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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ABC Wed/SkyWatch Fri: Headdress

Due in part to a continued lack of hours (still unpacking, herding contractors, and hoping to get our landscaping and window treatment acts together soon), but mostly to the fact that this set of photos fits both memes this week, this post is doing double-duty for ABC Wednesday and SkyWatch Friday.

This handsome new addition to Sheridan's street art collection appeared on a street corner early this summer. Created by Tom Ford of Untamed Design and titled "Warbonnet," the Native American headdress/warbonnet, tomahawk and shield are crafted in large part from what appear to be metal equipment parts and scraps. I took most of these photos on an overcast day in July and stopped to take one more on a clear day in August (click on any to enlarge)...

This piece, on loan to Sheridan for a year,
is available for sale for $3,500.

Some detail 
(The gear chains also form the entire tomahawk,
which is most visible in the second photo)

For hordes of (H)aitches, head over to...

and to...

for more views of the heavens!


  1. Such an interesting piece of art. Great for a community to have art that represents the diversity of the area. Great idea for ABC Wednesday. Even if I weren't committed to the neighborhood theme, I don't think I would have thought of headdress.

  2. They have such great artwork around your area. I love when artists create out of old things that would otherwise be discarded. Very cool!

    I hope that the unpacking & everything is going well. :)

  3. I love the artwork in your much talent.
    Jane x

  4. This is spectacular, I especially love it because it is made from scrap metal. How creative is the artist!!

  5. Great art! Scrap metal put to great use, and it's a steal!! xoxo

  6. That is so clever! Love the use of the bike chain :O) Your streets seem to have artworks strewn everywhere! Hope you're settling in ok. Any sign of the envelope yet?

  7. That Headdress Has my Heart in its Hands. So beautiful. Hundreds of thanks.

  8. that is one clever piece of art. so creative.
    and other folks do double duty posts for the meme, so if it fits, it's all good.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. Unusual art and unusual post...

  10. Wow, cool use of cycle chains...and is that a turtle I see too?

  11. Nice to see the use of recyclable materials too! Good shots for SWF!

  12. I am always amazed at what some people can create from scrap metal. If I had the eye, I have lots around me that could be put to good use.

  13. Beautiful sky, but that headdress is absolutely amazing!

  14. What a fabulous headdress!

  15. Everyone ~ Thanks! I appreciate your visits and your comments, and am glad you enjoyed my photos of this creative piece of artwork!

    Barbara ~ Not yet! (That answer, like this post, is doing double duty - not settled in yet, no sign of the envelope yet!)

    Rose ~ I think so! Sure looks like a metal turtle shell to me! :-)

  16. I INHALED my lunch yesterday in 4 minutes and Friday is PRB day so I designated today as "catch up on La's blog no matter what day". Thankfully (for me) you've been so busy that it was a viable goal!

    I'm always pleasantly surprised at Sheridan's artsy side. You've shared street art many times and yet they are still adding more! That's fantastic.

    I love this piece and I'm so glad you took several photos including a close-up and from various angles. It's just goregeous. I love the how the bottom (is that a fan blade) piece helps to balance the heaviness of the headdress on top for a very balanced piece.

    I'm glad you took photos of the gears and what-not because it really didn't look like "found" and "scrap" items in the first photo. But isn't that the idea. They tell us to do that with quilts to. Do something wonderful that draws people into the piece as a whole and then have the small detail stuff too so that they stay and look some more when they get closer. I guess that applies to this art too.


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