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Friday, June 8, 2012

A Walk in the Park; Birthday Boy Burritos

I had to drop off a book at the library last Sunday so BW and I took the dogs for a walk near our old digs at Dragonfly Cottage, and stopped to check out what was blooming in one of my two favorite spots in Sheridan, the Dorothy King Reflective Garden in Whitney Commons.

What a pity it wasn't "P" week at ABC Wednesday - I'd be Passionately Psyched to Participate with these Photos of Pretty Pink Peonies! :-)

Beautiful peonies

A bumble bee enjoys some Catmint

Then we walked along the creek on a portion of the walking path we always called "The Apple Orchard Trail," since there's a little collection of apple trees along it which is very popular with the local deer...

Josie suddenly decided it was break time and plopped down 
right there in the grass at the sidewalk's edge.
There's absolutely no budging her when she declares "Break!"
She's like an anchor suddenly tossed over the side of a sailboat.
So all of us decided since we couldn't possibly beat her,
we'd happily join her. :-)

(my critter family, front to back: Tessa, Josie, BW, Willow) :-)

Wednesday was BW's birthday and he had the day off. It was a hectic day, as they all are lately, but we did make time to go out to lunch to celebrate. He chose Oliva's Kitchen, a local Mexican restaurant with some vegan options, where we dined al fresco and enjoyed delicious vegan versions of their Vegetarian Burritos (made vegan by simply saying, "No cheese, please!") with their house Margaritas on the rocks...

El Patio at Olivia's
(Speaking of which, our patio's been poured at the new house,
but that's the only development lately worth mentioning!)

The birthday boy toasts his special day, yummy lunch
and new shirt purchased for 50¢ at a yard sale last Saturday!

Our veggie burrito (with dollops of hot sauce),
homemade guacamole and pico de gallo. 

Stuffed with refried beans, Spanish rice, onions, carrots, broccoli,
red and green bell peppers, summer squash and mushrooms.
Here's a tantalizing closer look. Yummmmm!!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


  1. I am with Josie. That grass looked so nice that I wouldn't budge either.

  2. Oh, and you could bring me a margarita while I rest.

  3. Happy birthday to BW!! Great deal on the shirt and what a fantastic looking meal. I haven't had a burrito for a while, but I have a feeling I'll be craving one now!

    The peonies are so pretty & fluffy, and great bumble bee capture!

    Bruno used to be very insistent on stopping to rest in the shade, but unlike Josie, we could budge him. She knows what she wants! lol Such cuteness. :)

  4. Tell BW Happy Birthday! Are those the same burritos we had last summer?

  5. Nellie ~ LOL! You and Josie are definite kindred sprits. Believe me, she too would insist that Margaritas be brought to her in her grassy retreat, if only she a) could speak human and b) knew what Margaritas were. ;-)

    Molly ~ BW will say thank you when he gets home from work around 8 tonight! Argh. Didn't he score a great deal? That shirt is like new and a really good one, and he got another one I like even better - it's a handsome shade of green - both for 50¢ each. And now he claims he'll no longer complain when I ask him to pull into a promising-looking yard sale! :-)

    We loves us some burritos, it's one of the things we eat fairly regularly, though their fillings change around. So, you made reservations for vegan Mexican this weekend yet? :-)

    I thought those were some of the prettiest peonies I'd ever seen, but since I took those photos I've been seeing peonies that shade all over the place! And now I want some in my future front yard, too. Wouldn't they be pretty up against the front porch? There were Bumbles all over those flowers but as usual it was tough to get a photo of one, so I'm glad you like it!

    Josie definitely knows what she wants - and perhaps more importantly what she doesn't want - and isn't afraid to let anyone and everyone know it! LOL

    Andrea ~ I will indeed! (And he called while I was replying to Molly's comment and said he'll be done about 45 minutes sooner than he'd thought, yay!)

    Nope, different burritos from a different place. I haven't been back to the Midtown Café since we all got those breakfast burritos from there. It just wouldn't be the same. :-)

    So when do you guys plan to pass through Sheridan again?

  6. Belated happy birthday wishes from here. The burritos looked pretty special but the dogs (all of them) won my heart. And made me remember a german shepherd I grew up with. She had heaps of energy but yes, stop meant STOP.

  7. Ellie C ~ BW thanks you - and so do our girls! Josie enjoys her off-leash hikes, but she's a true couch potato at heart. Her favorite activity is laying in the shade and watching everyone else run around! :-) And yes, "STOP" definitely means "STOP!" with her, too!

  8. We'll be in Sheridan either at the beginning or end of July — not sure yet.

  9. What an awesome fur baby family you have! And the peonies are pink perfection, for sure. And now I want a veggie burrito! Continued good luck with the new house...

  10. Love the family portrait...all are looking well!

    Happy Birthday to BW, glad it was a good one! Looks like a fun and yummy way to celebrate too.

    Peonies are just gooorgeous!

  11. Great pics, my dear. The peonies are just great! Glad you and BW and the girls got to spend a nice day together. The food and drink looked first class. Hey, some of my best shirt finds were garage/yard sales, too ;-). It ain't bein' cheap, it's bein' thrifty ;-). xoxo

  12. God that food looks good - I'm hungry, can you tell? I love the way Josie plonks herself down and makes everyone else do it too, excellent! And those peonies are just gorgeous - they look enormous.

    BW looks very happy with that Margarita... can I actually confess something here and say I've never actually had one? It LOOKS nice though! Glad the birthday boy enjoyed his day despite the trials of the house build and the non-responsive builder.

    Just a quick mention that world premier photos of Bumble the kitten are now on my blog - he is GORGEOUS!

  13. Andrea ~ If it works out, we'd love to see you!

    Annie ~ Thank you, we think they're awesome too. :-) I hope you were able to satisfy your veggie burrito craving and appreciate your good luck wishes with the new house, especially since we have a few (hopefully minor) kinks to iron out today.

    Rose ~ Thanks, everyone seems to be in good shape - we'll find out for sure on Wed when Josie gets her pee checked again. Hope we get a report that's as good as last time!

    Aren't those peonies something? They look downright frothy.

    Spud ~ Thank you, Spud Muffin! :-) I was never a fan of peonies before, since the ones in front of our Big Horn house were a dark burgundy color (not my fave) and always so wind blasted, the blooms hardly lasted a week. But down here I'm seeing all these beautiful shades of pink ones and they're lasting much longer.

    Thrifty's good! :-) Hey, we love a bargain.

    Barbara ~ Seeing that food often makes me hungry, even if I weren't before! Those were indeed prodigious peonies. I'd say some of those blooms were easily 5" -6" across.

    You know, despite the scale and variety of drinking I did in college (and there were a couple of semesters where it could also have been described as prodigious!), I didn't have my first Margarita till I was in my mid-20s and living in Texas, where they became a favorite. I've always had frozen Margaritas, but decided to follow BW's lead and get one on the rocks and reduce the risk of brain freeze! :-)

    We're needing to powwow with our builder (who was finally - briefly - heard from Friday evening) today about a few things, so I'm hoping BW gets today off! We have a LOT of calls to make, people to see, paperwork to do, etc. But I will do my best to get by your blog to see Bumble! Cute name!

  14. Great pictures. I like these flowers.

  15. I didn't realize I had skipped a post going so far back. This one is over a month old! Anyway, as it's just before dinner, I'm more susceptible to the drooling caused by gorgeous pictures of really good looking food and those burritos sure look good. I love the mix of red and orange and green and the guacamole looks SO yummy. I think BW sure picked a good place for dinner.

    LOL - BW is a critter too huh? Well I guess we humans are critters too. I think it's funny that Josie calls break. I didn't know that about her - that's very funny. Hopefully she only does it on sunny warm walks and not in cold weather where you have no good place to enjoy the break!!

    Peonies are not my favorite flower and one reason is that they always seem to be partly beautiful and partly turning brown. The ones you photographed are perfect! I don't think I've ever seen one that pretty in real life. I love that the petals went from pink to white to pink in the top photo.

    I never heard of cat mint. Is it an actual mint?

  16. Leovi ~ Thank you!

    Jo ~ That's okay, I hadn't realized I'd failed to acknowledge Leovi's comment (also a month old now!) We'll hang our heads in shame together for a moment... okay, that's good. :-)

    Oliva's is our favorite place to eat out, and we always get their veggie burrito. We'll take you there when you come visit, then you can enjoy it in person instead of just drooling on your keyboard from afar. :-)

    To be a human who's referred to as a "critter" is a very big compliment, so while all humans are animals, not all are critters. (This rule is from my personal inner rulebook, you see). BW = definitely a critter. As are you. As are my blog followers, especially those who leave nice comments. To be a critter is to be particularly cute, fun, and/or cuddly, along with possessing many other amusing, endearing and charming qualities. :-)

    Josie has only been known to call "break!" during warm weather walks, thankfully. She both initiates them, as she did on this walk, or is an opportunistic break-taker (laying down in the shade when BW and I pause to look at - or in my case usually, photograph -something!) She's a character, is that one! Take her on an off-leash hike and she runs all over and gets into all kinds of trouble. Put her on a leash and she's an instant couch potato. Funny girl!

    I know what you mean about peonies turning brown, and it's why I don't care for the white ones. We had the dark red/burgundy ones in Big Horn, and either they didn't turn brown like that or it didn't show. I'm sure these beautiful pink ones browned up eventually, but they're just so darned pretty in the meantime that I really want to plant some at our new house. This was a great spring for peonies around here - there were tons of them, mostly in gorgeous shades of pink, all over town! But I was able to get right up on these without having to trespass on someone's property.

    Catmint is indeed a member of the same family as mint - you will also know it by one of its other names, "Catnip." (Interestingly, rats hate it while many cats are attracted to it when it's bruised or withering.) It's very hardy to grow, and is used for both medicinal and culinary purposes.


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