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Friday, October 21, 2011

SkyWatch Friday: Chill of an early Winter!

As if moving weren't hard enough, look at the temperatures we had to do it in! Had to have set a record. Brrrr...

And in September, no less. But check out this rugged soul, wearing just shorts and a tshirt in those brutal temps...

LOL - I noticed this sign immediately when we'd stopped at WalMart on our way to the cottage early one morning, and was glad I had my camera with me so I could get photos before someone noticed and fixed the glaring boo-boo. But it continued to read -196ºF for three days! Definitely a new record. ;-)

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(These photos are not to be construed in any way as an endorsement of Arby's. Blech!)


  1. Too funny, but I get you can get some pretty cold temps in winter. Just remember this "heat wave" when it arrives. - Margy

  2. Ooh, summer. Whats that ? :0) It has been a long wet summer, and now we are toward winter. But it has it sharm both ways :0)

  3. Ah! Too funny!

    Love the photo of the lovely dog (what is her/his name?) on your photo profile. I am a lover of dogs...

  4. I totally missed the outrageous temp because I was drooling at those mountains on the horizon!
    And I love your new cottage--what a dreamy place.
    Glad you're back too.
    Happy weekend!

  5. Do you have room in the cottage for all the winter gear you need to survive temps like that?

  6. Ha! That's totally something I would have taken a picture of, too. How funny!

  7. Love it. And would so much rather those sort of temperatures than the summer we are heading into.

  8. Whoa, stay warm Laurie!! :D

    Maybe it was some sort of a secret message for someone...ah, probably not. :)

  9. Margy ~ We do indeed, but not quite that cold (though there are some days that feel like it!) ;-)

    Wenche ~ I think my friends in Seattle can relate to your wet summer, and I picture winters in your part of the world to be long, cold and snowy - but beautiful. I hope you can enjoy some warm sunshine, though, even if you have to travel somewhere to get it. Just avoid places that are 196 degrees below zero in September. ;-)

    Sonia ~ Thank you! Since you visited a couple of my other posts, you know by now that the lovely girl in my profile photo is our rescued border collie/collie mix, Willow. She was giving me an uncharacteristically dirty look because she wanted to be a princess for Halloween, not a witch! ;-) She's a beauty, people stop by our yard or on our walks all the time to pay her compliments, and she's as sweet as she is pretty.

    Noni ~ The mountain view from there really is pretty, isn't it? And that was on a very hazy day. Wait till I share some more recent ones from a different (and I think better) vantage point on some clear Fall days! I'm glad you like Dragonfly Cottage, we think it's really cute too. And thanks for missing me ~ I missed you too! I'll enjoy spending time when the weather finally turns wintery catching up with everyone's blogs!

    Andrea ~ Nope, our NASA space suits take up WAY too much closet space! We'll just have to follow the example of the tough guy in shorts and suck it up. LOL

    Molly ~ I know, that scene had "Blog Fodder" written all over it, didn't it? :-)

    Ellie C ~ Well, you're welcome to keep that photo handy if it will help make you feel cooler during the scorching days of an Aussie summer. Too bad we can't work out a temperature trade, where you could have 20-30ºF of our really cold days to mix with your hot temps, and you trade us the same amount of your heat when we're bitterly cold!

    Spare Parts~ Thanks!

    Rose ~ I know, I kept watching the sign to see if it was part of an ad for a frozen concoction they were selling or something, but nope. I love your "secret message" theory, though! Probably need a secret decoder ring sold only with their so-called "food" to figure out what the "-196ºF" message meant. ;-)

  10. Brrr! I asked our postman the other morning how much longer he would continue to wear shorts - he said, 'As long as possible'! There's truth in that - we're often too quick to put on extra layers and switch on the central heating or light the fire:-)

  11. It was such an absurd number, I kept thinking - where is this place and where is the missing decimal point and is it -1.9 or is it -19.6. But as I looked at the photos, it never occured to me that it would actually be in Wyoming in September and just be such an outrageous error!! That was too funny!! And that it stayed there for three days even makes it more of a hoot!! I wish we could know the story behind that little boo-boo!!

  12. I'm shivering just looking at those triple digits!


    Through the dazzling bright blue sky
    Pigeons swim and goldfish fly.
    If you think that this is strange,
    You should see the mountains range!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Old Tree, Old Sky

  13. Ok, you always liked to "brag" a wee bit about you super-cold temps, but this is ridiculous ;-)~. xoxo....oh, by the way, we saw your link to Lehman's General Store in Kidron, Ohio, less than a two-hour drive from here. It's a really cool place!

  14. jabblog ~ I can't blame your postman for wanting to stretch his summer attire as far into the calendar as possible! :-) We've had such a long stretch of nice weather, I've been outside taking advantage of it as much as I can, but I've also been craving a cozy day inside for catching up on emails and blogging and doing some baking. Looks like I got my wish today, it's cloudy and cold out. Glad I'm not down in Cheyenne or the Denver area though, where they're under a winter storm watch and expecting 6-10" of snow tonight and tomorrow!! EEK!

    Jo ~ Yep, as errors go, it was pretty outrageous! Especially since it was during a stretch of temps well into the 80s! :-) I agree that the fact no one caught it or did anything about it makes it more hilarious as well as mysterious. Maybe it required a repair instead of just a reset.

    MMT ~ No kidding! Nice poem, thanks for sharing!

    Spud~ I'm inclined to agree, and since I often "brag" about our cold temps, I'm sure this would have sounded like a huge exaggeration if I hadn't obtained the photographic evidence to go with it. ;-)

    I'll bet Lehman's store is pretty fun to poke around in - I know I'd have fun in the lamps section for sure!


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