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Monday, May 7, 2012

A trussworthy post ;-)

Here are some photos, taken during the past couple of weeks, of the recent progress on the house ~ along with some of our local flora and fauna thrown in for good measure. :-)

The place for the fireplace :-)
(Flanked by the two little windows we had added)

The guest room (we had our builder add the large window on the left, 
which still has plywood sheeting over it).
Note the rectangular opening to its upper right...
it was just a spot they hadn't covered with plywood yet, 
but we were inspired with an idea when we looked through it 
and saw this beautiful view...

That's Black Tooth Mountain and the best view of the Big Horn range. 
No way were we going to have them cover that up! 
So we're having a 13" x 24" "peekaboo" window made for that spot
and the window shop even threw it in for free with our window order! 

Our new house has an animal totem, hanging around the lumber.
(Maybe he's a "lumberjack rabbit!" *snork*)

A return visit a few days later, with some of the roof trusses in place...

The view from the master bedroom (and bathroom on the right)

The same spot a week later, with the roof decking installed

Here's the view from the master bedroom window showing 
a lovely burst of color from the blooming crabapple tree!

And while we're on the subject ~ another crabapple in bloom,
in front of the hospital where I used to work

The dormer window in the upstairs bonus room
will eventually be enhanced by a cozy window seat!
(As of Friday, it's covered by house wrap like the rest of the house)

A view from the dormer, captured before the house wrap obscured it

The house as of yesterday, now more protected from the elements


  1. Oh wow, what fabulous views! I can't believe how quickly the house is going up... All the hard work and decision making will be well worth it, it looks great. Do you get to keep the bunny when you move in? And will you hug him and pet him and call him George?!? :O) (David sent me a pic via Facebook of George Cloony on St George's Day with that quote!).

  2. I'm so envious of your views! It looks like you're going to have some beautiful gazing opportunities every single day. They've really made a lot of progress, too!

    Love the bunny. <3

  3. TW! Love your house! Randy and crew are making great progress and your house just.....sets well ;-). The views you'll have out you big windows are super. I bet you two...err five..can't wait. Loved the pup pics as well. xoxo

  4. Sure like that view of Black Tooth Mountain. Lucky guest that gets to stay in that room -- they will love the view. Soon you'll be moving your furniture in and finally be settled. -- barbara

  5. Oh. Wow. I love all the windows, and the views are incredible. Once building starts it really starts doesn't it. How long before you can move in?

  6. Your views are so different from my urban views! The house is really taking shape fast — you'll be in it before you know.

  7. I especially liked the crabapple pic...and of course...the bunny. Thanks

  8. Barbara (UK) ~ Thanks, it really has felt like it's accelerated lately - they finished the framing, the plumber and HVAC ("Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning") guys have been out, and we meet with the electrician next week. As for BW and me, we're currently working on finalizing our choices of flooring, shower tile, guest bath vanity counter and the front door, and now also choosing all the plumbing fixtures! After that, it's on to all the lighting fixtures and finalizing the paint colors. And after THAT, I hope we can pretty much sit back and wait for all the stuff that's been ordered to start showing up and getting installed - THAT will be the fun part! (I think). :-)

    If the bunny wants to stay with us after we've moved in, he's certainly more than welcome! And now of course I will absolutely name him George. LOL at what David did for St. George's Day! ("Tell me again about the rabbits, George!") :-)

    Molly ~ I'm really glad that we'll have those views, because we really haven't had any since moving to town. Dragonfly Cottage at least looked out over the park, which was nice, but it's the mountains I miss. It will be fun to watch the mountain range from town after all those years of seeing town from the mountain range! :-)

    The bunny was definitely lovable (though he looked a little "board." LOL)

    Spud ~ Thank you! I think that house fits that lot perfectly, and looks especially good with the next door neighbors' house to the south (it's a cute cottage). And the Sheridan Pathways system is right outside our door! We can walk or bike all over town from there. And yes, all five of us are eager to move in (Val and Tino don't seem to care one way or the other, since they've got a house that just moves with them!) :-) I'm looking very forward to the end of these seemingly endless decisions, to finally having everything unpacked and in one spot, and to having a place of our own again. I just hope that Todd (our builder - who the hell is Randy? LOL) can get us in there before our lease is up! May is flying by, and I'm getting a bit anxious.

  9. LOL...don't know where Randy came it ;-). I hope he gets your place done by the lease-end as well....have faith. xoxo

  10. Barbara (KY) ~ We do too, Black Tooth is very dramatic! I can't help but wonder who our first overnight guest will be, but I think they'll enjoy the views too (let's hope they visit during clear weather!) : -)

    I'm not looking forward to another move, but I am looking forward to being moved in and settled at last! How are things going with your house sale? I hope you're getting lots of interest.

    Ellie C ~ I love all the windows - and the views - too! (We may have to spread out the purchase of window treatments over a few years, though!) ;-) You're right, once it starts it really starts. The plumber called me yesterday and he'd already installed the fiberglass shower/tub unit in the guest bath! I had no idea it was even here already. We're hoping to be moved in before our rental lease expires on Aug 1, but there's still so much to be done, I don't know how we could possibly make it. We'll see - maybe we can rent the place for an additional month, but it'll probably be on the market if we do so here we'll go again! Oh well, I'll worry about that when/if the time comes. And maybe not even then. :-)

    Andrea ~ What are your urban views like? Do you get any of Seattle's skyline? I imagine lots of big trees and charming homes. Our current views are just of trees and 1950s and '60s ranch houses. The trees are pretty, but all in all it's not very inspiring. At least I don't have to walk too far to see the mountains. But I'll definitely enjoy seeing them from our windows and front porch!

    veganelder ~ Of course, the bunny! He's the best feature of the house, so I hope he'll hang around! :-) The crabapples were really pretty this year, but we've had a lot of wind and so now the streets are pink and white and the trees are pretty bare of blossoms.

    Spud ~ Okay, we'll try to have faith. As BW likes to say, "In Todd we truss." LOL!

  11. Love BW's sense of! Beats Handy Randy all to hell ;-P.

  12. Things are coming along! How exciting. Looks like you'll have some beautiful vistas to enjoy. Isn't it amazing how quickly things go up? Hope despite the stress, you're enjoying the process.

  13. Cool! A whole post devoted to the build!

    How fun to get a peekaboo view of the view from the peekaboo window that I'm most looking forward to seeing.

    I was also excited to see the dormer window. That's a great window. I had imagined the size of the dormer but I thought the window would be smaller. That will be a great spot to window sit!

    Thanks for the fun lunchtime chuckle with the "lumberjack rabbit" joke. You're so clever.

  14. Spud ~ He's pretty gol-durned funny, ain't he? :-) I imagine if our builder's name were Randy, he'd have come up with something clever for that, too. Probably even something better than "Handyman Randy Man," which is the best I can do this early in the morning! LOL

    Sue ~ Things are coming along, but you were so right that it seems to slow to a crawl during the whole "rough in" stage (even though the trades all worked fast!) Now the tedious but necessary steps of insulating and sheet rocking are underway. It's nice to see how the rooms will look with walls. The kitchen cabinets are scheduled for delivery on June 19 - not too far off!

    Sometimes I'm enjoying the process, but sometimes it's been too overwhelming. I've enjoyed it most when I can take time to explore choices and decide, and we got an early start on most things so that's how we were able to do it. Other times we've been blindsided or have been under a deadline to take advantage of a brief sale, and those times have been less fun. But so far, at least, we're satisfied with the decisions we've made - we'll see how they all come together!

    Jo ~ :-)

    Me too! I hope the windows get installed next week (and wish they could have been in during all this rain and wind!) That dormer may end up being one of my favorite spots in the house. I see myself wanting an iBook or Kindle so I can sit up there in that window seat enjoying the view while surfing the net, visiting blogs and catching up on emails! :-)

    Thanks for appreciating my pitiful lumberjack rabbit joke! LOL


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