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Friday, February 15, 2013

SkyWatch Friday: The One that Got Away

As we all know, sometimes you get the shot, sometimes you don't. Here was a recent "didn't." When I looked out the back door at that morning's lovely sunrise, a large flock of Canada Geese appeared to be flying right out of it and straight toward me. What a photo op! 

But by the time I got my camera, turned it on, removed the lens cap (a rather key step I'm still getting used to with the new camera!), and aimed it at the sky...

... the geese were already flying around the side of our house.

"Please go back," I yelled at them, "I need a do-over!" But they all just honked at me and kept on going. :-) 

I either need to keep my camera by the back door or have bionic implants installed in my eyes that take perfect photos of whatever I'm looking at, that I could download to my computer by sticking a USB cable in my ear. :-) Wouldn't that be handy?

Another idea I've had for years is a hat that records your thoughts for later downloading and editing on your computer. That way, all the emails and shopping lists and blog posts that I'm constantly composing in my head - while driving, riding my bike, mowing the lawn, walking the dogs - wouldn't vanish into the ether the moment I have time to sit down at my keyboard and try to retrieve them from that dark, dysfunctional place in my brain that's supposed to store them! (Who's with me on this? Is there an inventor in the house?) :-)

Meanwhile, I'll find solace over my missed photo op in the beautiful skies of the world that others have successfully captured and shared at...


  1. Taking photos reminds me of the fleeting moments that are constantly passing me by. Not only birds are fleeting but light especially changes in micro seconds. Very nice photos -- barbara

  2. That sky is nothing to sneeze at, with or without the perfect configuration of geese! :) I would love a program like the one you described to write blog posts and letters. Somehow all of the words come together perfectly when I'm driving...

  3. Still! So glad you shared - I do love a good sunrise!! And the geese too. We have families that cross roads often, as there are many ponds around us :) Loving the idea of being able to record and download our thoughts, but so far I'm really enjoying the way you're doing yours :) Have a great day!

  4. I'd rather like a hat that installs witty comebacks when I need them....not two hours later as my own brain is wont to do.
    Jane x

  5. Pretty great photos anyway! Maybe you need multiple cameras posted by all the doors and windows, as well as in the car! I like the recording hat idea, but while I was complaining about not keeping a list of all the books I mean to read so I won't forget the titles, my DIL suggested I note them on my phone like she does. There's a voice memo on my phone that I could talk to, too. I just can't remember that!

  6. I know the feeling. But you know what - both these shots are amazing!

  7. Sometimes, I feel the same way! Your skies are beautiful.
    Have a happy weekend!

  8. Nice sky and funny post:) from skywatch friday. My entry is from :

  9. I hear you. On all counts. I love your sky, and sympathise about the moments which will not agree to 'take two'. And, far too many things get lost in the porridge in my head. There is an old Far Side cartoon which sums it up for me.

    Picture a dorky child in a classroom with his hand high in the air...
    'May I be excused? My brain is full'

    And it is true. For every new thing I manage to cram in, at least two escape (permanently).

  10. beautiful skies, especially the first image. i never had a decent photo of a bird/birds--i'm too slow or they're too quick.:p

  11. Stunning photo. Maybe you'll get another chance with those geese.

  12. You've done a nice job describing the challenge of photography!! And I love your hat idea!

  13. An exciting sky watch with geese around.

  14. Ah, lol, what uncooperative geese! That would have been a fantastic capture, but even without the geese it's gorgeous!

    We watch this animated show called Futurama sometimes and they have this episode where they all get "eye-phones". They're able to take pictures and videos with their eyes and instantly upload them. :)

  15. This illustrates how some wonderful scenes vanish in a matter of seconds, and we can't capture the moment. I have had similar experiences. Anyway, the cloud picture is great. And at least, you captured the birds.

  16. It's happened to me so many times! You did get some nice shots anyway, even if they weren't the one you first saw.

  17. Thanks so much, everyone! I've really been enjoying all your comments, and appreciate the commiseration when it comes to the disappointment of a missed photo. Glad you enjoyed the pretty sunrise even without the lively addition of the big flock of geese flying straight out of it - I'm hoping I'll get another opportunity to capture that incredible sight someday.

    I loved some of your invention ideas (Jane - the "snappy comebacks hat" would be brilliant!), and am hoping an inventor might see this post and come up with a prototype of some of our great ideas. :-) Molly, I know of the show Futurama but have never watched it - I can't believe some comedy writer/animator eavesdropped on my idea and incorporated it into that cartoon! The nerve of some people. :-)

  18. Boy, and I really do think alike, or we both live in the same far-out dimension. Until then, do what I do. When a great photo op happens without a camera, just blink your eyes and say, "got it." I like the "plugging a USB cord in your ear" thing. Someday....someday ;-). Oh, loved your photos ;-).

  19. Hello from Maine, so pleased to make your acquaintancem & thanks for stopping by my blog. I know just what you mean about catching photos. But in the olden days, before digital, things were soooo slow! I've been known to get my camera tangled when hurrying, & then having the batteries go dead! As far as the hat: I'm sure that will happen, if it hasn't already.

  20. And yes, your photos are lovely. And it seems that you have the other moments captured in your memory.

  21. Spud ~ Well, you know what they say about "great minds." :-) Your eye-blinking, "got it" suggestion reminded me of some scenes from Jim and Pam's wedding on "The Office," which we just watched again a couple of weeks ago. They agreed that whenever there was a moment they wanted to remember, they'd pretend to take a photo of it. :-)

    Sketchbook Wandering ~ My pleasure, thank you for the reciprocal visit! I've suffered the dreaded "dead batteries" incident before, as well as the pre-digital "out of film" calamity. I sure am grateful that someone invented digital cameras. And you're probably right that a manifestation of my hat idea (probably as something even more subtle, like a bluetooth ear device) is inevitable. I should submit this post to the US Patent Office. :-)

  22. I'm sorry you missed the shot but the happy by-product is that you got a reason to share two very creative and unique invention ideas. These are the kind of out of this world inventions that Melissa was always coming up with as a kid (and likely still does). Though the science doesn't really exist to create them, I'm still impressed with the fact that you can conjgure them! I'll take one of those Bionic eye camera things when someone comes up with it, please!


    1. Darn. As the one engineer in the bunch, I was hoping you'd have some suggestions for manifesting my great ideas! :-) Oh well, maybe between Missy and me and some as yet unmet inventor geek, we'll get these (and some other of my brilliant ideas**) to market. Meanwhile, I'll put you down for one Bionic Eye Camera. :-)

      **One of which is instant tire chains, an idea I came up with back in the early '90's. Just press a button on your dashboard, and tire chains are instantly installed on your tires as you drive. Now this may sound far-fetched, but I was at a red light beside a school bus the other day, and just above their rear wheel-well were written the words, "Equipped with Automatic Tire Chains." So when I got home I checked the handy-dandy Internet and sure enough, someone else had figured it out way back in 1915!

      And check this out...

      It doesn't appear that they're yet practical for passenger vehicles, but still! Who knew. And so can Bionic Eye Cameras and Though-Recorder Hats be far behind? :-)

    2. The Insta Chain and the 1915 patent are proof that even when you can't imagine how they can engineer some crazy idea, you never know when they will! I love that one of your ideas is actually being produced.

      My only "idea" was actually more of a service I wished I could have availed myself of when I was 16 or 17. I wanted to be able to write to a company and place an order for a custom cassette. I wanted to list 12-14 songs and have them produce a commercial quality cassette.

      And then there were CDs and we could do it ourselves. So I got my wish!!

    3. I know, pretty cool, huh? Maybe I'm not quite as crazy as I keep telling myself I might be. :-)

      Fun that your idea ended up being a reality too! I can remember very tediously making myself custom cassette tapes, first in junior high from merely holding up my tape recorder to my little radio when a favorite song came on and recording it (never quite catching the beginning in time, having to put up with the overlapping DJ chatter or commercial that would start before the song had totally ended, and let's not even TALK about the sound quality!), and much later using more sophisticated stereo equipment that could record tape-to-tape or LP to tape. Still tedious. CDs were awesome! And you must be thrilled with MP3s and iTunes playlists! :-) It's a shame we couldn't cash in, at least a little bit, on our grand ideas!


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