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Saturday, February 9, 2013

A little help (?) from a friend :-)

In looking through online photos this morning of the aftermath of the northeast's monster winter storm, I fell utterly in love with this one of Lilah getting a little "help" from her friend, Willa...

Lilah Watt gets some interference from her 6-month-old puppy, Willa, 
as she shovels out from the snowstorm on Friday, Feb. 8, 2013 in Montpelier, Vermont. 
(AP Photo/Toby Talbot)


  1. Oh my, do I ever love that! So, so cute! lol

    I haven't listened to Joe Cocker in quite a while. Great song and a great artist!

  2. Molly ~ I couldn't wait for you to see this post - I knew you'd love that photo as much as I do! :-)

    I thought the song was perfect for it, it's what popped into my head the moment I saw that photo.

  3. Brilliant photo, wonderful helpful(?) puppy. Thanks - loud smiles from here.

  4. Good words from Joe Cocker and the Serbian proverb on your sidebar, plus a good laugh at the dog chewing the snow shovel. Could almost hear the dog saying, let me help." Enjoyed it all. -- barbara

  5. OH - what a lovely and playful shot!

  6. HI! Are you a WY vegan?! Your blog was recommended to me. I run a vegan food blog in Casper with my friend. I also have a personal blog

    Any chance you live in the same town?

  7. Ellie C, Barbara and ladyfi ~ I'm glad you all enjoyed this sweet and funny photo as much as I did. Did you guys notice how Willa even got her paw into the action? (I love how she's got her left "hand" up on the shovel handle, as if to say, "No Mom, put the snow over there! :-)

    Rooted Vegan (Maria Rose) ~ Yes, I'm one of the few, the proud, the Wyoming vegans! :-) I live in Sheridan. Thanks for the link to Rooted Vegan (how nice to hear that someone recommended my blog to you!) I've actually visited and commented on your Little Things are Big blog in the past! I recognized the name (and Cordelia!) right away. :-)

  8. Pups just want to help whenever they can, and they never "get up and walk out on you." xoxoxo

  9. Spud ~ So true. Except when they hear the sounds of possible treat bags being opened in the next room! LOL

  10. Great pairing of photo and video - puppies are about as much help as toddlers but in both cases, it's cute as heck!!!

  11. Jo ~ LOL, I'll bet they are. :-)


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