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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ABC Wednesday: Relishing R

ABC Wednesday: R is for...


I'd be remiss if I didn't sneak in a little update on our new house construction! :-)

I took these yesterday, day #2 of the installation of the roofing shingles. The weather, sunny and in the mid-80s, has been perfect for it, and they're nearly finished...

That's our builder Todd on his phone in the front doorway

The house has been rambunctious recently with the roofing, rough-in plumbing and HVAC ducting. Next week it's the electrician's turn, and if all goes well, the windows should arrive!

But enough about construction, riveting (harhar) as it is! Here are a couple of fun photos taken during bike rides around the neighborhood this week...


chainsaw carving by David Peterson ~ Sheridan, WY

This bookish bear was carved by chainsaw last summer out of a dead cottonwood tree in the artist's front yard. A contractor working across the street when I took this told me the artist had never carved with a chainsaw before doing this bear.

One of my favorite summer recreational activities ~
~ restful, relaxing reading!

(You can see a photo of Mr. Peterson in action about three weeks after starting the bear carving by clicking here). 


A delightful yard in our neighborhood is home to several items that have been repurposed into planters, including what looks like a vintage washing machine...

a charming old metal chair...

and my favorite of the bunch, this rustic red pot-bellied stove!

To revel in more representations of the letter R,
ramble over to this week's ABC Wednesday!


  1. Excellent subjects for the letter R!

  2. Wow, your house looks huge! It's nearly done!

    I love that bear! Very cute.

    Very good interpretation of R. :)

  3. Eclectic R post! Love the bear and the recycled washer!

  4. Laloofah -- Funky -- that is how I would describe the planters with the recycled materials. The bear is fantastic. Hard to believe that it was your neighbor's first attempt. Nice post -- barbara

  5. I agree with Rose- your house looks huge! It'll give the girls some nice room to run around when they're not outside. :)

    That bear is so great! I can't believe that's the artist's first chainsaw sculpture, too. WOW!!

    Very cool re-purposing your neighbors did. I love when people do that.

  6. as noted, reading is FUNdamental!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. I say it again....I just love how your house "sits." Seems like that spot was just waiting for you to slide the perfect house into it ;-). Love the bear and the cool planters. xoxo

  8. Your beautiful R post has Rousted me out of the apathetic state I had drifted into this evening. I adore your house (yes, I know, not as much as you do) and the reading bruin and the planters.
    A lovely post (as always).

  9. Interesting recycling...I agree...the stove is major cool. Thank you.

  10. I loved this post because it included a Riveting assortment of goodies. I of course think that the house construction is riveting and hope to see construction photos often.

    The reading bear was really cool but after you mentioned that this was his FIRST piece, I was Really amazed. I clicked on the photo of him working on it hoping to know if he is an artist by trade. If this is also his first sculpture of any kind, I would say that's an uncommon gift. On the other hand, if he has done ice sculpures or worked in other forms, it would still be impressive but at least it would explain why his first piece was so wonderful.

    The re-purposing photos were great fun. I'm glad you explained that was a pot bellied stove or I wouldn't have figured it out. I especially loved the old metal chair!

    Really good post!

  11. Linnea ~ Thank you! It's always nice (especially when I'm short on time) to have photos I wanted to post anyway fit the current ABC Wednesday letter! :-)

    Rose ~ You think so? It's larger than we'd have liked, but a comfy size that gives us lots of storage and should be good for resale. I don't think it's huge, but from that angle with the garage so prominent it does look that way. I'd love to think it's nearly done, but it feels like tons more needs to happen before it's anywhere near livable, and I'm nervous that it's nearly June! I'm not sure they can have it done and ready to move into by the time our lease is up on Aug 1, but I sure hope so!

    That's actually one of several carved bears in the neighborhood! I'll have to photograph the others one of these days. This one's my fav, though. :-) I'm glad you enjoyed my Rs, Rose! :-)

    Chieftess ~ I did rustle up a variety, didn't I? I'm not very good at sticking with one theme (or a single photo, either!) I'm glad you enjoyed it - that washer-as-planter is clever, isn't it?

    Barbara ~ Definitely funky - and clever too, I'd say! I find it hard to believe that was the bear-carver's first attempt as well, but then I doubt I'd be able to saw a log with a chainsaw without cutting my own leg off! :-)

  12. Molly ~ LOL, yeah - we built it for them. :-) Actually, it will be a great set-up for them, and we definitely changed some things with their comfort in mind. Most of the garage's "dog leg" (that extra storage area behind the 2 stalls) will be their heated indoor kennel with a window and a dog door to the back yard. When they're inside with us, they'll be able to see out the windows and the single glass French door to the backyard (that's especially important to Tess, who hates not being able to see out!)

    I'm in awe of people who can carve like that with ANY implement, but a chainsaw? Seriously? I love that bear too! As well as the re-purposing. People can be so creative! There's an old bike in front of one of the old cottages near the park (where we used to live) that gets decorated for the seasons. Right now the wicker basket on its front is full of flowers, at Christmas it's covered in little white lights. It's really cute - I'll have to get some photos of it, too.

    Roger ~ As well as fun for mentals! (Hey, it always helps relieve my crazy-making stress levels - depending on what I'm reading, of course!) :-)

    Spud ~ Thank you! I think so too. It's getting a lot of compliments and I don't think it looks all that great yet! Imagine it with siding and windows and a front porch and flowers and rocking chairs... :-) I think it fits there as well as it does in large part because of the next door neighbor's charming "English" cottage and the house three doors down that is also Craftsman style. Each house on the block looks different, but they all seem to blend nicely.

    And I'm glad you enjoyed the rest of the post, too!

    Ellie C ~ Thank you so much! I'm really glad you love our house, and am enjoying sharing its progress with you. Can't wait to share it all finished, though! :-)

    veganelder ~ The stove's totally charming, isn't it? Only thing I'd have done differently is paint it black - it really would have set off those geraniums. They've created a sweet little garden oasis right there with their clever use of those vintage items (and you'd love all their bird feeders, too! They're not vintage or anything, they just clearly love birds!) :-)

  13. Jo ~ I love that you loved this post! I think variety is fun - maybe a little something for everybody. :-) I hope to satisfactorily satisfy your appetite for construction photos, but I'm ready for the place to look less like a construction site and more like a house!

    If I ever see Mr. Peterson in his yard as I pedal by, I intend to stop and ask him. But so far, no one has ever been around (except the contractor across the street!)

    I think that old chair is really adorable! I'd love to have a chair like that.


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