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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ABC Wednesday: K

Kicking back and Keeping it simple for K week, here's a Knockout of a flower I'd never seen before, spied on a walk with our furry Kids this summer. Not Knowing what these Kaleidoscopic flowers were I looked them up, so now I Ken that they're Kniphofia...

also Known as Red Hot Poker, Torch Lily

Yellow Kniphofia

(Speaking of plants, our landscaping Kicked off on Monday, so Knock wood I'll have a worthy photo to include for "L" next week - and won't Keel over before then from all the Kerfuffles with contractors)! :-)

Remember, one Key to good Karma is Kindness,
and - no Kidding - another is to Keep visiting...

Kiss, Kiss! :-)


  1. They are beautiful flowers. Good luck with your landscaping. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  2. lovely flowers, though I had never heard of them!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. hanks for sharing the name of the flower, I wondered about its name for years.

    Kanawha River
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team.

  4. Red and yellow hot pokers are krazy kool plants. And a stand of them brightens up the end of summer when everything else is looking tired.
    Good luck with your landscaping.

  5. Love this post and love the torches too. My folks used to grow them many years ago. I don't see them around much any more. thanks for reviving a good memory.

  6. I have seen these flowers around, or something very similar, but never knew them by their official name. it gets confusing when flowers have several names.

    also, I just scrolled down and noticed your reading list - another C.J.Sansom fan, I see! Love his books but am missing the 3rd one and must find a copy somewhere. and I have just 'discovered' Susanna Gregory - or at least I finally picked up one of her books in our laundry room library and devoured it over most of last weekend.

  7. Calling by from ABC Wednesday,letter K. I had to laugh at all your K's good choice with the Kniphofia.

  8. Beautiful shots of the red hot pokers. I have been longing for them, but can't find any in the nurseries here.

  9. I've always known them by their common name of Red Hot Poker, I love them. I've tried growing them but never had too much luck.

  10. Kudos on the Kerfuffles. Now that is a super "K" word!!!

    How clever of you to discover the name of the kniphofia flower you saw. I've tried to do that - search "flower with orange spike" but never had much luck with plants. I particularly like the orange one with yellow bottom.


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