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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ABC Wednesday: O for Orange

Oh Okay, maybe O for Orange right before the big October holiday isn't too Original. Oh, well - in my Optimistic Opinion, Odds are you won't Object to Observing One more little festive Orgy of Orange...

I found this antique orange bottle, decorated with a glittery spider's web and little puffball spider, at a recent gathering of local artisans called "Born in a Barn" at the farm home of one of the artists a few miles outside of town. It featured various crafts, antiques and "re-purposed" vintage items for sale, all set up in the barn stalls, grain silo and other outbuildings on the old farmstead. I found this treasure as soon as I arrived, put it in our dining room window where it catches the afternoon sunshine, and filled it with a late blooming flowers from the wildflower garden

Most of the trees in my neck of the woods (haha) turn either gold or scarlet in Autumn, so I had trouble finding an orange one. This tree's gorgeous leaves are actually both gold and scarlet (as you'll see in some closeups in a future post), but the overall effect is an orange-colored tree. How opportune! :-)

Our bewitching Willow shows off her chic fashion statement for Halloween (along with her outstanding pumpkin)...

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  1. Very nice orangey selection for the letter "O". Love your doggie!

  2. maybe not original, but optimal, and opulent.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Oh my goodness do I adore orange! It's so great combined with purple, brown or green, IMO. :)

    The picture of Willow is so adorable! I love her Halloween attire.

  4. Outlandish, outrageous, and ultimately more than OK. Thanks.

  5. Orange is one of my favorite colors. Willow is very fetching in her Halloween garb! She looks quite stately and resigned.

    I love the orange bottle, but even more the cute little black cat and pumpkin!

  6. veganelder ~ She certainly does steal the show!

    Linnea ~ Thank you (and Willow thanks you too!) :-)

    Rog ~ Oh, how obliging of you! LOL

    Molly ~ I agree with those color combos, and like it with black as well. And Willow's got them all going on in her Halloween jingle bell jester accessory, so no wonder you love it! Isn't she a cutie?

    Jo ~ Thank you! She's cute in every way.

    Ellie C ~ You've Outdone yourself. :-) Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Rose ~ I'm finding several people who really love the color orange. It is a cheerful, rich color. I don't think about it much until Autumn, though!

    And I agree, Willow looks resigned, but really she was just sleepy. In most of the photos I took of her during that photo shoot, she had her eyes closed. :-)

    I've had the mini black cat and pumpkin for as long as I can remember. This is the first time I've been able to display them in a window and I really love them there with the light coming through. And I love how they look with my new bottle!

  7. Great shots. Love your dog and her/his collar. For the holiday?

  8. I love that bottle! It would go really well with my glass pumpkin tea-light holders :O) And after saying I liked your avatar pic, here I find Willow in full sized glory. Just brilliant pics - she looks as pleased as punch with her collar.

  9. Meryl ~ Thanks. Yes, Willow's new collar is for Halloween. She seems to enjoy jingling the bells! :-)

    Barbara ~ Isn't that bottle great? She had all different shapes and sizes, including a large medicine bottle she'd painted black and decorated with a skull and crossbones and the word "POISON," all in "diamond" rhinestones, and some lovely amethyst bottles she'd decorated in pink rhinestone swirl designs. But the orange bottle is the one I just had to have! And you are so right, it would look great with your jack o'lantern tealights. We should do a bottle-for-tealights swap next year. :-)

    Willow is such a photogenic and cooperative model, I had a lot of fun with that back deck photo shoot. :-) I got several great photos of her, but knew the one of her with the pumpkin had to be my avatar. And I think she loves wearing her fun, jingle bell jester collar - she knows she looks tres chic in it! :-) Tess and Josie have Halloween bandanas - Tess loves hers (she loves dressing up), but Josie thinks it's all just painfully lame-ass. LOL

  10. Sonia ~ I think you and veganelder are vying for the title of Willow's Biggest Fan! :-) I have to agree with both of you ~ Willow totally rocks. And I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom! :-)

  11. Oh, I am happy I was Only One behind On the Older posts.

    Thanks for the heads up as I'm really glad I saw pretty Willow with her Outstanding pumpkin - it's so perfect - not a blemish On it. I love her collar too.

    I love the Orange tree. Our Maples in Canton get so pretty but I was gone the whole time they were pretty!! At least I got to see yours!

  12. I meant to mention the pretty Orange bottle. I love that shade of Orange and I'm glad to have seen One of your treasures from the Barn sale!!

  13. Jo ~ Outstanding job coming up with O words in your comment(s). :-) And welcome back! You were gone an Outlandishly long time! lol

    I'm glad you enjoyed Willow's pretty collar and pumpkin, and that you admired the bottle I bought ~ I really love that shade Of Orange too. And I'm especially happy that I was able to provide some pretty fall maple leaves for you to enjoy, since you missed seeing the Ones in your Own neighborhood at their prettiest!


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