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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ABC Wednesday: Illumination

Is it just me, or are Wednesdays rolling around at an Insane rate?! In any case, for this week's ABC Wednesday may I Introduce this hodgepodge of Illuminating photos, past and present ~~

For me, no Illumination is more Ideal than that Imparted by the sun, especially at sunrise...

Our Initial sunrise after moving in to our new home

Impressively, it Illuminates even through cloud cover and rain...

Sunrays Impale rainclouds over a country road in Big Horn

And by close of day, the sun hasn't lost its Intense, Intoxicating allure...

Our first colorful sunset, from our front porch

And I enjoy some of the ways we Illuminate our surroundings after dark...

party lights beneath my friend Robyn's patio umbrella

flames (which I find nearly Impossible to photograph well)
dance in Robyn's patio firepit

And finally, our new house is still Incomplete and is being finished in Irksomely slow Increments, so it feels an Infinitely long way from being Impeccably blog-ready. But in the Interim, here's a peek of our two favorite light fixtures...

Breakfast nook light

Overhead ceiling light in the study

Incidentally, more Illumination is Impending, as my favorite lamp will be the star of my "M" week post! (You'll have to use your Insightful Imaginations to puzzle out how a lamp could be anything but Inappropriate for M week!) ;-)

Enjoy the Illustrious Illustrations of I at

And think of me as I begin the Intimidating task of staining the Infinite number of cedar boards on our new fence!! Ick.


  1. Lovely examples of illumination, love lights at night.

  2. love the gold in many of the pics!
    ROG, ABCW team

  3. The nature pics are great — what a prime view you have for observing glorious sunsets. But the light fixtures are amazing! Now you can't move, or you will have to take them to your next house!

  4. How nice you have a "forever" photo of your first sunrise in your new home. Love the lights in the nook and study....very cool! May things get settled down very soon. xoxo

  5. Yikes, staining a fence? No fun! We have to put water sealer on ours sometime in the next year, which I'm not looking forward to.

    I love the light fixtures. So pretty! What great views of the sky you have, too. You have the prettiest sunrises & sunsets out there.

  6. Trust on a house will NEVER end!
    Jane x

  7. Gorgeous shots for illumination, love the ceiling lamp!

    I is for...

  8. Your Idiosynchratic take on I is for Illuminate is nothing short of Inspirational. And Ingenious to boot. I bow at the feet of an Ideal blogger.

  9. First of all, your photos of your two lamps are far and away better than the photos we were looking at when you were shopping. I absolutely love both of them and I say you need to be the new photographer of lighting web sites!! The are both gorgeous and I'm sure you're delighted with them as well. I really love how you framed the photo of the breakfast nook light.

    Even in the city, you are getting far better sunsets than I'll ever see. You may move to another beautiful place someday but I doubt it will be a place with prettier skies! I really love your photo from your front porch. I still think that roof line is oriental looking and I think it makes for great composition!


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