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Friday, September 28, 2012

SkyWatch Friday: Sunrise, Sunset

There's been no shortage of skies worth watching and photographing this month, just of time to turn them into posts! But here are four of my September favorites: two sunrises taken from our back patio (the second one just this morning), and two sunsets shot from our front porch. 

The days seem to be passing almost this quickly, too: it's sunrise, then boom! ~ it's sunset already!...

Happy Friday and happy skywatching, everyone!


  1. love the pink skies!
    terrific shots.

  2. This is a beautiful time of the year for sunset skies and I love these.

  3. How beautiful !
    I like your comment about the clean window seat I had on the plane ... I was lucky indeed ! Have a nice weekend !

  4. Those are beautiful photos. Lovely colors!

  5. All glorious. I am glad that you have the time (are making the time?) to stop and enjoy beauty in the sky.

  6. Love that last shot, the the sun setting behind the clouds. Happy weekend!

  7. Beautiful captures, Laurie! I especially love that last one. Such a perfect sight to look out at from your new home!

    I can't believe how fast September went & the days! They're going so incredibly fast.

    I hope you're settling in smoothly!

  8. Like you, I can sit and stare at either one and always be amazed by their beauty. xoxo

  9. Wow such amazing colours - well spotted you!

  10. Well, it looks like we share more than just pink fire in the sky! We have both lived in Maine and now we both live out west! thanks for your visit to my blog! I love your photos. your sky is as spectacular as mine! BTW, what town did you grow up in in Maine?

  11. Thank you, everyone! :-)

    Spare Parts and Molly ~ The last one is my favorite, too. (And thanks, Molly - don't know how smoothly we're doing it, and we certainly don't seem to be doing it quickly, but we are settling in, bit by bit! :-)

    Kathie ~ Small world! Don't find too many Maniacs in these parts! I lived in Kennebunk during my last three years of high school. Where in Maine did you live?

  12. Your sunrises and sunset are so spectacular; I'll have to make sure to be up early and to be late every day I'm visiting you to see some of these myself. They're all gorgeous but the first sunset one is my favorite. Those colors are unreal!!!

  13. Laloofah, we have lived in Presque Isle and Livermore Falls but my husband was born in Skowhegan and lived in Norridgewock for awhile. If you click on the label for "Birding ME" or "family" or "Maine" on my blog (in the side bar, just scroll down for the complete list) you can bring up all the blogposts about Maine!

  14. Jo ~ I don't think getting up in time for sunrises is an issue for you! And the sun sets out your bedroom window, so even if you turn in early during your visit (ha, as if!), you'd still get to see it if you can just stay awake till 9:30 or so. :-)

    Kathie ~ I never got to those places, though I've been near Skowhegan. I've been north on I-90 to Bangor, Orono and I've been to Baxter State Park, and have been in Berlin, NH (AdventureJo's hometown!), but have missed the towns you mentioned. So it was fun to visit them virtually in your blog (I've only scratched the surface of your Maine posts, though - but what fun!)


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