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Monday, February 8, 2010

Foggy doggies, frosty dawn

The fog that was below us on Friday climbed the mountain and enveloped us all weekend! (Cozy!) Here are some photos I took of our foggy walk with the dogs yesterday morning (I wouldn't have bothered to take my camera if Alicia hadn't requested I take photos... thanks again for the friendly prodding, Alicia!) :-)

BW and Willow enjoying their stroll through the clouds...

Willow and Josie entertain BW with their foggy-doggy frolicks...

Josie, Tess and Willow race to catch up with Daddy
(poor Mommy's just yesterday's mashed potatoes back here! lol)

Almost home...
Come to Daddy, girls! Daddy's cold and wants pancakes! :-)

Ah, no wonder they kept ditching Mommy and running to Daddy!
Daddy, it turns out, had treats in his pocket! ;-)

Today's indigo morning dawned clear but frigid (-10ยบ).
Some mornings just look cold and frosty!
(See the beautiful waning crescent moon to the right?)

It may be frozen winter, but we still get rainbows! :-)

When I went outside this morning to photograph the sunrise view,
there were JJ & Punky, peeking around the corner (with SciFi eyes!)
(cookie monsters!)


  1. Beautiful winter pics.

    It looks like your canine friends were having a ball.

    Love the two visitors peeking round the corner.

  2. You live in such a gorgeous area!

  3. Hi, Rose! Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! And yes, our girls know how to have a great time, and they sure do love their romps! Our two early morning visitors are really more like our landlords. They and their clan are pretty much in charge around here. ;-)

    Hey, Molly! Thanks! (Though I'm not sure why I'm saying thanks, this area isn't gorgeous because of anything I did! LOL!) I appreciate how photogenic it is, certainly doesn't take any effort to take nice photos!

  4. It looks like you were playing in the clouds. Those pups sure live a good life! They hit the human parents lottery.

    Your little cookie monsters peeping around the house are adorable. Punky is still my favorite. That little fuzz ball is just too precious.


  5. Hi, Alicia! Awww, thanks for your sweet words. We think our dogs are lucky, but they make us feel awfully lucky too! :-)

    That little Punky-Monkey is definitely a thief of hearts, alright! I think he's everybody's favorite! :-)


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