pretty sure this one was a dragonfly, but I'll be honest - I'm not certain I can always tell the difference! The damselflies are quite a bit smaller and more petite, aren't they? This guy wasn't the biggest dragonfly I've ever seen, but he was big. When in doubt, I just call them all dragonflies - it feels like the best generic, all-inclusive term to use. :-) Thanks for your well-wishes on my toe!

    Kim ~ Thanks!

    Ellie C ~ It Is Indeed! "Idiosyncratic" - ooh, bonus points to you for that one! :-)

    Molly ~ Yes, it's my right big toe!! That is so weird! Talk about our Vegan Mind-Meld! I know two other people who hurt their big toes recently too - poor Robyn caught her toenail under a door she was opening and peeled it halfway back (owowowow!), and just a week or so before leaving for Hawaii (today) when she was wanting pretty sandal feet. And another acquaintance dropped a post-hole digger on her big toe the same day I broke mine! Also in the past two days I've met two women who broke their right ankles recently. What's up with all that? Women, guard your feet and ankles! Someone's out to get us! LOL

    Thanks, Molly! I only got that one because the dragonfly was clinging to the patio and so, except for the wind fluttering his wings, was holding still for so long. I wish I could get a good photo of one of the beautiful blue ones around here. You need to check out Jabblog's ABC Wednesday post for this week - fantastic dragonfly photos galore from her garden!

    I thought of you when I photographed that dog statue, because it reminded me of Rowan and Emma playing catch in your yard! :-)

    All's going well (even the toe, since it's feeling better), just awfully hectic - hopefully today and tomorrow will be a bit calmer. I have lots to do, but should have time to catch up on some things that are slipping through the cracks. Saturday we're renting a moving truck to haul the last of the "big stuff," our bed, mattress and box spring, washer and dryer (though the dryer will have to be stored - need to get a second big drying rack!), etc.

    Barbara ~ Thanks! No, you never missed any posts. I just haven't posted about it yet because I haven't had time, and since we aren't scheduled to close till Oct 3, I haven't wanted to jinx the deal by blabbing about it as if it were in the bag. We've had to run quite a gauntlet of inspections (house, well, water, radon, appraisal), but we passed them all with flying colors, except the appraisal which we're still waiting to hear back on (but we doubt it will pose a problem). So it's looking good. It had better, we've signed an 8-month lease, have moved 3/4 of our stuff, sold most of our old (pre-marriage) furniture and bought some new pieces that will better fit the cottage and provide much-needed storage!

    I'll post some details and pictures about/of the new cottage as soon as we're settled in. You'll love it - it's a Sears Catalog Craftsman bungalow from 1910! :-)

  13. A broken toe! Aye-aye-aye! ;-). Hope it gets better soon and your move continues to go well, even if you have to limp around to get it done. Glad to hear MOST everything has gone well with the sell. Oct. 3 will be here before you know it ;-). xoxo

  14. Incredibly well done! Nothing Inferior about your Interesting and Innovative use of the letter I.

    Everything crossable is crossed for the smooth running of your sale and move! VERY excited for you!

  15. Spud ~ LOL, "aye-aye-aye!" Aye get it. ;-) Thanks, the ugly bootie thing is really helping, I haven't been painfully "tweaking" my toe nearly as much, since the boot won't let me bend it much. So it's a lot more comfortable now.

    I am of two minds on the fact that Oct 3 will be here before I know it - it feels like it's taking FOREVER to get here on the one hand (I know you know all too well how exhausting it is to have two properties to deal with and drive back and forth between all the time, plus I have this terror that something horrible will happen to the house before we close on it! It didn't help that there was a wildfire in the Big Horns last weekend and it was so smoky we had to keep the house all closed up!), and on the other hand I need all the time I can get. Moving from this big place to the new bitty one is requiring so much more work - sorting, culling, selling, packing for long-term storage - the decisions alone are wearing me out! It's a lot more work than just moving everything from one house to another, and that's hard enough! It'll be worth it in the end (I think!), but right now I'm feeling overwhelmed and weary. So thanks for your positive words and well-wishes!

    Penny ~ In your Inimitable fashion, you have Impressed me with your own Ingenious use of the letter I! :-)

    Thank you for crossing everything on our behalf! Wish you could cross the pond, too, and come see the new cottage! I still can't wait to have time to explore yours on your latest post (well, maybe it's not your latest post anymore, I haven't looked at my Dashboard all week!) - it'll be a fun reward when this is all behind me! xoxo

  16. I'm much Impressed that you got 5 I words into your description of the dragonfly WITHOUT using the word Insect which would have been un-Inspired and which is why I always call on you when I need help with words - very clever.

    And also cudo's to you for taking photos for your post while waiting at red lights. If that isn't dedication, I don't know what is!!

    Hope the toes feels better soon. Glad it Isn't Incurable!! ;-)


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