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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lotta Progress, Lotta Pictures!

A lot of progress was made on our future home Thursday and Friday, so let's get right to the photo updates!

The windows were all installed...

That's our builder Todd on the right, 
and that's the bonus room dormer window being installed.

The west-facing guest room window going in

The drywall guys were busy hanging sheet rock...

Tony (on left) and one of his crew putting up the guest room ceiling

The two Solatubes were installed...

This one's for the laundry room

See? Of course you can, because now there is illumination! :-)
The other Solatube is in the master bath. 
(Neither has its diffuser in yet, which will cast much better light).

And our first kitchen appliance arrived!

Kidding. :-)
Don't know what they use this gnarly thing for. Not food, we hope! 
It showed up early on, and moves from place to place.
Sometimes we find it in the study, sometimes on the stairs,
and this time it was in the kitchen pantry.

Speaking of the kitchen, here's a photo of part of it, the breakfast nook, the French door out to the (future) patio, and the great room window, taken from the hallway...

Those construction boys are messy, messy!

Taken from the future site of the kitchen island

Here's BW standing at the back of the house on the other side of the French door, looking pleased as punch with all the latest developments...

The master bathroom and bedroom windows are upstairs,
the window on the far right will be in the heated garage kennel,
and the door beside it (not installed yet) will have a dog door in it.
Of course the girls will also get to come in the house with us,
'cause that's what family does. :-)

The front and south side of the house...

Remember the "peekaboo" window in the upstairs corner?

BW in the guest room, demonstrating the peekaboo's purpose.
(It will be easier when the obnoxious sticker isn't blocking it!)

And here's what BW was peering at through the peekaboo. 
You can even see Red Grade Road, where we used to live,
winding up the mountainside!

We're not sure what's in store next, though we know the sheet rock work will continue for some time; the garage door, back door, and doors between the garage and house are all here; the dog door should arrive Wednesday to be installed in the back door; the fireplace is up in Billings waiting to be delivered; and Todd's already been asking us stuff about soffits, so maybe the siding isn't too far off! We're most excited to see the front porch go up, but the patio, driveway and porch floor concrete has to be poured first and we're not sure when that's scheduled to happen. Meanwhile, we'll be choosing the stain color for our hardwood floors this week, deciding on door knobs (which is harder than you'd think!), and trying to figure out where to store the ceiling fan and all the light fixtures that are on their way! 

And while we're waiting for more house-related excitement to unfold, we'll be celebrating BW's birthday on Wednesday! Never a dull moment these days at Chez Laloofah! :-)
Happy Birthday, dear "Bee!" :-)


  1. It appears so much bigger than it did when you put up the very first pictures, and it seems to be going together at the speed of Tinkertoys! When is the expected move-in date? We have a house-full of lever knobs on old panel doors, but I'm very fond of glass knobs. What are you thinking?

  2. I'm thinking comfortable bar stool with back, handy shelf for binoculars(plus drinky of choice)for the peek a boo window!
    Jane x

  3. Andrea ~ It does look a lot bigger than it did when it was a frighteningly minuscule foundation, but mostly I'm struck by how TALL it looks with BW standing beside it! "Going up at the speed of Tinkertoys" - LOL! Hey, I still have my Tinkertoys and my Lincoln Logs! I should get them out and see if I can build it faster than Todd can. ;-)

    When we first started, Todd estimated he could have us in there by mid to late-July. Our contract specifies a closing date NLT Aug 31. We haven't heard anything about when he things it will be ready, perhaps because it's still too soon to tell. I'm just hoping we can rent this place one more month if we need to, though I'd rather not need to.

    We had lever door handles at Dragonfly, and we were forever snagging sleeves, belt loops, pockets, purse straps (well, that was mostly me, lol) - so have decided to go with simple knobs. Brushed nickel downstairs and oil rubbed bronze upstairs because of the color schemes and other fixtures. I would LOVE to have glass (or even porcelain) door knobs like we and my grandparents did in our old Maine farmhouses, but alas they are well beyond our budget. So we're splurging on one set of glass knobs for the French doors in the study.

    Jane ~ Except for the binoculars (which I must now add), you're almost describing how we're planning to set up the window seat in the bonus room dormer window! There will be book shelves beneath the seat, and enough room on the sill for the binoculars and beverage of choice. It doesn't have the view of Black Tooth and Red Grade Road, but it does have a mountain view. I'll feel like Heidi of the Alps. :-) I like your idea of a tall bar stool by the Peekaboo window, I happen to have one and must add that, too! Thanks!

  4. How lovely it looks, so roomy and full of light. That appliance actually looks like my cooker (only joking!). I have no idea what some of those technical terms mean that you've mentioned, but it sounds very exciting that it's all coming together. Is it really BW's birthday this Wednesday? That's the same day as Cath's husband Simon! Many happy returns to Mr Laloofah from myself, David and the cats (special birthday slash from Charlie!) xx

  5. Barbara ~ Thank you! The rooms actually look a lot smaller now that the sheet rock is installed and you can't look through the walls from one end of the house to the other any more! :-) But I love all the light we're getting from those windows. (Wondering how the hell I'm going to clean the outside of those upstairs windows, though - clearly we'll be needing to replace our inadequate ladder!)

    Yes, BW's B-Day really is on D-Day! :-) Happy Birthday to SImon as well! You guys going to get together and party? Maybe cruise in your own flotilla down the Thames or something? :-) BW thanks you all for your birthday wishes - even Charlie's special birthday slash! :-)

  6. Now that you mention it, I'm always getting caught on the door handles. Our Wis. house has bronze knobs and I like them a lot.

  7. Looks like you'll have plenty of light! I love the solar lights and all the fun windows. It's really cool that you can see your old road from your new house.

    Good luck with the door knobs and all the other choices. I'm sure it will all be lovely.

    Happy BD to BW!!

  8. TW!
    Your house is getting so big! Love your choice of windows, as the panes at the top really set them off. Getting sheet rock up makes move-in day seem closer all the time, si? Your peek-a-boo window now makes perfect sense ;-)...good call! Keep up the good work, AND if I don't see ya before Wednesday, a very Happy Birthday to BW. Later, Tater xoxo

  9. It's coming along quite nicely! I love the peekaboo window, and that view from it! So, so gorgeous.

    That's awesome that you're putting a doggie door in. Will you have a fenced in yard, then, too? I bet the girls will have a ball with the new house!

  10. Andrea ~ I'm glad it's not just us! (Seems to be a pretty common pitfall of the lever handles, judging from the comments on that article I linked to!)

    Rose ~ We deleted a few windows (on the north side of the house) and reduced the size a bit on two others, but we also added some. The two rentals have been so dark, and I really missed all that wonderful light we had in the Big Horn house. It'll be nice to have that again! Makes the house feel much bigger. And we had a solar tube (different brand than these) in a windowless room and loved it, so we knew we wanted to do that again! I think it's really cool that we can see our old road from our new house too. A "Circle of Life" kinda thing. :-)

    We got our door knobs selected, now we need to choose a doorbell. BW seems to have some criteria.... I just want it to go "ding dong" and have this for the button! Another fun splurge, but so worth it. :-)

    BW sez TY! :-)

    Spud ~ It's looking huge on the outside, but the sheet rock is making the rooms feel smaller than before! (Btw, did you know that an empty room looks smaller than one with furniture in it?! Seems totally counter-intuitive, but it's true!) I'm glad you like our windows,we love that style too and spent extra to get the real divided glass instead of the vinyl "faux" lines between the panes to simulate dividers. Those were in the windows at Dragonfly Cottage, and while they made washing the windows easier (no small thing), we didn't like the look. We're really glad we sprang for these. I'd never heard of Sierra Pacific Windows before - we were set to go with Andersen 400 Series - but Todd put these in his two nearby spec houses (and in his own house!) and we were impressed. They're comparable windows, and not as expensive.

    Isn't that peekaboo window great? And to make it even great, it was free! The dealer just threw it in with the rest of the order (saved 200 bucks!) Sheet rock does make it feel more "real," and I think every step from now on will make it feel even closer. I'm looking forward to so much, I don't have time to list it all! :-) The kitchen cabinets will be delivered in 2 weeks, hope the kitchen is ready for them when they get here (and that the order is correct! I'm sweating those and the counter tops most of all).

    Molly ~ Well come be our guest and you can enjoy that peekaboo view in person! :-)

    Yes, the back yard will be privacy-fenced (Todd is doing that, too). The girls will have it made in the new house! As well they should, am I right? :-)

  11. Spud ~ Uh, the peekaboo window being free made it even greater. My 'preview" function when I comment on my own blog has been screwed up forever, so I preview my replies after I post them! Not the best system, and here's proof! LOL

  12. How exciting to see your home growing day by day. Can we all come to the housewarming party? Please?

  13. jabblog ~ Of course you all may, that would be most delightful! :-)

  14. First and foremost, I must appologize for missing a very important birthday. I never looked at my calendar from the day my mom and dad arrived and forgot all about it. So sorry BW!!! Hope it was a good one!

    Of course I went right to the house post as I'm always interested in seeting those. You have totally caught up with us and leaped forward and since we're not moving in for years, it's no wonder! I can't believe how far along the walls are coming!

    I really like your windows and the pattern of the mullions. Very nice. I think they open with a crank?

    Your comment about the messy contractor's made me laugh. I got caught saying something out loud to Jim at our house early on when I didn't realize anyone was there. Turns out Dick was in another room and he heard me. Since then, the site's been much neater (relatively speaking) at least on the weekends when we're there!

    I love the solatubes. Mom has one and it's great! Our upstairs will hardly ever get used so we didn't bother. We might use the loft but the gigantic 8 windows in the West wall aught to cover that!

    It's looking great! Can't wait to hear more about it.

  15. Jo ~ BW says to please not worry about it! At least in your world, he stayed a year younger for an extra week! :-)

    Yes, our most of the windows are casement style and open with a crank - a few (the ones on either side of the fireplace and the opening portions of the large nook and great room windows) are awning style. We like that grid pattern too - it's called a Valance style grid - and chose it over the other classic Craftsman window style, the Prairie style grid.

    Your story about Dick overhearing you and cleaning up his mess-making act made me laugh, so we're even! :-)

    Yep, I think those huge window have got your natural lighting needs covered! :-) But those solar tubes are wonderful for windowless spaces, especially. We had one in our laundry room/bathroom in Big Horn and loved it. We nearly had Todd put a third one in the new house - in the upstairs hallway - but decided that we really wouldn't need it with all the room doors open, which they usually will be. And we needed to save some $ somewhere!

    There are going to be so many changes in the next week or so, I hope my camera and I can keep up with them all! :-)

  16. Thanks for the reply and the link to the Prarie style grid. I like them both! didn't realize there were so many options.

  17. Jo ~ I like them both too, but we chose the valance style because 1) the other Craftsman style house on the block has the mission style windows, and 2) for some reason I've always thought the valance style looks better on a two-story house. Don't ask me why! :-)


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