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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Fear not, I come bearing only treats ~ some Halloweenie pictures and music to share with you! :-)

Here's a closeup of Willow's "costume." I tried to get photos of Tess and Josie in their Halloween bandanas, but they were being temperamental divas and wouldn't cooperate enough for a good photo, so Willow gets to be a solo act again...

I took this photo last year, but never got a chance to post it. I went back to this house on Saturday to get a fresh photo (and under cloud cover, which I thought would look better), but there wasn't a ghost to be found in this weeping birch's branches this year! So I'm glad I still had this pic...

This is our newest decoration, purchased on sale a few days ago with proceeds from a gift card from our realtor. :-) I'd had my eye on it all month, so was tickled to be able to get it. It looks scary-cute on our front sunporch...

BW and I went for our longest bike ride yet yesterday afternoon, and that's when I got these next three photos. I loved this elaborate "graveyard" and am dying (harhar) to see it at night, because I could tell that the graves, dead trees and cauldrons all light up and am wondering what clever special effects they may have as well...

Note the ghosts hanging from the shepherd's hook on the right,
and pasture of haybales providing a nice seasonal backdrop!

Though not Halloween-specific, I loved this lazy scarecrow. He looks like he's either related to Mr. Potato Head or is fresh from a bank robbery with the pantyhose still pulled over his face! :-)

You know I love gargoyles (this is at least the third one I've featured on this blog), and this dragon gargoyle, part of a mirror-image pair on the front stoop of a pretty Victorian around the corner from us, is one of my favorites!

We have no idea if we'll have any trick-or-treaters tonight, but we're ready with fun stickers and Panda licorice bars, and will have all our candles lit and, as is our Samhain tradition, All Souls Night by Loreena McKennitt (from her album The Visit) belting out from our speakers...

How are you spending this Halloween?

I'm also busy getting ready for a little road trip. Willow and I are driving up to Havre, MT on Wednesday for three days to visit my mom, whose birthday is tomorrow (my grandmother liked to tell people that my mom nearly came in on a broomstick. LOL) But I'll resume posting soon - I'm working on the quilt show photos as I have time, and hope to have my first post (it'll be a multi-parter) ready by next Wednesday, when ABC Wednesday will be starring the letter "Q!" Perfect. :-)

Until then...

Have a safe and happy one!


  1. Happy Halloween Laurie!!

    I love the new sign and isn't it fun to go around looking at all the Halloween displays? Seems like people have really started to go all out with Halloween; there are some really creative things out there.

    I love the little ghosts in the tree. And, the dragon is cute too, although I'm sure he'd prefer to be called something other than cute.

    Have a safe and fun trip to MT!

  2. Wishing everyone there a halloween full of moonlight and magic too!! (Willow continues to rule!)

  3. You have some very creative neighbors. Good luck with the trick or treaters!

  4. Love seeing Willow! He looks adorable!

  5. Rose ~ Thanks, and yes it is! I find it nearly as much fun as going around gawking at Christmas displays, and would find it equally fun if the same number of people did it! :-) I agree with you that it's looking like more and more people are getting into the Halloween decorating, but it's hard for me to judge since I never spent this much time in this many neighborhoods before! It's been fun.

    I'm sure the dragon would be horrified to hear us calling him "cute," but it's not our fault. He IS cute! :-)

    Thanks, Rose - I'll be awfully glad to get home! At least the weather forecast for my drive back on Friday has improved, it was going to be snowing but now they say it'll be sunny. I hope they're right!

    veganelder ~ Thank you! (And Willow sends you sloppy kisses of appreciation!) :-)

    Jamie ~ We do indeed. I may just have to take a little drive around tonight to see some of the places I've reconnoitered in the daylight. I can tell that lights and special effects are involved and feel like I'm missing some of the best stuff!

    Sonia ~ It's nice to see you here again! Willow thanks you very much for your lovely compliments (and she deserves every one of them if you want my unbiased opinion!) ;-)

  6. Happy Halloween! Willow is adorable in her costume and I absolutely love that gargoyle! <3

    I hope you have a great trip on Wednesday!

  7. So much going on out of doors. I'm amazed at the length people go through.
    Lovely to see what you came across.
    My halloween post is more in the mind than reality: which probably sums me up :-)

  8. Oh wow. Marvellous post. Thank you. I loved the Beware sign, and the graveyard and Willow (of course) but I seriously lust after that dragon.
    Have a great day, and travel safely.

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  10. Wonderful post - I love those little ghosts! Like the music too...

    Our Halloween was pretty sad really what with Ben and all. I took some of Ben's things to the local small animal rescue, the lovely lady there said she was inundated with chinchillas at the moment and asked if I'd like one! LOL! Can you imagine the cats' reactions? Anyway, she told me to come back when I was ready for another bunny. I do miss him.

    Tonight is bonfire night here in the UK, you know when we celebrate that foiled 17th Century Catholic plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament. As you do. There have been fireworks going off all week and tonight will be the worst. Charlie is not impressed.

    Hope the road trip went well!

  11. Now you have me wanting to get out one of my Lorenna CD's! Nice decorations in the neighborhood also!

  12. Molly ~ I thought you'd like that gargoyle! :-) I just noticed this weekend that in addition to the two gargoyles by the front steps, there are two smaller, different, matching ones at the peak of each of the house's two front gables! Oh, and an Airstream trailer parked in the driveway. You'd like that house. :-)

    My trip was pretty good - that drive's awfully long, though. It was nice to have Willow with me, she's good company (and she thanks you for the compliment on her Halloween costume!) :-)

    Hannah ~ I know, some people really go all out, don't they? We went back that night and I got photos of the place with the elaborate graveyard, along with their next door neighbor's decorations (I'd missed them in the daylight!) But I didn't have time to post them, and now a week later it seems silly to. So I'll save them for next year.

    I LOVED your very creative and eerily beautiful Halloween post!

    Ellie C ~ Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I know, I am coveting that dragon gargoyle too!

    Anonymous ~ LOL - nope, not an eminent writer, but thanks for the compliment and best wishes! Google Translate did a good job for you, and I thank you for your extra effort to leave a comment. I just wish you weren't anonymous, I love to see where my visitors are from.

  13. Barbara ~ Thank you, Barbara, and thanks for listening to the music, too. I don't know if Loreena McKennitt is popular there in GB, but she sure is here (she's Canadian). I've been a big fan of hers for many years, and "All Soul's Night" has always been one of my favorite of her abundance of songs.

    I can imagine how sad your Halloween was. :-( How sweet of you to take some of Ben's things to the local animal rescue. Inundated with chinchillas? How did THAT happen? Hmm... I wonder how the cats would react to a chinchilla? They were certainly accepting of Ben the Bunny! I'm having fun imagining a chinchilla starring in your Drama in the Garden productions! Would s/he be on the side of the Evil Genius Cat, or on the side of Buddha's Disciple cat? Or enigmatically neutral? Think of the possibilities! :-)

    I'd forgotten about Guy Fawkes Day, hope you all made it through the week-long orgy of fireworks (I like the pretties they make in the sky, but hate the noise and the mess!)

    The road trip was okay - hate making that trip at this time of year, though - seems there's nothing but animal murderers (aka hunters and truckers hauling poor cows to slaughter) on the roads. >:-( And still plenty of road construction, despite the lateness of the year! I had good weather, which I'm glad of since it can be dicey in November - I missed coming home through a sizable snowstorm north of here by one day.

    Spud ~ So did you? (Get out one of your Loreena CDs?) I listened to another one of hers while on my road trip. Glad you enjoyed the "Halloween in my 'hood!" photos! :-) Did you get a lot of trick or treaters? We got a total of 4, in two bunches. One was Tristan, the 3-year old boy next door (who was dressed up as a high-tech knight in shining armor, since he was armed with a Luke Skywalker light saber, lol) and three teenagers (two boys and a girl) who showed up in the pouring rain, sans any costumes. The younger boy (maybe 14) and the girl (15-16) were surprisingly delighted with the packages of stickers I gave them (I explained I'd been expecting rather younger trick or treaters!), while the older boy (perhaps 17-18 and I'd guess the older brother of the other two) was incredibly enthusiastic over the black licorice bar I offered him, and nearly squealed with delight when he saw it was a Panda licorice bar! He was telling the other two (whose reactions to black licorice was basically, "ewww!") how Panda licorice is totally awesome, made with all natural ingredients and good for you! BW and I stood there rather dazed, and then I told the happy Panda recipient that I'd gotten it at the health food store, because we don't give out no crap candy at OUR house! :-) All the way around this was a very entertaining Halloween for us!

  14. Darn! I'm back on the older post again today. But I guess that just means that there are lots of fun goodies awaiting me!

    However, the good part is that I have the advantage of having your comments so my first question would have been about how many trick or treaters you had. Four is a pretty small number and it's amazing that your oldest trick or treater was so enthusiastic about the Panda Licorice. I had looked at the web site and saw all the fun flavors so I'm in agreement with the first three that you picked the EEEWWW flavor when cherry and blueberry were on hand but I'm thrilled that you ended up picking the flavor that the Panda coniseur liked best! Plus sounds like you have leftovers and best to have the flavor you like best too!

    You ask how I spent halloween and you'll be disappointed because it wasn't very halloweenie. I had dinner with my co-worker in cleveland at the most stereotypical mom and pop diner you have EVER seen. It was wonderful and they got two trick or treaters so at least I saw some. Jim was in Germany so it was lights out at my house. I normally get 50-100 kids so I pleased to come home to find the house safe and sound with no tricks played on us.

    I also love gargoyles so my favorite photo of this post is the gargoyle. It's a great one!

    But of course I have to say "good girl" to willow for holding still for you!

  15. Jo ~ Yep, yesterday's post bumped this one to the dreaded Older Posts section, and I've got a few more posts in the hopper so you need longer lunch breaks these days! ;-)

    I have yet to meet anyone who is ambivalent about black licorice. People either seem to love it or have the "Ewwww!" response. We're in the love it camp, obviously, along with our enthused trick-or-treater! I'd only bought 3 Panda bars, 2 black and one raspberry (blueberry wasn't available). Our 3-year old neighbor, who was our first trick-or-treater of the evening, got some stickers, and then when asked if he'd prefer red or black licorice, stated with confidence, "Black!" As I reached to put it in his goodie bag, his parents behind him started shaking their heads and mouthing, "Red!" LOL Either they know his tastes better than he (or think they do), or they prefer red licorice and were plotting to plunder his bag that night. ;-)

    I'm glad the trick-or-treat mobs didn't punish you for not being home! That's a LOT of trick-or-treaters! I think it's funny the diner got two ToT'ers - were they just there in costume having dinner or did they actually come in to trick-or-treat?

    I didn't know you love gargoyles! How fun! That is a great gargoyle, and one of these days I must get photos of the smaller ones on their roof. That house, by the way, is the one responsible for the upheaved sidewalk where I suffered my epic crash and facial injuries! (Which are all healed now, but the sidewalk still looks terrible!)

    Willow is always a good girl, and I think she loves having her photo taken. :-)


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