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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ABC Wednesday: Eagle Against the Sun

I've been meaning to get a photo of this sculpture on Exhibit in downtown Sheridan for about a year, but Either the light's been wrong or I haven't had my camera with me. But on Saturday, when BW and I rode our bikes to town and found ourselves waiting to cross this intersection, I Excitedly noticed the sun's position was perfect, my camera was strapped to my bike rack, and to top it off I remembered that this is "E" week at ABC Wednesday! Eureka! The Elegance of synchronicity. :-)

The sculpture is called "Eagle Against the Sun," and that's Exactly how I was able to photograph it, with the sun directly behind the Eagle's upper wingtip...

Eagle Against the Sun

This sculpture is for sale for $32,000. 
Enticing... but Excessively Expensive for this kid! :-)

An Eagle at an angle
(Note my trusty steed Sylvia in the lower right corner) 

Extraordinary detail

For more Examples of downtown Sheridan's sculptures 

And clap your Eagle Eyes on an Eclectic Exhibit of E's at...


  1. The eagle sculpture is fantastic. I like the different angles you shot it from. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  2. this is a great sculpture - you have depicted it well - thanks for sharing

  3. Fantastic photography and the eagle ~ Wow! Perfect ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  4. This is a fabulous sculpture! I love the light flare on the tip of the wings in the first shot. The detail in the metal is amazing.

  5. Wonderful if expensive sculpture! And I love those angles you've shot from (plus extra points for getting the sun behind that wing, and double extra points for having a bike called Sylvia).

    Feel I should apologise to the world for the Olympic closing ceremony whilst here... inflatable octopus... Russell Brand... Spice Girls... and David Cameron trying to dance... dear god what were they thinking? Thank heaven for Eric Idle!

  6. Only $32,000? Hmmm. I hope it's still available when we come through next summer.

  7. Exquisite sculpture.....nice pics

  8. impressive eagle!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. Your little town seems to be brimming with lovely, artful things. $32,000?!....a drop in the old Tater Bucket ;-). xoxo

  10. Exciting, enticing extreme eagle. And the person who fixed that excessive pricetag was endeavouring to pull the wool over our eyes.
    Brilliant post. Thank you.

  11. Everybody ~ Thank you for your visit and lovely comments! I'm glad you all like the eagle sculpture so much, it's one of Sheridan's sculptures I really admire. And I'm gratified that you enjoyed my photos of it and thought they did it justice! :-)

    Lisa ~ The first and last photos were my favorites, so thanks for singling them out in your comment! I couldn't have asked for a much better sun position for that first shot, and was really pleased at how well the incredible detail shows up in the last one.

    Barbara ~ LOL, thanks for all the bonus points! :-) Does the name Sylvia have special significance to you? My bike's full name is Sylvia Plata, since she's silver, and in the first days I had her, she seemed to have a suicidal tendency to run into things like gates and curbs. (Of course, that might have been due to operator error, said operator having ridden a bike fewer than six times since 1988!) :-)

    Andrea ~ Would you like to put it on layaway, just to be sure? ;-) You can get a smaller version on the sculptor's web site for $12,000, and the eagle/sun portion pivots on its base, even.

    Spud ~ Where is this bucket of which you speak? I seem to have misplaced it!! LOL

    Ellie C ~ An Exemplary use of E words, as I've come to Expect in your comments, m'dear! :-)

  12. Beautiful details on this s sculpture, and in this position its in flight (when he's at his best:)

  13. Emille ~ I agree, I love the details and the perfect pose! This sculptor has a real eye for detail and the talent to manifest it in his art.

  14. Very nice shots! The angles really give a sense of an eagle in flight! You guys in Sheridan sure have a lot of talented sculptures around.

    $32,000...wowsa. Imagine having enough dough to buy works like that! Fair play to the sculptor, money well earned. I wish the sculptor luck in selling it...I'm sure there's a few folks out there with big enough wallets...

  15. Rose ~ Thank you! I enjoyed getting those various angles, even though I had to dodge the traffic on Main Street to get one of them (which wasn't good enough to make the final blog cut, as it turned out!)

    I know the sculptor would love to sell it, but I hope it will continue to grace that corner for years go come. I always enjoy seeing it there (it's right near my massage therapist's office... not that I've seen much of her lately! I haven't had a massage since APRIL! Oh, help.) And yes, there are plenty of folks around here who wouldn't bat an eye at that price tag.


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