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Friday, August 3, 2012

SkyWatch Friday: All Moony-Eyed :-)

On Monday evening our telephone, television and computer connection went kaput. During the Olympics and everything! Turned out to be a neighborhood-wide outage that wasn't repaired by our service provider until about 5 the next morning.

But it wasn't all bad, because when two of our service provider's repairmen pulled up across the street and I went outside to talk to them, I saw this sky above our neighbor's rooftop. So I ran back inside to grab my camera and ran back outside to take these first two photos. The repair guys probably wondered why I wasn't competing in a sprinting event in London, because I was flyin'! :-) And good thing, too, because all the colors in this sky faded to dark gray-blue within moments of taking these...

The next evening, BW and I were at our new house inspecting that day's construction progress when we looked out the living room windows and saw this beautiful scene of the nearly-full moon and its wispy cloud companions. So I stepped out onto the patio and, using a sawhorse to hold my camera steady in the low light, snapped the best photo my little point-and-shoot is capable of...

Just a day shy of full

And finally, here are a couple of full moon photos I took on a bike ride Wednesday evening (this time using someone's mailbox as a tripod, which seems to work better than a sawhorse!) :-) This moon, appearing gold due to wildfire smoke, was actually a Blue Moon ~ the first of two full moons this month (the second one will occur on the last day of August)...

My dress is old, but the moon is kind.
At night I wear a beautiful moon colored dress.

Looks like an Olympic gold medal! 

For more gold-medal skies, visit...

Have a great weekend, and Happy August SkyWatching!


  1. These are just such amazing moon photos!!
    Thanks for dropping by and visiting.
    I love the name of your blog!

  2. I love moon photos and the golden moon is perfect. I hadn't realised we were in a blue moon month.

  3. It does look like a gold medal in the last pic :) I love the pics especially the last one!

  4. Your photos are stunning! My favourite has to be the "golden" moon :) Thank you for visiting my blog earlier. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Thanks for "mooning" us - these are some really great photos - stop by and see me

  6. Very funny, moe! I especially like your moon shots. It's amazing how quickly the light changes at sunset. Thanks for visiting QDP and hope you get back to Acadia soon ;-)

  7. Wonderful images of the sky and moon!

  8. Superb pics! love how you captured the process:) Happy SWF!

  9. WoW! Beautiful pics..
    The golden moon is something which I've never experienced before!

  10. We had a power outage after a storm about a week ago for 7 1/2 hours. It's kind of nice how yours worked out for you by giving you such a great photo opportunity! That sky is just gorgeous!

    Your moon photos are also gorgeous and I especially love that last one. Such a color!

  11. Gorgeous, even if the colour is down to such a terrible occurrence. I bet that repairman thought he'd suddenly been confronted by Jessica Ennis in secret training (Note I made you an honorary British personage then) :O)) (Someone on another blog from France had mentioned how they'd conquered the British in 1066. I felt like putting 'But what about Agincourt...? Oh yes and this year's Tour de France - we came, we cycled, we conquered) :O))))

    I've used all kinds of things as tripods too, the best photography equipment is what you can filch at the time!

    Why have I never heard that quote before - it's wonderful. I have a book of poetry to the moon - just love it.

  12. Great shots. thanks for visiting my blog

  13. So so beautiful. And a full moon rises at sunset is a neat fact I came across on a blog this week.

  14. Wow, beautiful captures of the moon. Love the colour of the clouds too.

  15. Jackie/Jake ~ Thank you, I'm glad you liked them (and my blog's name)! Your sunset photo was amazing, visiting your blog was my pleasure. (I often wonder if Mehitable would think about the name of my blog, but hope she would love it too). :-)

    jabblog ~ I love moon photos also, and wish I were capable of getting better photos of them, but I'm really happy with the last photo in this group ~ it's the best one I've ever managed! It was a bonus that it was such a pretty color, and full, and a blue moon!

    Laylah ~ Doesn't it? (And the first two look like silver medals) :-) The last one is my favorite, too!

    Inside Cambodia ~ Thank you so much! I wish I could have grabbed my camera just a bit sooner, because when the moon first came up it was deep red! But I was taking one of our dogs for a walk and didn't have my camera with me, and by the time I got home and grabbed it, the moon had turned gold. Still beautiful, though!

    moe ~ LOL, my pleasure! :-) And thank you!

    slim ~ Thank you, and I agree - they change and fade so fast (like this moon changed from red to gold before I could grab my camera), I really need to just velcro my camera to my hip! :-) I hope I get back to Acadia soon too - we just loved it, and didn't get to spend nearly enough time there (even when I lived in Maine and NH, I only made it up there for one brief camping trip during college! Shameful!)

    Merisi ~ Thank you! I always enjoy your SkyWatch photo - you make me long to visit Vienna!

    thomas ~ I know, pretty, wasn't it?

    Emille ~ Thank you! I often capture the process of sunrises, sunsets and moonrises simply because I can't stop taking photos of them and then can't decide which ones to post so I post most or all of them! So it's due more to obsession and indecision than creativity on my part. But I'm glad you loved the results! :-)

  16. WildBlack ~ Thank you! We get red, orange and gold moons frequently during the summer here because of all the dust and smoke that's often in the atmosphere. It's a small consolation for living in such a dry and fire-prone place, but it is a pretty one and I'm glad I could share it with you!

    Molly ~ That's a long power outage, especially in the summer when you're needing to run a/c, fans and/or dehumidifiers (in your neck of the woods!) We didn't lose electricity, at least, "just" all contact with the outside world (if the Olympics hadn't been on, I wouldn't have cared about losing the television!) But you're right, it did provide a great photo op and I'm glad you enjoyed the results! :-)

    Barbara ~ In happier news, it rained the next day and they must have gotten some of it up in Hardin and Lodge Grass (on the Crow Reservation in southern Montana where the fire was), because that was the last of the smoke. So thankfully, it was short-lived ~ but yes, it did give us a beautiful moon on the night it was full! LOL re: Jessica Ennis - I WISH! Fortunately I didn't have to hurdle anything, for that would probably have gone badly. ;-) But I definitely could have matched Jessica glass for glass in her post heptathalon wine-drinking. :-) She's a cutie, isn't she?

    LOL - you guys the French! Go to your rooms. :-) You wouldn't have had to reach as far back as Agincourt, you could have reminded them who saved whose arse in WWII! (And yes, I imagine they're still smarting over this year's Tour de France!) But if not for 1066, you wouldn't have all those Norman churches to photograph! :-)

    I also used the hood of someone's pickup on that evening's little photo safari, only to have them come out of their house and bust me! LOL

    Thank you for mentioning the quote! I've had it forever, can't even remember now where I found it and could not find it online anywhere. But my recollection was that it was in a children's book and was attributed to a Native American tribe. I want to say the Apache? But I wasn't sure enough to accredit it. I probably have it written down somewhere, but in our current upheaval and chaos, who knows where?! I'm glad you liked it ~ your book of poetry to the moon sounds lovely. I have a lot of moon-related quotes and poems in my stash, being a lover of all things lunar. :-)

    TonyC ~ Thanks!

    Ellie C ~ Thanks, and that is a neat fact. I remember learning that myself in just the past couple of years, I think when doing research on the lunar eclipse.

    eden ~ Thank you! And I also thought the clouds were so pretty that I just had to give one of them center stage among the moon shots. :-)

  17. Yes, you got the gold here, congratulations! Beautiful shot.

  18. SP&P ~ Thank you! I'm sharing a crowded podium, though, and you're up there with me! I loved your Teddy Bear sunflowers and have a perfect spot for them on the south side of our new house. Thanks for introducing me to that variety, I love it!

  19. I saw a pretty moon Wednesday but the sky around it wasn't this pretty.

    My favorite picture is the next to last one. I'm so glad you explained that it was the smoke that made it look gold like that. What a difference between that one and the ones the two nights before.

  20. Jo ~ Wednesday was the night of the full moon, so I'm not surprised you saw a pretty one then! Glad your skies were clear, even if not as pretty.

    I know, there was a huge difference between the gold moon and the silver one just the night before. I wish I could have gotten a photo of it when it was deep red as it rose Wednesday evening! Guess that would have been the bronze medal? :-)

  21. Thanks, TW! You know how much I love our beautiful Moom ;-).


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