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Friday, May 25, 2012

Sexy Dazy & Vegan Potluck

Happy weekend!

BW is wrapping up a week's vacation (though it will be extended an extra day thanks to Monday's Memorial Day holiday) that couldn't have come at a better time. Our future home has been a flurry of activity and we've both needed to be there for much of it, meet with our builder, and finalize some decisions. The HVAC, plumbing and electric were all roughed-in, the garage and parts of some rooms have been sheet-rocked, and the foam insulation is being applied to the walls (I took a few new photos that I'll share in my next post). We had beautiful weather last weekend and early this week and managed to go for some pretty ambitious bike rides (sometimes riding to the job site, which requires climbing a truly malevolent hill!) and some great walks with the dogs. Our weather then turned cold and rainy (the word SNOW has been bandied about by weather forecasters), so lately we've been able to do a little more relaxing than we'd become accustomed to!

And last evening we enjoyed a fun outing with our friends Robyn and Jesse when we all attended the third monthly local vegan gathering, Lean & Green Potlucks, in Big Horn. Robyn and Jesse met up with us first at our house in Robyn's fun VW bug "Dazy" (who made an earlier blog appearance) so that I could photograph Dazy's recently installed ooh-la-la hot pink metallic Car Lashes that I gave Robyn for her birthday...

Robyn and Dazy (lookin' good, ladies!)

Robyn shows us how perfectly her Crocs match her car! 
(And also how her weekly yoga sessions are paying off!) ;-)

The vegan potlucks started up on March 8, and are now held every fourth Thursday of the month at the Big Horn Women's Club. This is the first one we've had a chance to attend and we really enjoyed it. At least 20 people were there (not bad for a cold and rainy Thursday evening in cowboy country!), along with lots of delicious vegan food. Fellowship and food made for a fun evening!

Our friend and former neighbor Vistara, co-host of the fabulous
Thanksgiving Feastapalooza (so another veteran of a past post)
shares a hug with Alice, whose splinted finger she attributed to 
"too much housework" (let that be a lesson to us all!) ;-)
while their husbands discuss heavy matters in the background.

Folks visit the info table before heading to the food table...

...which was laden with vegan Tamale Pie Casserole, Lasagna, 
Sushi, Fried Tofu, 2 Pad Thai dishes, Leafy Green Salad, 
Potstickers, Beanito Black Bean chips & Guacamole, 
Roasted Potatoes, Wild Rice, and for dessert my contribution 
of Hearty Spiced Cocoa Muffins...

Sprinting down the length of the table is Steve Dudley, 
our former neighbor who founded the Lean & Green potlucks.
Vistara, on crutches next to BW by the quilt, 
taught me how to cook tofu back in 1996,
and brought her delicious signature tofu to the potluck.

Yummy lasagna

My plate (minus the sushi I'd already hoovered up)
of (clockwise from top); roasted potatoes, potsticker, pad thai, 
fried tofu, lasagna, and lentil soup off to the upper left. YUM!
(Sorry, the lighting was dreadful for food photography!)

After everyone's eaten, they show a film. At the first potluck it was the excellent documentary Forks Over Knives, last month's was CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta's report, The Last Heart Attack, and last night it was the very informative, sometimes distressing, sometimes LOL funny documentary Vegucated...

watching Vegucated 

The next potluck is June 28th, which contractors and UPS schedules willing, we hope to attend!

Next week should be exciting with windows, exterior doors and the fireplace scheduled to show up, a big light fixture order to place, a vet visit for Willow and Tess (due for their annual heart worm tests and lepto vaccine, plus Willow has a cyst on her face we want checked out - so please keep your fingers crossed on her behalf that it's nothing to worry about), and hopefully some more great weather for bike rides - and time for blogging!
Update: Willow's cyst was just that, a harmless cyst, and she and Tess both tested negative for heart worms. And they got pedicures and were very brave! :-)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, a safe Memorial Day to my fellow Americans, and a very Happy Birthday today to my friend Barbara! :-)


  1. Vegan food with a group of crazy vegans...HEAVEN!
    Jane x

  2. That sounded wonderful. I am thrilled to hear that the house is going up gang busters and will keep everything crossed for Willow's face.

  3. Wow, if I was a vegan, this would be a fabulous event. I mean, I could definitely eat there, but wouldn't know what to bring. Cooking vegan seems so difficult.
    Glad things are coming along with the new house. It is exciting in a kind of anxiety tainted way to watch a new house come together.
    Warm thoughts for a positive vet visit for your girl. Happy weekend.

  4. Jane ~ Not everyone was vegan (or crazy, for that matter - as far as I could tell!), but it was wonderful and I wish you could have joined us! :-)

    Ellie C ~ Thank you for crossing everything for Willow's face! :-)

    Sue ~ I'm confident this would be a fabulous event for you regardless - it's meant as much for non-vegans who want to learn as for vegans who want to gather. More than half of the people there were not vegan - some not even vegetarian (yet they brought many of those dishes), but want to explore a plant-based diet and/or vegan lifestyle for various reasons. Vegan cooking can be as simple or as complicated as regular cooking, and the simpler it is the shallower the learning curve. Honestly, it is NOT hard. You get to learn about new ingredients if you want to expand your culinary horizons, but most people eat a lot of vegan food without calling or thinking of it as that! I wish you could have come with us - I really think you would have enjoyed yourself (and we'd have enjoyed your company!) :-)

    LOL! "Exciting in a kind of anxiety tainted way" describes it PERFECTLY! :-) I think we'll be really pleased with the outcome and grateful to have had this experience. Thanks for helping to talk us into it! You gave us more confidence than we otherwise would have had. (Perhaps I can repay the favor with vegan cooking!) ;-)

    Thank you for your warm thoughts for Willow. I'm not overly concerned, but she's about 12 and a lump that's getting bigger is nothing to ignore. Happy holiday weekend to you too, Sue! I'll get by your blog sometime today, I promise! My visit is long overdue.

  5. Car lashes? Well I never... :-)

  6. I honestly had no idea cars could have eyelashes. Is that something reserved only for Beetles or can Toyotas have them too? Best gift I've seen in a long time.

    It's been a long time since I've been to a vegan potluck like that? I'm jealous.

  7. veganelder ~ Only now you have! And I'll bet now you're wanting a pair for your own car, aren't you? ;-)

    Andrea ~ Nope, lots of other cars can have them too, though I think they look especially brilliant on VW Bugs and Mini Coopers. Just check the Car Lashes web site to see all the cars they'll fit (and the variety of colors they come in).

    For some reason I picture you going to Vegan Potlucks all the time out there! If the timing of your trip(s) through here this summer work out, we'd love for you and Ken to come with us to a Lean & Green Potluck! :-)

  8. Who knew so many vegans could come out of the woodwork? The food looks great, and it sounds like fun.

    Robyn's car is definitely cute!

  9. Rose ~ As far as I know, there were 8 of us vegans there, one vegetarian, and I believe the rest were plant-based foods curious/interested. But there may have been more vegans there than I'm giving credit for! Either way, I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout, especially given that it was a week night and the weather was pretty foul.

    One person I was glad to see there was Joyce, who owns the health food store where we shop (and she also brought her adult son Justin, who works in the store). She sat next to me while we ate (but had to leave before the movie, unfortunately), and she'd never eaten tofu or nutritional yeast, although she sells them both. She's now a big fan, thanks to Vistara's fried tofu, and wants to start cooking tofu. Joyce had brought Pad Thai to the potluck, btw.

    I think Dazy is definitely cute too! Robyn has her all decorated up on the inside, too, and my favorite is a little nodding solar-powered potted daisy on her dashboard, a birthday gift from her sister. So Dazy got a lot of gifts for Robyn's birthday! :-)

  10. First, thanks for the follow-up to my comments on previous posts. I didn't reply - enough is enough! :-) But do let me know if you find out if that was his first sculpture.

    Seeing the post of the food was more fun than hearing about it since the photos were so mouth watering so thanks for sending me this way when I asked about the food. The fried tofu looks cooked just right - very toasty and I wish your post came with tastes! I see no dessert on your plate so I guess you went back for that.

    Dazy is looking good. I like her vanity plates. Sort of looks like Dazy's mouth.

    Back to work for me. Glad to catch up a little. Looking forward to coming back and checking out the cemetary.

  11. Jo ~ I've long said that blog posts should have scratch -n-sniff and sample tasting features! :-) Vistara's tofu is always so good, and this was no exception. Her secret ingredient for this batch was nutritional yeast ("educational yeast" lol) and I could have easily eaten the entire thing myself! I did go back for my muffin after dinner, during the movie. Vistara sat next to me and she had me bring her a second one when I went for mine. :-)


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