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Friday, September 16, 2011

SkyWatch Friday:The storm that wasn't

As I walked from my car to the grocery store a couple of weeks ago, I looked up and saw this huge and ominous storm moving in fast overhead and obliterating the beautiful blue sky that had been there just moments before. Instead of scuttling into the store for shelter from what promised to be a humdinger of a storm, devoted little SkyWatching blogger that I am I ran back to my car to grab my camera! Turned out I needn't have hurried - scary as this storm looked, we didn't get a single raindrop. Just clouds and wind... and then cloudless azure skies again, as if Mother Nature were saying, "Just kiddin'!" :-)

Click on photos for larger versions...

Even the birds seemed to be fleeing for cover!

This cloud sure looked like it meant business!
It probably fulfilled its potential for lightning, hail
and gullywasher rain somewhere down the cloud trail.

Where the potential for fantastic sky photos is always fulfilled!


  1. Clouds that tease have been ubiquitous down here in Oklahoma this year...I guess they hang around up north too. :-)

  2. impressive shots..congrats

  3. That is one scary looking storm.

  4. Wonderful shots. We had something like this a few weeks ago. Probably it wasn't a real storm, but the clouds could not go up because of an inversion layer higher in the air.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.

  5. I can't say I can ever remember seeing clouds that ominous looking that went on their way without any rain falling. I am glad you didn't have to deal with buckets of rain as you were managing with your grocery bags going in and out of the store!

  6. What a beautiful juxtaposition of dark clouds to blue sky. So dramatic, I love it. Clouds are sneaky around here, they roll in during the night or slowly throughout the day; they could use some drama lessons!

  7. That's a pretty intense-looking cloud. I'm not sure I would have had the courage to run for my camera before getting my groceries. :) The clouds here are usually more diffuse, creating an overall gloom while obliterating any blue sky. Then suddenly they're gone, all at once, allowing the blue to show through, sometimes just for minutes. Then once again all is gray. After two years, I still find it troubling that the weather can change in an instant.

  8. Love it. And it did indeed look threatening. Thank you.

  9. Yes, when you should be running for cover and you're running for your camera...hmmmm, a little addiction problem. Can't say I don't have the same addiction. Glad Mama Nature was kind to you. Been super busy so just swinging by with a quick hello. Happy weekend.

  10. Oh, wow, Laurie! I would have sat there and looked at the sky for a long time. Soooo cool!

  11. The clouds in these photo's remind me of paintings done by Vincent Van Gogh, I can't remember the names, but they had something to do with wheatfields and trees. The clouds in the paintings inspired me to write a poem about the paintings and what Vincents' thoughts may have been.

  12. Very good photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  13. Laloofah -- Seemed like you could have at least gotten a few raindrops from that ominous looking cloud. That's the way it is sometimes around here too -- portends rain and then nothing -- Good shots -- barbara

  14. Sorry I missed these amazing photos!
    I also meant to tell you we ride a Royal Star but am familiar with how nice a Valkyrie is. . .my husband rides a lot, but me, not so much. I know ready to get off when my knees won't bend :O)

    Hoping your week has been good.


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