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Friday, June 15, 2012

Chime in! :-)

We haz front porch! Well, the start of one, anyway...

We also haz front door (that's missing a piece of decorative molding), garage door (that's installed incorrectly, waiting for a new panel to replace a dented one, and missing its window grilles), window trim, soffits and fascia, and a bunch of construction crap in the front yard...

The city decided this would be a good time to do road repair in our new neighborhood (*sigh*), so the red dumpster and construction trailer had to be moved off the street and into the yard. The street work is making us nervous - it's supposed to wrap up today but they seem to be behind schedule, and we have three large freight trucks showing up Monday to deliver all the cabinetry for the house! (Monday is also our 24th wedding anniversary. Are cabinets the traditional 24th anniversary gift?) :-)

There's a lot going on with the new house in the next couple of weeks (along with my annual yard sale with Robyn next Saturday because I'm clearly a glutton for punishment), so my camera and I will do our best to keep up with it all and I'll post more update photos when I can.

But meanwhile, now that we have at least a rudimentary front porch, I've got wind chimes on my mind!

Wind from the Sea by Andrew Wyeth

We don't get wind from the sea of course, but we do get plenty of breezes off the mountains. Which works for me, since I love wind chimes! But my favorite set, Gregorian Alto Woodstock Chimes I bought on a visit to Maine more than 20 years ago, is done for. We want to hang a replacement on the front porch that sounds a little different, and BW and I have narrowed the field of contenders to these five. Care to give a look and listen and chime in (nyuck) with your favorite(s) in the comments? Your opinions may help us to decide on one...

Celestial "Moonrise"

Celestial "Zodiac"

Celestial "Celtic"

Victorian Garden "Coventry"


(If you happen to be in the market for a set of these yourself, you'll find them much cheaper at Amazon, but without the nifty audio samples.)

And if you haven't yet gotten your fill of the sound of wind chimes, here's a lovely chime-accompanied contemplative video for your meditative pleasure...

Enjoy an easy, breezy weekend! :-)


  1. Of the chimes you picked, I like zodiac best. My favorite is the feng shui tiger eye. Will your neighbors hear the chimes? I like the chimes in the clip, too, but I'm very sound sensitive and prefer not to hear sounds all the time. :)

    Perhaps you will start a new tradition, and order new cabinets every 24 years!

  2. Andrea ~ Thanks for sharing your favorite of our winnowed batch of chimes. I love the look of the Feng Shui tiger eye chimes and would go for them but am sticking with silver tones for the front porch because of our color scheme, and also I prefer a deeper, mellower chime tone. The neighbors won't hear our chimes unless they're in their front yard and a breeze is blowing - we face their garages on either side. And we're the only one on the block with a covered front porch - everyone else has their outdoor living space in their back yard. (Not that I won't eventually have chimes back there too, but I figure I need to grow a tree there first from which to hang one!) ;-) I'm sound sensitive also, but don't mind the sound of gentle, mellow chimes - or bird song, rushing water, etc. I'm just hoping the sounds from the street traffic, area construction, and elementary school playground won't drown out the sound of my chimes! (If you like quiet, you've come to the right place! I wonder where everyone is? Is there a blog party this weekend and my invitation got lost in the email?) :-)

    Ha, new cabinets every 24 years indeed. ;-) I should have waited one more year, I could have gotten silver-plated cabinets. LOL

  3. I like the zodiac and coventry ones the best because the sounds are the most delicate. Very pretty!

    We have wind chimes that we love but it's been so windy here lately that we haven't been able to enjoy them.

    Cabinets are quite a nice anniversary gift! Like Andrea said, maybe you can make that a tradition! lol

    Happy (pre) Anniversary!!

  4. "Coventry"..all the way ;-). They were all sound very nice, but that one just kinda smacked me upside the noggin.
    House is looking better every day!...patience, Liebechen, patience ;-). xoxo

  5. Molly ~ Those two do make a delicate sound, and yet are still mellow. Thanks for sharing your opinion! I knew you were a fellow wind chime fan. Too bad it's been too windy there to enjoy yours! That was often our problem in Big Horn, but here I've got a covered front porch to hang them on and it's perfect, so I'm hoping the same will be true on our new front porch. :-)

    As long as I don't have to make building a new house every 24 years a new tradition, I guess I'm okay with that! LOL Thanks for the anniversary wishes! I'll be happy if BW gets tomorrow off. (I can't believe it's been 24 years already!)

    Happy Father's Day to Mike!

    Spud ~ And Happy Father's Day to you, dear Spudly!

    So are you saying that "Coventry" rang your bells? :-) I think that's probably the prettiest looking of the chimes, too, and I'm not averse to hanging a Victorian chime on a Craftsman front porch. :-) I also like that it's all metal. The wood on my Gregorian Alto chimes did not age well at all, even on a covered patio.

    The house is definitely looking better every day, but that also makes it harder to be patient! I want to live there now! (Well, not really now - it's covered in sheet rock dust and has no toilets or sinks or appliances... but you know what I mean!) :-)

  6. P.S. Spud ~ I can't believe you didn't choose the Celtic one! "Coventry" really did ring your bells! :-)

  7. Hurrah for the almost finished porch! It doesn't seem five minutes since there was just an empty plot there... although I haven't been through the trauma of having to choose everything to go in it and sort out all the problems, so maybe the timescale looks different viewed from your perspective.

    Wind chimes... well I think it's got to be the Coventry one simply because it's not that far from where I live :O)

    And have a lovely anniversary tomorrow you guys x

  8. Barbara ~ It's funny, it feels like we just started this house-building process a few weeks ago, yet it also feels like we've been going through this for most of our adult lives! It's one of those warps in the time-space continuum, apparently :-)

    Thanks for your wind chime vote - hey, ya gotta root for the home team! :-)

    Thank you for your anniversary card and wishes, too! xoxo

  9. Zodiac...for sure. Maybe it's just my music brain analyzing the modes and such on the others.
    You do haz a front porch and you'll be able to sit a spell on it sooner than you think. Be grateful for road construction now and not after you move it-too much dust. Yes, the 24th is cabinetry. Always has been, always will. Happy anniversary. : )

  10. Happy Anniversary to you and congratulations on the porch. I hope the yard sale is a huge success!

  11. Sue ~ It's nice to get a musician's opinion on which chime to consider! The Zodiac and Moonrise chimes sound the same to me, except the Moonrise one is larger, and so sounds like it has a deeper tone. And, of course, they look different! I'm really torn, and the fact that Zodiac and Coventry are neck and neck in the voting isn't helping! LOL

    The road construction is supposed to be a fairly simple "chip and seal" project, which we're hoping won't make much of a mess (they could never make as big of a mess as our sheet rock guy, who usually has has much dust and mud in his hair as he's got on our walls and ceiling! He cracks me up!) But we've still seen no sign of anything happening. It also affects BW at work, because that whole area they're chipping and sealing is on his route.

    See, I didn't know that about cabinetry being the traditional 24th anniversary gift. I just got lucky! (It could have been "porcelain," since a lot of our plumbing fixtures showed up that day too!) :-)

    Annie ~ Thank you! And I hope the yard sale is a success too. It always has been, but we're having it 2-3 weeks later than we usually do and it's supposed to be in the 90s this weekend (98ยบ on Sunday!) So hopefully people will turn out in droves in the morning before heading to the pool! :-)

    Are you sure you don't want to cast a wind chimes vote? I need a tie breaker! :-)

  12. I was born in Coventry brainer there!
    Jane x

  13. Onward you go toward Home Sweet Home -- barbara

  14. Jane ~ Another vote for the home town team, I see! (I also see that "Coventry" was the only chime you listened to, you bad, biased dog! LOL)

    Barbara (KY) ~ Not much progress was made this week, I'm afraid, so Home Sweet New Home isn't feeling any closer. I hope that changes next week, would hate to go into July with things as they currently stand! Makes me nervous.

  15. The house is really coming along...won't be long now!!

    Selecting chimes is fun...I have three sets of Woodstock chimes and have spent some considerable time on their website listening to the different ones...super fun!

    I like the Coventry ones the best. I really like the Gregorian chimes too...the favorite of my set is the Tudor Rose-Princess chimes.

    Do let us know when you haz some chimes!

  16. Rose ~ Oh fun! I didn't know you're a fellow Woodstock chimes fan! I love that they have all those sound samples. I listened to the Tudor Rose-Princess ones after reading your comment and really like them! What are your other two sets? Thanks for casting your vote for Coventry. Funny that all the votes have been for it and Zodiac so far! I didn't think the polling results would turn out that way. I'll definitely let you know when I haz some chimes. We plan to wait before buying a dining room set and patio and porch furniture, but I think I'll be "needing" those chimes shortly after moving in. :-)

  17. We also have the chimes of Olympos and the Patagonia ones. The Olympos chimes are lovely, but too loud for the neighbors, so it's inside on our sun porch. I remember also liking the Tuscany chimes too.

  18. Rose ~ Wow, those Olympus chimes are impressive! Do they ever catch enough of a breeze on your sunporch to chime or do you have to give them an assist? :-)

  19. Happy 24th Anniversary!!! I could have sworn you were married before me but of course, I wasn't there because I was in Korea. My memory really SUCKS!! Anyway, have a great day.

    Michelle comes home today so I'm having a celebration of my own! I bet she'll be very out of it but still nice to give her a hug.

    A front porch is an exciting step - it's really coming along. I can't wait to see it finished. It's too bad that there are so many little things that go wrong and worse that YOU have to keep track of them!

    I'm listening to the windchimes (very low) but I wonder what my cubicle neighbors are thinking!!!

  20. Jo ~ Wow, Michelle's coming home already? It feels like it was so recently that she left for NZ! I hope she really enjoyed the experience, and I know you'll be glad to have her back in the general vicinity. :-) Tell her welcome home from me!

    Nope, I distinctly remember your getting married first! I also remember that you were in Korea, Liz was in Germany, and my grandparents were in the middle of moving from Maine back to Montana, so none of you were able to attend. My half of the church was sparsely populated.

    Our anniversary was last Monday, but we enjoyed the day (except for the end of it, when we had to spend an hour chasing after a phantom freight truck with our guest bath vanity on it, but that's a phone call story!). I'm glad it's not today - I have a dental appt in 30 minutes, and that's DEFINITELY not how I'd want to spend my anniversary!

    More little things have gone wrong lately - been a frustrating week. We finally get to meet with Todd at 1 today, after a week of no communication from him! Hope to get several things fixed and sorted out. At least he's good at addressing things, but you have to find him first!

    I hope you can listen to the chimes for real one day soon, I'd love your opinion!

  21. I came back to read your comments and am listening to the chimes at the same time. They sound so pretty and it's fun to see them from the different angles.

    Leave it to me to be so far behind that I was a week late wishing you a happy anniversary! I'm also glad you didn't have a dentist appt on your anniversary - even chasing a freight truck sounds a little better!

  22. I forgot to vote on my favorite chimes. Did you buy them already.

    My two favorites were Zodiac (1) and Victorian Garden (2). I think it's because I like the metal at the top more than wood and I really liked the interesting zodiac windcatcher.

  23. Jo ~ I'd rather chase a freight truck loaded with raw sewage and explosives than go to the dentist, on my anniversary or any other day! LOL

    Wow, those two chimes are the clear winners! I don't think anyone has chosen any of the others! I'm leaning toward the Victorian Garden one because I really like its looks and the durability of the metal - but I just love the sound of the Zodiac ones. Well, might just have to get both - one for the front porch and one for the back yard! :-)


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