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Friday, August 17, 2012

SkyWatching Critters

Most of my critter friends enjoy a little Skywatching! :-)









(identity protected by the Witness Protection Program:
Birdfeeder Theft Division)

And husbands...



And enjoy skywatching with some critter friends of your own!


  1. That's a lovely, unique take on the meme - well done:-)

  2. Wonderful animals around you before your Camera. A beautiful view into the sky too. Have a nice weekend ! Hugs, Synnöve

  3. Cool! Wonderful take on the meme. :D

  4. Great idea to show all the sky watchers.

  5. Lol! That's excellent! Love the chipmunk, and Tessa in her goggles always makes me smile. But what is it they've all found so fascinating? Is it a bird? Is it a plane?!?...

  6. Very clever! Happy skywatching to all!

  7. hahahah I loved your and comments!

    I'm visiting from SkyWatch Friday, here's my link:

    Regards from Barcelona.

  8. your post is a great idea for sky watch! Love the celebrity with the red glasses:)

  9. Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  10. If ya ask me, they're all just wanting scratched under their chins....;-). Too funny about Chip....or was it Dale? xoxo

  11. Hey, I recognise that chipmunk!!!
    Jane x

  12. Brilliant. Loud smiles over here. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Ha ha, yes, very funny pictures with everyone in the same pose, beautiful.

  14. What a clever idea! :-) Great post.

  15. I agree...very clever idea...I also love your quote on your blog.

  16. Everyone ~ Thank you all so much! I'd had this idea for a while, when I'd been sorting through some of my photos and noticed I had quite a few of critters looking skyward. It just took me a while to put my idea into a post for SkyWatch Friday, and I'm delighted you all enjoyed this different take on SkyWatching! :-)

    Barbara ~ Well, I can tell you exactly what had their attention in most of the photos...

    I have no idea what Josie what was captivating Josie so in that hawthorne above her head, but she spent several minutes staring upwards and I have several different poses of her that way. I can only assume it was a bird.

    WIllow was staring at a squirrel in a tall tree; Tess was taking in all the sights and scents passing by her schnoz during a car ride; Punky was staring at a hanging bird feeder full of sunflower seeds and clearly calculating how to reach it; Bucky was actually caught in the act of stealing sunflower seeds from the little dish on the fencepost (I have other photos of his tongue reaching into the dish and hoovering them up); the chipmunk was just soaking in the views of the valley (I miss those!); and BW was watching an unusual cloud formation hovering over a nearby ridge. :-)

    Bucky was funny, because although in this photo he was merely stealing sunflower seeds, he would often look up at the sky ~ at what, we never knew. I just couldn't find a photo of him actually SkyWatching like I'd seen him do so often!

    Emille ~ Tess loves that you called her a celebrity. :-)

    Spud ~ Ha, whether that's what they wanted or not, I'm sure most of them would have been happy to receive a chin-scratch! (And I think it was Alvin.) ;-)

  17. Such a great post, Laurie! The comment on the chipmunk made me laugh. Such a great capture, too!

  18. Lol, I love all the critters, big and small! That little chipmunk is a cutie...having a rest after a long day of birdfeeder theiving. Great take on the skywatch theme!

  19. Molly ~ Thank you! :-) You know, that chipmunk has a lot of company in that witness protection program, just among the critters on this post! ;-)

    Rose ~ You timed your return to my blog perfectly, as I was so hoping you'd see this post! I figured you'd especially enjoy the skywatching critters!

  20. Those skywatcher are so funny !!! And you are so right indeed : in skywatcher there is also watcher !!!

  21. 'Tsuki ~ Yes, after all the sky photos, I felt it was time to give the other half of "SkyWatch" some attention! :-)

  22. I'm hoping this works. This first comment is just a test.

  23. Looks like my new account works. I put a photo in my profile but then it insisted on putting in my full name. When I switched it to just my nickname, it refused to also show the photo. Who knows.

    Anyway, at least I can comment.

    And my comment on this post is that it was really fun and clever. You must have scrolled through a lot of photos to get just the perfect ones especially of Punky and Bucky. I wondered if you had the photos first or the idea first and it sounds from your comment that it was the idea first and then a search for the photos. Nice job.

    p.s. I don't have to sign in to make a second comment!


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